How To Disable @everyone in Discord

Receiving @mentions in Discord can be both a privilege and annoyance, depending on where it’s coming from. The more notorious mention for the latter is that of @everyone. @everyone can be used as a great reminder or update @mention when received every once in a while. However, it can also be abused by those who thrive on negative attention and childish antics. You can either set your channel to ‘Read Only’ or you can follow the steps below to eliminate at least some of the nuisances.

How To Disable @everyone in Discord

To save your Discord family from a constant barrage of pointless, potentially infuriating @everyone notifications from random users, it’d be beneficial to know how to disable it.

In this article, I’m going to teach you how to do just that. If you’re the server owner or have administrator permissions, continue reading to learn how to disable @everyone on a single Discord channel as well as how to disable it for the entire server.

Disable A Channel’s @everyone

As is the case for most things on Discord, disabling @everyone for just a single channel is incredibly easy. To get started, you’ll want to be logged into Discord and click on the server you want to disable the @mention on.

If you’re all set:

Right-click the channel name to pull up the pop up menu.

Make sure to select the channel you want the @everyone mention disabled from only. It must also be a read-only channel as @everyone isn’t available to voice channels.

Click on ‘Edit Channel.’


From the menu of the left, navigate to the “Permissions” tab.

In the main window, from the list of Roles make sure to have @everyone highlighted.


Click the ‘X’ Next to Mention @Everyone

Scroll down the list until you find the “Text Permissions” section. Toggle the “Mention Everyone” option off by clicking on the red ‘X’. At any point you’d like to turn it back on, you’ll toggle it by clicking on the green checkmark instead.

Save Changes

After selecting the toggle, a dialog box will pop up at the bottom of your screen. If satisfied with your decision, click on the Save Changes button to confirm.

If you’d like to disable @everyone for any additional roles, you’ll need to follow this procedure again making sure to highlight those specific Roles instead.

Disable The Server’s @everyone

To disable @everyone for every channel in your Discord server, you’ll need to enter into your Server Settings menu. To get there:

Open the Server’s Settings

Left-click the server name and choose Server Settings from the options listed.


Tap on ‘Roles’

Navigate down to the “Roles” tab from the menu on the left.

Access @everyone

Click on “Default Permissions”

Toggle ‘Mention @everyone’ off

From the “Roles” window, scroll to the “Text Permissions” section and toggle off the “Mention Everyone” option.

Save Changes

You’ll receive a pop-up at the bottom of the screen just as you would in the single-channel walk-through. To confirm your choice to disable @everyone for the server, click the Save Changes button. If you want to re-enable this option, come back and toggle it back on. It will always be available.

Similarly, If you have other roles you want to disable @everyone off for, highlight the appropriate role from the Roles/Members list and toggle them all off one by one until satisfied.

Suppressing @everyone

Though you may have stopped the @everyone mention from being used by certain roles, it’s still likely that you will receive annoying notifications anytime someone tries to use it. You could allow this just in case someone mentions something worth looking into, but you can also completely disable this as well.

To suppress @everyone on a per-server basis:

Click your server name and this time choose Notification Settings.

From the window, in the “Server Notification Settings”, ensure that the “only @mentions” option is filled in.

Slightly further down, toggle the “suppress @everyone and @here” option to on.

Click the ‘Done’ button when you’ve finished making your changes.

When making this decision, you won’t have to confirm it with a save button. It’s automatic. Similar to every other decision I’ve discussed, should you wish to change back to the previous settings, just toggle it back off.

There you go. No @everyone mentions and no notifications when someone tries to use it. You’ve also disabled notifications for @here. Whereas @everyone mentions go directly to everyone on the server regardless if they are on or offline, @here is targeted to only those currently online. It can be just as annoying as @everyone so you’re really only killing two birds with one stone.

Non-Admin Options

If you aren’t a Server admin, or you aren’t the owner, don’t despair. You still have a lot of power over your peace when it comes to @everyone. Let’s review some of your options.

  • Leave the Channel
  • Turn off notifications for that channel
  • Turn off @mentions for that channel

The more practical option is to turn off the @everyone for the channel, and you can do this even though you aren’t an administrator.

Right-Click on the Channel and click ‘Notification Settings’

Click ‘Only @mentions’

You can also mute the channel for a period of time using the option just above the ‘Notification settings.

If you’d like to leave the channel simply click the Down Arrow to the right of the server name at the top. Click ‘Leave Server’ from the drop-down menu.

It’s no wonder that Discord is a favorite for gamers. With so many customization options you can choose your communication preferences and enjoy a little peace and quiet whenever you’d like.

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