How To Delete All of Your Instagram Direct Messages

One of the most popular Instagram features is the Direct Message (DM) feature. With DMs, users can privately chat one-on-one with their friends or create group chats.  While there are plenty of messaging apps out there, there are many people who use Instagram as their main instant messaging service.

At the same time, Instagram wasn’t really designed to organize a whole chat log of DMs, and it shows in the relative lack of tools for managing your DM inbox. Between messages from your friends, spam, and sketchy links sent by scammers, your inbox can quickly become cluttered.

So, Is there a way to delete all of your messages at once and get a fresh start? In this article, we’ll remove a few options for you to clean up your Instagram DMs.

How to Delete Conversations

To delete a conversation, take the following steps:

  1. Tap the paper airplane at the top-right of your home screen.
  2. Tap the conversation that you want to delete and drag it to the left or long-press it to bring up the Delete option.
  3. Tap Delete.

Once you do this, the conversation will no longer be in your inbox. Keep in mind that the other person will still have access to the full conversation.

If you’re trying to just get rid of certain conversations, you can also use the Search function to find those conversations rather than having to scroll through your entire DM inbox. You can type a person’s name in the search bar at the top of your screen to find and delete your conversation with them.

Delete Individual Messages

Instagram quietly introduced the Unsend feature a few years ago. It allows you to un-send messages that haven’t been read.

If you’ve never used it before, here’s what you have to do:

  1. Open up the DM conversation
  2. Tap and Hold the unwanted message
  3. Select Unsend Message

This deletes the message for both you and the recipient, so it’s as if you never sent it at all. If you send a message that you later regret, you can delete it before the person even sees it.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to mass delete individual messages either, so you’ll have to do it for every message separately.

Delete All of Your Instagram Direct Messages with AutoClicker

AutoClicker for Android is a tool that lets you automate repeated taps and swipes in any app or screen on your Android. Once you play around with it, you will be very excited by the possibilities this powerful free program provides. However, for now, we’ll just focus on deleting our DMs on Instagram.

  1. Launch your Instagram app.
  2. Launch the Auto Clicker app.
  3. Tap Enable under Multi Targets Mode. This will allow you to have multiple points of tapping, with a delay between taps.
  4. On Instagram, go to your Direct Messages screen.
  5. Tap and hold the green + symbol to create a swipe point, a circle with a 1 circumscribed inside it. Drag the swipe point to the first conversation in your DMs.
  6. Move the second circle inside the first circle; we are instructing AutoClicker to tap and hold.
  7. Tap the circle to bring up the settings dialog for this swipe; set the delay to 1000 milliseconds and the swipe time to 1000 milliseconds.
  8. In Instagram, long-tap on the first conversation to actually move the process along so that you can see where to do the next taps.
  9. The context menu appears; tap on the + icon to add a tap point, and drag the tap point to the line of the context menu reading Delete. This will be tap point 2 and will have a 2 in the circle.
  10. On Instagram, tap the delete line to move the process along again.
  11. Tap on the + icon to create tap point 3 and drag the tap point to the appropriate spot.
  12. Hit cancel to not delete this conversation at this point.
  13. Tap the gear icon and give this tap script (they call it a configuration) a name. Save the script and now you can run this command repeatedly for hundreds or thousands of iterations, automatically and without any human oversight.
  14. Hit the blue Run arrow to execute your script.

You can turn off the AutoClicker app interface by disabling it on the AutoClicker app home screen.

AutoClicker is, without a doubt, an extremely powerful technology that you can use in many ways, not just for speeding up your Instagram Adios process!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does blocking someone on Instagram delete all messages?

No. If you choose to block someone on Instagram and go back to their message thread, the option will pop-up to ‘Delete.’ If you choose to delete the messages, they will only be deleted on your end. The other user will still be able to see all of the communications you’ve sent prior to blocking their account.

The only way to remove messages from someone else’s account is to un-send them. Open the Instagram DMs, tap on their message thread, and long-press each message you’ve sent then tap ‘Unsend Message.’ Depending on your level of determination to remove each message you’ve sent to the user this could take an incredibly long time but it’s certainly a useful feature.

Can You Delete All Instagram DMs at Once?

Unfortunately, Instagram does not support deleting all your messages at once — not even with third-party apps.  You will have to manually delete each conversation, one by one.

However, you can delete entire conversations at one go. This means you’ll only have to repeat the deletion process once per conversation, not once per message. It’s still a pain, but it’s a lot better than having to do it one message at a time.

Final Thoughts

These are all the options for helping you clean up the mess in your Instagram DM inbox. While having a mass select option would be amazing, Instagram hasn’t provided the feature and doesn’t seem likely to at this point.

3 thoughts on “How To Delete All of Your Instagram Direct Messages”

Hannah says:
If you block someone, they can still see your direct messages! Blocking someone does not delete the message threads for either person. The person will no longer be able to message you, but they will still be able to see all your previous messages in the chat.
Pria says:
Thanks .. but it isn’t working on my one plus. I wanna delete some received messages which are confidential.

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