How to Connect Discord to Patreon

Many creators (predominantly YouTubers) use the Patreon-Discord integration for nurturing their following and community, as well as for doling out extra content and rewards to their paying members.

How to Connect Discord to Patreon

But why would Discord, a gaming communication platform, offer a Discord-Patreon integration? Well, first of all, gamers have followers and supporters. Secondly, even though Discord has been built with gaming in mind, the platform has welcomed various non-gaming followings that range from crypto communities to rounding up YouTube followers.

So, integrating Patreon with your Discord server might be a great idea. Here’s how to do it.

How to Connect Discord to Patreon From an iPhone or Android Device

Before you proceed to connect Discord to Patreon, you’re going to need an active Discord server. The Discord app for mobile devices and tablets has been around for a while, but can you create servers on it?

Although there are some rare function limitations with the mobile/tablet app, compared to the desktop app, creating servers isn’t one of these. Let’s see how to create a Discord server on an iOS/Android device:

  1. Open the Discord app.
  2. On the first tab, you’ll see a list of available servers that you’ve joined; scroll down to the last entry (circle with a plus sign.)
  3. Tap the plus sign.
  4. Create a server on your own or choose between one of the six available templates.
  5. Give the server a name.
  6. Select Create.

This will automatically create a server for you. You can customize it, tweak the settings, and communicate on it, but none of this is necessary for connecting it with Patreon. Now, it’s time for the integration.

Although a Patreon app exists for both Android and iOS devices, you’re going to have to use the mobile browser to integrate the service with Discord.

  1. Open your preferred browser and go to
  2. Log in to your account (create one if you don’t have it.)
  3. On the main page, navigate to the hamburger menu (three horizontal lines) in the upper-right corner of the page.
  4. Tap Finish page.
  5. Tap the Basics dropdown menu.
  6. Select Tiers from the list.
  7. Navigate to a tier that you want to assign a Discord role to.
  8. Select Advanced.
  9. Tap Connect to Discord.
  10. Log in to your Discord account.
  11. Finish off by tapping Save tier.

There you have it; you’ve successfully connected Discord and Patreon. You can add more tiers following the same principle.

How to Connect Discord to Patreon From a Windows 10 or Mac PC

Whether you’re using a Windows or a macOS device, the Discord-Patreon integration works the same. The Discord apps for the two are identical, and you’ll be accessing Patreon via their website from either of the two platforms. But first, you need to create your Discord server.

  1. Open your Discord app and log in.
  2. You should see a list of available servers that you’re connected to on the left; find the circle with a plus sign in the middle and click it.
  3. Create your own server or start using one of the six available templates.
  4. Choose whether you’re making the server for hanging out with friends or for a club/community; given that we’re talking about Patreon here, the latter is probably the case.
  5. Name the server and click Create.

The server is far from ready for use. You need to check out and customize the settings, invite people, etc. However, for the purposes of this tutorial, let’s jump to the Patreon integration part.

  1. Start by logging in to your Patreon account (you have to have one if you want to integrate it with Discord.)
  2. Go to the Creator Page Editor on your Patreon account by hovering over your profile picture in the upper-right corner of the page and selecting Finish page.
  3. Select the Tiers tab from the top of the screen.
  4. Locate a Tier that you want to assign a Discord role to and select Edit tier.
  5. Next, click Advanced.
  6. Select Connect to Discord.
  7. Log in to your Discord account.
  8. Select Save tier.

That’s how you connect Discord with your Patreon using a computer. Keep in mind, though, that things aren’t as simple as this. Seeing as how the goal behind Patreon is you getting paid, there is a whole lot of consideration that should go into it before you finish this process.

Why Patreon?

As a content creator, whether you’re on Twitch, YouTube, Instagram, or any other platform, you may get some form of monetization (from YouTube, for instance). But unless you’re a ridiculously famous YouTuber, this monetization is nowhere near enough for making ends meet. Even if you are very rich with subscribers, you may not get paid too much.

Enter Patreon, a service that allows you to get paid more for the content that you’re providing. Patreon ensures that only those users who pay for their, let’s call it “premium membership,” get access to some prime content that you produce. This content can be anything from bonus videos to various gaming rewards.

So, your regular YouTube/Twitch/[insert platform] content hooks the viewer. Then, they want more content from you. They pay extra for this content. This money goes to you. This is what Patreon does.

Typically, Patreon benefits on Discord involve access to special member channels on servers. You can organize various competitions (for example) on these special channels and rewards for your loyal paying members.

In a nutshell, exclusivity is the name of the game when it comes to Patreon.

Additional FAQ

1. How do I access my Discord Role after becoming a supporter?

As a server owner, you may want to pin these instructions or automate them in some way. As a paying supporter, you’ll want to know how to gain access to the Discord role that you’ve paid for. First of all, keep in mind that making a “custom pledge” won’t land you with a special Discord role.

Instead, find the creator that you want to support, select a tier that you’d prefer, and click Join. Confirm the payment info, and you’ll be able to see the creator’s Welcome note.

Select Connect to Discord. On the next page, click Connect, located next to the Discord entry. You’ll be prompted to log in to your Discord account. Once you’ve logged in to Discord next time, the role should be automatically assigned to you.

2. How do I access my Discord rewards in Patreon?

Creators will often offer Discord rewards via Patreon. These rewards require you to pledge $5 or more, depending on your generosity and the creator’s set limit. Assuming you’ve connected your Discord account and Patreon, the rewards should happen automatically.

3. How do you get people to support you on Patreon?

In itself, Patreon is not a community/content platform. You can’t expect people to pay up for your tiers or make custom pledges just because you’ve created a Patreon account. You first have to have content out there and a loyal following. Then, when providing this content, you can promote your Patreon tiers and encourage your following to get on board. Discord is a channel that helps you both promote your Patreon and assign rewards for joining.

You can also do this on YouTube, Twitch, and many other social platforms. The goal is to provide your following with exclusive content that they won’t be able to gain access to via any other channel. The answer to the question above is not a simple one – there is no easy way to get people to support you via Patreon. It all boils down to marketing, which is a complicated discipline.

4. How often should you post on Patreon?

It all depends on you as an online personality, your type of content, your following, and a myriad of other factors. As a rule of thumb, though, it is generally advised that you post four or more pieces of content per month, ideally on a weekly basis. There are two ways to get paid from Patreon: monthly and per creation. Monthly campaigns charge your patrons once a month and establish a stable income. Per-creation campaigns are paid, well, per content release.

Selecting one or the other campaign can also influence your posting on Patreon. For instance, monthly subscribers require regular content (monthly, weekly, even daily). If you want to have more content release freedom, select the per-creation campaign. Still, regular content is the key to online success, regardless of the campaign you opt for.

5. Can I use Patreon for free?

Patreon is free to get started. But the true beauty of the platform is that it only receives a small percentage once you start earning money on it. Depending on the plan you choose, Patreon will take away 5%, 8%, or 12% of your monthly income. The 12% option gives you dedicated coaching, support, and various premium features, which makes it worth it.

Discord and Patreon

Discord and Patreon are two very compatible platforms. If you have a Discord server that you’re active on, consider integrating it with Patreon so that you get paid some extra money from it. Trust us; your loyal followers are eager to get bonus content from you and join small fan club-type servers, where they can communicate with you more closely.

Have you managed to connect Discord and Patreon? Do you have questions or anything else to add? Don’t refrain from contacting us via the comments section below.

Disclaimer: Some pages on this site may include an affiliate link. This does not effect our editorial in any way.

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