How to Level Up Fast in Diablo 4

“Diablo 4” has a deep, rich world filled with dark dungeons to complete, big bosses to beat, and amazing loot to acquire. But, if you want to tackle the game’s toughest challenges and obtain its greatest rewards, you’ll need to level up your character.

How to Level Up Fast in Diablo 4

This guide will look at several methods and tips for super-fast leveling.

Best Ways to Get to Level 50 Quickly

The maximum level in “Diablo 4” is 100. However, for most players, the first target is to get to Level 50. You can almost reach it just by playing through the campaign. But if you’re short on time or want to level up quickly and efficiently as possible, here are some handy tips and tricks.

Start With World Tier 1

“Diablo 4” has an innovative difficulty system known as the World Tier system. It has four levels, from World Tier 1: Adventurer to World Tier 4: Torment. You get more XP (experience points) playing on higher tiers, but enemies also become more challenging and take longer to kill, which can slow your progression.

If you want to optimize the early stages of your playthrough, it’s best to begin on World Tier 1. You can try switching to World Tier 2 later once you’ve got good gear and feel you can cope with the tougher enemies.

Use Elixirs

If you want to level up quickly in “Diablo 4,” make sure that you have a healthy supply of elixirs in your inventory. Elixirs are consumable items that can offer a range of benefits. No matter which one you use, they all give you 5% extra XP for a short while after being consumed.

Five percent might not sound like a lot, but it adds up. If you can keep that 5% boost active for most of your adventure, you’ll save yourself several hours on the journey to Level 50 or even up to Level 100. You can craft elixirs at the Alchemist once you hit Level 10.

Team up With Friends

Teaming up with other players can make your “Diablo 4” experience more enjoyable while helping you level much faster. Just being near other players gives you a 5% bonus, while joining a party of up to four players will give you an impressive 10% XP boost.

Plus, with other players by your side to battle the beasts you encounter, you should have an easier time with the game’s quests and dungeons. This will help you progress more quickly, access better gear, and race through the levels.

Farm Strongholds

The “Diablo 4” map is littered with strongholds for you to battle your way through, with bosses at the end of each one. Completing these strongholds gives you plenty of benefits, like new Waypoints and Renown rewards for bonus XP boosts and treasure. You also get lots of XP for killing all the enemies in each one.

You could just race through every stronghold you find. Or, if you want to optimize your approach, try battling through to the boss and then quit the game. When you load back in, you’ll be at the start of the stronghold, ready to farm all the enemies again and get lots more XP.

Best Ways to Get to Level 100 Quickly

Once you’ve reached Level 50, your next target will be Level 100. Using elixirs and playing with a party will still be helpful here. But, to really ramp up your XP gains, you’ll need to focus on a couple of the game’s other aspects and more demanding challenges.

Switch to World Tier 3 and Rush to Tier 4

Once you beat the main story, you’ll have access to World Tier 3. Switching to this tier once you approach Level 50 is a good idea, as it’ll give you some big XP boosts for everything you kill from that point on. But there’s still one more tier you need to access.

World Tier 4 is unlocked by completing the Fallen Temple Capstone dungeon. You should be able to finish that once you get to around Level 65, or a little higher, or if you have higher-leveled friends to play with. Once you’re able, beat that dungeon and switch up to World Tier 4 for the biggest gains as you move through the final levels to get to 100.

Farm Nightmare Dungeons

When it comes to endgame leveling in “Diablo 4,” Nightmare Dungeons are generally regarded as the best source of XP. They can be challenging, with more ferocious and powerful monsters, but they also give you huge rewards.

Try to complete as many of these dungeons as quickly and efficiently as possible. As stated earlier, having other players in your party will make the process even easier. Plus, you’ll get that handy co-op XP boost, so try to farm the dungeons with friends.

Repeat Regular Dungeons Too

Nightmare dungeons should definitely be your focus as you draw closer to Level 100. However, standard dungeons are also worth grinding through. In particular, focus on dungeons that are relatively quick and easy to traverse, with plenty of Elite monsters.

Iron Hold is a good example, and many players like to grind the Champion’s Demise dungeon, too. However, Blizzard regularly makes updates to dungeons and nerfs the ones that players grind a lot, so you might want to look around and find your own secret farming spot.

Complete Helltide and Legion Events

Helltide and Legion events are worth checking out for a nice hefty dose of XP. You can’t exactly count on grinding these events since they’re time sensitive and won’t always be available. However, when the events do appear, make sure to make the most of them.

Helltide events always spawn enemies that are a couple of levels higher than you for great XP gains. Legion events, meanwhile, usually involve lots of Elite enemies and huge numbers of enemies. Completing these events also adds a little variety to the endgame if you’re getting bored of all those Nightmare Dungeons.


Which is the fastest method to level up?

It depends on what level you’re currently at and where you are in the game. Early on, simply completing dungeons and campaign quests can be enough to level up quite quickly. In the endgame, Nightmare Dungeons are most definitely the best source of XP to boost you up to Level 100. You’ll need to adjust your approach as you progress through the game to keep earning lots of XP.

Are there any downsides to leveling up very quickly?

The biggest potential downside to leveling up too fast is that you might not have time to get the gear you need to cope with higher-level enemies. As you increase your character’s level, many enemies you face will also be scaled up and harder to beat. You’ll need to make sure you take time to find good quality gear to keep you alive at higher levels.

How does power leveling work in Diablo 4?

Power leveling is when you team up with a friend who has a much higher level than you. Then, you find a dungeon together. You stand at the entrance while your friend goes in and defeats the enemies. Even without fighting, you’ll still get XP and level up without any real risk. However, with the “Season of the Malignant” patch, Blizzard nerfed this strategy, making it less useful.

Race to Level 100 With These Tips and Tricks

So, if you want to rush to Level 100 as quickly as possible, keep these tricks in mind. For the early game, focus on strongholds, use elixirs, and play with pals whenever possible. Later on, switch to higher World Tiers and focus on Nightmare Dungeons to push through the final levels.

What level have you made it to in “Diablo 4”? Do you know any other effective XP farming strategies? Share your tips and opinions in the comments.

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