How to Check If Airpods Are Connected

Airpods by Apple were a huge hit when they launched and they’re still very popular today. The best thing about them is the advanced integration technology used to connect the Airpods to nearly any iOS device.

How to Check If Airpods Are Connected

The thing that makes this process so easy is the W1 (original Airpods) or the H1 chip (second generation of Airpods). These chips enable advanced Bluetooth pairing and a smooth connection. Read on for extensive tips on checking Airpods connectivity on most Apple devices.

Additionally, you’ll learn how to resolve various problems when Airpods won’t connect to your iOS or macOS device.

Check If Airpods Are Connected to Your iOS Device

Most people use Airpods on their iPod, iPad or iPhone, so let’s start with that, the iOS devices. First of all, make sure your iOS device is running on the iOS 10 system update for original Airpods, or iOS 12.2 for 2nd gen Airpods. Of course, having a system update newer than those mentioned is even better.

Follow these steps to connect your Airpods to your iOS device:

  1. Turn on Bluetooth on your device. You can check if Bluetooth is on using the Control Center (swipe upward from the bottom of your screen, except for iPhone X and newer devices where you need to swipe downward from the top of your screen).
  2. Place your Airpods in their case and confirm that they’re both charging.
  3. Confirm the AIrpods as your audio device preference on your device.
  4. Close down the lid of the case for about twenty seconds. Then open it and you should see a white light flashing, indicating that the Airpods are ready for connecting.
  5. In case your Airpods aren’t connecting, use the setup button located on the back of their case. Just hold this button until you notice the white flashing light mentioned earlier.
  6. Now you can open the Airpods case (with the Airpods still inside) and place it next to your device.
  7. You should see instructions for the Airpods connection on your device now. Follow them and the connection should soon be made.
  8. Test if your Airpods are working properly, this means they’re connected.

If your Airpods still didn’t connect to your iOS device, keep reading because there’s a fix for that as well.

check airpods

Check If Airpods Are Connected to Your Mac

Same as with iOS devices, your macOS also needs to be updated for the Airpods to connect properly. The original Airpods require a macOS Sierra or newer, while the 2nd gen Airpods require a macOS 10.14.4 or newer.

Also, you’ll need to check your Bluetooth connection. On your Mac, open the Apple menu, then click on System preferences, followed by Bluetooth. Your Airpods should appear on the list of devices. If they’re connecting to your Mac, you’ll need to remove them from this list.

Click on Airpods, and then click the X mark next to the Airpods. After that, you’ll need to add the Airpods back onto the device list. Follow these steps:

  1. Put your Airpods back in their charging case.
  2. Place the charging case next to your Mac, making sure the lid of the case is open.
  3. Access the device list again (Apple icon>System Pereferences>Bluetooth). Choose your Airpods and select Connect.
  4. Give your Airpods a test ride. If they’re not working, you’ll have to reset them.

How to Reset Your Airpods

It doesn’t matter whether you’re using an iOS or macOS device, the Airpods reset (1st or 2nd gen) will fix your connectivity issues for all devices. These reset instructions are taken directly from the official Apple support site. Follow these steps to reset your Airpods:

  1. Go to settings using your iOS device. Then choose Bluetooth and select the information icon (i) next to your Airpods. Select Forget this Device and confirm.
  2. Place the Airpods back in the case and close the lid. Leave them there for around thirty seconds before opening the lid again.
  3. Hold the setup button on the back side of the Airpods case. You should first see an amber light flashing several times, followed by a constant white flashing light.
  4. Put your Airpods near your device and follow the steps on your screen until your Airpods reconnect.

Note: You can also use this method if only one of your Airpods is working. It doesn’t matter if your left or right Airpod is having difficulties connecting, reset your Airpods and both of them should connect to your device properly.

This method can also help you with connectivity issues on other devices. In addition, Airpods should connect seamlessly to your Apple Watch, and Android device.


Connection Established

You’re all set. Now you know how to resolve all connectivity issues with the Airpods (gen 1 or 2). Don’t forget to update your system, as many problems arise when people delay updating their devices.

Are you still having trouble with Airpods connectivity or did our advice help resolve your issue? Let us know in the comments section below.

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