How to Delete Moments in WeChat

WeChat has been growing exponentially over the last several years. One of the most popular features of the social media platform is Moments. It’s a concept akin to Facebook’s Wall, where you post videos and photos your friends can like or comment.

How to Delete Moments in WeChat

Posting on Moments is immediate, and it’s easy to make a mistake, such as posting the wrong photo. Thankfully, deleting a WeChat Moments’ post is a straightforward process.

In this article, we’ll explain how to remove Moments from WeChat, as well as comments on your posts. We’ll also answer several other relevant questions that can help you better understand Moments on WeChat.

How to Delete Moments in WeChat?

Let’s dive straight into answering the most important question. You’ve browsed through your Moments on WeChat and decided that you no longer want others to see a particular photo or video. The good news is that you don’t have to. Here’s how to delete a post on Moments in WeChat:

  1. Open WeChat on your mobile device.
  2. Tap on the “Me” icon at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Then, tap on “My Posts.” You will be redirected to the “Moments” tab.
  4. You will see an entire list of your Moments, categorized by the date they were posted. To delete a photo or a video, first, open it.
  5. Then, select the three horizontal dots in the top left-hand corner of the screen. A pop-up panel will appear from the bottom of the screen.
  6. Tap on “Delete” and confirm.

If you want to delete all posts from Moments, you will need to do so separately for each. There is no option to delete all posts at the same time.

How to Delete WeChat Messages?

Even though WeChat is a social media platform, at its core, it functions a lot like a primarily text messaging app. Exchanging instant text, pictures, and video messages are fast and effortless.

However, there comes a time you want to delete a specific message from a conversation. Or you might want to delete all messages between you and another person. Both are possible with WeChat.

To delete a single message in a WeChat chat, simply tap and hold on to a particular message. A menu will appear, and you should select “Delete” (trash icon). You will be asked to confirm, so tap “Delete” again.

You can do that for other person’s messages as well. If you want to delete an entire conversation at once, press and hold that specific chat. A menu will pop up, and you should select “Delete Chat.”

Here’s the important part of keeping in mind. When you delete messages, either yours or your friend’s, they won’t disappear from the WeChat server. That also means they won’t disappear from the other person’s device either.

How to Delete WeChat Moment Comments?

The unpleasant reality of social media is that you’ll come across comments you don’t like under your posts. Everyone who posts has that experience once in a while, at least. Fortunately, comments you don’t appreciate on your WeChat Moments don’t have to stay there.

You have control of which comments can stay and which can go. There are two ways you can go about this. Either tap on the comment you wish to remove and select “Delete” from a pop-up menu that will appear from the bottom of the screen.

Or press and hold the comment and select “Delete” from the pop-up menu that will appear under the comment. Either way, the comment is immediately removed. Unfortunately, the “Likes” can’t be removed, even if it’s from a person you don’t particularly like.

How to Delete WeChat Group?

A WeChat group can support up to 500 members and is a handy tool for companies and event organizing. You might have also created a WeChat group with your friends where you share fun content.

Regardless of the purpose of the group, you might decide it’s time to delete it. Unfortunately, you can’t delete a WeChat group. Instead, you can leave it. Here’s how:

  1. Launch WeChat on your device and find the group you want to leave.
  2. Tap on the group’s title and then tap on the “Person” icon at the top of the screen.
  3. Choose “Delete and Leave” and then confirm.

While the group won’t be available on your device anymore and you won’t be a member, it will continue to exist for other members.

However, if you’re the creator of a specific WeChat group, you can transfer the ownership to another member. Here’s how you can transfer the management of the WeChat group to another member of that group:

  1. Launch WeChat and access the group you want to transfer.
  2. Select the three horizontal dots in the top right-hand corner of the screen.
  3. Select “Manage Group” and then “Transfer Ownership.”
  4. Choose the member who will receive the group’s ownership from the list and tap on their name.

How to Disable WeChat Moments?

Do you only want to use WeChat as a messaging app and not as a social media platform? Then Moments might not be a feature you need at all. You can opt out of it by not posting anything or deleting previously posted images and videos.

However, that doesn’t solve Moments from your friends on the “Discover” page. You’re probably receiving notifications about new posts in Moments by your friends or are wandering in the section on your own.

If you don’t want any of that, you can disable the WeChat Moments entirely. It’s a super simple process, and here’s what you need to do:

  1. Open WeChat on your device, and then tap on the “Me” icon at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Select “Settings” from the menu and then “General.”
  3. From there, choose “Manage Discover” followed by “Moments.”
  4. Move the toggle switch to off.

It’s important to remember that if you still have old posts on Moments that you haven’t deleted, this won’t prevent your friends from seeing them. You need to delete those manually to make sure they can’t see them.

Additional FAQs

1. Can I See Who Viewed My WeChat Moments?

No, you can’t see who viewed your WeChat Moments. The concept works exactly the same as posts on the Facebook Wall.

Unless someone likes or comments on the picture or the video, you can’t know who saw your Moments. If you want to be sure someone saw your post on Moments, you can send them a direct chat message. Here’s how:

1. Tap on the picture or video in Moments.

2. Tap on three dots in the top right-hand corner.

3. Select “Send to Chat” and then select the conversation.

2. How Do I Unblock Someone on WeChat?

When you block someone on WeChat, they go to the Block List. This gives you an opportunity to change your mind later and unblock them. Here’s how you can find the Block List and become friends with someone again:

1. Open WeChat and then tap on the “Me” icon.

2. Now, open “Settings” followed by “Privacy.”

3. Select “Blocked List” from the list.

4. From the list of blocked contacts, tap on the name of the person you want to unblock.

5. Their profile page will appear. Tap on the three dots in the top right-hand corner and select “Unblock.”

3. How Do You Edit Moments on WeChat?

When you post on Moments, that doesn’t have to be the final version of the image or video. You can edit them even after they are already on WeChat. You can write on the image, draw, or crop it. Here’s how you can access the edit feature.

1. Open Moments in WeChat.

2. Press and hold the image you want to edit.

3. A small menu will appear. Select “Edit.”

4. Make the changes you want and select “Done.”

4. How Do You Know if a WeChat Account Is Deleted?

When you’re blocked in WeChat, sending a message to that person means your message will be rejected. If it says that you need to “Send a Friend Request” first, then it means they’ve also deleted you.

However, suppose a person you previously communicated with on WeChat is no longer in your contacts, and all their posts and messages are gone. In that case, that means that they have deleted their WeChat account entirely.

5. Do I Really Need WeChat?

This is something every person can decide depending on their needs. Many people use WeChat for business, but probably an equal amount doesn’t. There are nearly half a billion WeChat users in China alone. It’s the most popular social network in the country.

If your business or studies are connected to the region, you’ll like to find many benefits in using WeChat.

The app will also be helpful if many people you know are already using it, so you want to make sure to keep up with their Moments and allow them to see yours. It’s a versatile app that might prove to be fun or useful, or perhaps both.

Keeping Only the Moments You Want on WeChat

There’s an undeniable convenience to using Moments on WeChat. Instead of sending photos and videos to each friend individually, they can all see them from Moments. However, that also means that everyone gets to see likes and comments too.

If you’re not happy with your Moments’ post or comment, you can permanently delete it by following the article’s instructions.

You can leave groups too and transfer the ownership of your group to another member. Finally, you get to decide when it’s time to unblock someone and let them see your Moments again.

Do you have many Moments on WeChat? Let us know in the comments section below.

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