How to Use Perks in Dead by Daylight

Getting into your first match without a clue as a new DBD player is tough. Since there are too many Perks in the game, it can feel overwhelming for new players, both as Killers and Survivors.

How to Use Perks in Dead by Daylight

Like most players, you’ll probably learn your favorite set by trial and error. There’s no way around it. You’ll have to get your hands dirty by doing the Trials and trying the different Perks.

While choosing Perks to invest in is a matter of preference, this guide will show you how to use those Perks and which ones are among the must-try category.

How to Use Perks on Yourself in Dead by Daylight

How you can use Perks depends on the Perks themselves.

There are passive Perks, meaning you don’t have to do anything to use them; they are up to circumstance. For example, if you want to make less noise and draw less attention towards your character, you may want the passive Iron Will Perk.

On the other hand, sometimes, you need to “press the Action button” to use a Perk. This button will pop up in the match when, for example, the Killer targets you.


Both Killers and Survivors can unlock and equip Perks in the Load-out. Every Perk comes in three Tiers. The Tier I Perk has an uncommon rarity, Tier II one is Rare, and Tier III is Very Rare.

A higher Tier means it’s an improved version of a Perk. You can purchase a Perk’s higher Tier from the Bloodweb.

Finally, there are also teachable Perks, which make Unique Perks teachable to any character.

You can use up to four Perks at a time after unlocking all the Perk slots by getting a character to level 15.

Unique Perks

Every character comes with three Unique Perks available as Tier I in their inventory. Hence, only they can use them. You must purchase additional Perks and upgrades from the Bloodweb.

The Bloodweb

The Bloodweb is accessible by Survivors and Killers. Each character has unique and procedurally generated Bloodwebs for each level. Characters level up after unlocking each node in a web. Note that the entity will start consuming a node for itself for each node you pick. You can open your path through the middle, while the entity will take nodes starting at the most outer circle. The entity’s path is uncrossable.

How to Use Perks on Others in Dead by Daylight

Every character will have their teachable Perks available to be purchased in their Bloodweb at levels 30, 35, and 40. Purchasing these teachable Perks will allow them to be available in the Bloodweb of all characters.

Hence, this process turns Unique Perk into general ones. Note that unlocking teachable Perks does not guarantee their availability in the Bloodweb of any character. For example, an unlocked teachable Perk could not appear in a character’s Bloodweb until after several levels. Once a teachable Perk is purchased, all characters can get it in every Tier.

You can also unlock Unique Perks for everyone by purchasing teachable Perks from the Shrine of Secrets using Iridescent Shards. Killer and Survivor Perks are exclusive, though, so you’ll never see a Survivor with a Hex Perk or a Killer with a Spine Chill Perk.

Additional FAQ

Are perks permanent in Dead by Daylight?

All Perks in the game are permanent. However, once a character reaches level 50, you can use Prestige on them.

Using Prestige will reset the character’s level to one. This reset means that the character will lose everything except the unlocked teachable Perks. Prestige only gives you cosmetics, though, so casual players usually don’t bother with this game feature.

What are the best survivor perks?

You can only pick four available Perks at once. While it’s up to preference, some of the best Perks to use as a Survivor are:

• Leader: it’s a passive Perk that boosts the entire team by performing faster searches, healings, sabotages, unhooks, and gate openings when the bearer is within eight meters of other teammates.

• Dead Hard: it’ll allow you to time a dodge for an incoming attack while in an injured state if you have some adrenaline. It also gives a speed boost.

• Self-Care: it’s the only Perk that allows you to heal yourself up to 50% in 30 seconds.

• Adrenaline: gives a three-second speed boost and heals one state after all the generators are fixed.

• Sprint Burst: an exhaustion Perk that grants a speed buff for three seconds, allowing the player to escape or hide quickly. Note that Killers like Huntress can track this Perk.

• Urban Evasion: increases movement speed while crouching, which helps with stealth and movement.

• Iron Will: this makes your grunts and breathing silent. When combined with Urban Evasion, it allows for good stealth.

• Bond: it allows you to see your teammates up to 36 meters. Hence, it allows for better coordination and strategy.

• Lithe: Feng has this Unique Perk. It activates upon vaulting on objects, such as windows or a down pallet. You can’t use it while exhausted.

• Decisive Strike: this Perk will activate after being freed from a hook, allowing a skill check. This skill check frees you from the Killer’s hold and stuns it for five seconds. Note that this will make you the Killer’s obsession. When used well, it can help other players fix generators faster.

• Borrowed Time: it’s Bill’s Unique Perk that triggers when the Perk bearer frees someone from the Hook while they’re in the Killer’s Terror Radius. This Perk allows Survivors to get the Deep Wound effect when instead they should be dying, improving escapes.

Perk Up and Survive With Prestige

Perks can make or break your gameplay, so make sure to bring the right Perks for all your matches. Having a strategy for using each Perk always comes in handy, and don’t forget to cooperate with your teammates.

Team Perks usage for cooperation, such as “Leader,” which at least one teammate should use, is always a must to gain some edge. Though DBD may have seemed a little overwhelming at first, now it’s time to do the trials with less fear and more confidence.

Which newly discovered Perks caught your attention? What are your favorite Perks? Let us know in the comment section below.

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