How to Change the Timezone on Discord

Up until recently, many Discord users had a hard time syncing their time zone to the ones displayed within the app. This was particularly problematic in countries daylight saving time, but the problem wasn’t isolated to those countries.

How to Change the Timezone on Discord

Luckily, Discord quickly picked up on the glitch and resolved it. However, if your Discord account still isn’t syncing correctly, you can manually fix the problem.

You can find out below how you can change your time zone. Keep in mind that this might not apply if you’re using Discord bots that display time. That would require programming.

How to Change the Timezone in Discord on a Windows PC

To change the time zone and time on Discord, you need to make the necessary changes on your PC first. Here are the steps.

  1. Click Start, then go to Control Panel, and open it.
  2. Click Clock, Language, and Region.
  3. Select “Change the time zone” under Date and Time options.
  4. A window featuring a clock and your current time zone will appear.
  5. Click the “Change time zone…” button and select your time zone from the drop-down window.
  6. Click the OK button to confirm.
  7. Restart your computer for the changes to take effect.

Tip: It should be enough to just restart the app.

How to Change the Timezone in Discord on an iPhone

Again, you’ll be making changes on the iPhone and restarting the app and device.

  1. Launch the Settings app and tap the General menu.
  2. Select Date & Time under General and disable Set Automatically.
  3. Select Time Zone, then enter a city in your preferred time zone.
  4. Confirm and restart the Discord app.

Important Notes: Some carriers don’t support Set Automatically so the option could be disabled. If the time zone is off after you sync your iPhone with a Mac or PC, the time zone is probably off on the computer.

How to Change the Timezone in Discord on a Mac

  1. From your home screen, click the Apple menu on the far left of the toolbar.
  2. Click System Preferences, then Time & Date. If the option is locked, click on the padlock and enter your password to access more actions.
  3. Disable “Set date and time automatically.”
  4. On the calendar within the Time & Date window, select today’s date.
  5. Enter your time into the designated field or use the clock hands.
  6. Click Save and proceed to change Time Zone.
  7. Disable “Set time zone automatically using current location.”
  8. Select your general area on the map in the Time Zone window.
  9. Choose Closest City from the pop-up and select your city or one nearest to you.
  10. Confirm the changes and restart Discord.

Note: You might need to restart your Mac to change the time zone. Do that if Discord doesn’t reflect the changes upon restarting.

How to Change the Timezone in Discord on an Android

  1. Access the native Clock app on your Android smartphone.
  2. Hit the three vertical dots to enter the More menu, then choose Settings.
  3. Navigate to Clock, set the date and time, and confirm.
  4. Restart the Discord app.

Expert Tip: The time zone changes are tied to your Discord account. This means that once you change it on one device, all other devices with Discord will sync automatically.

Let the Games Begin

At the end of the day, changing your time zone on Discord is not that tricky. You only have to follow the steps for your device, restart the app, and everything should be back to normal.

Oh, and if it doesn’t take effect immediately, try restarting your device.

How did you change the time zone before reading this article? Are there any other glitches that bother you on Discord?

Share your two cents in the comments below.

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