Does Netflix Give Refunds?

Netflix is one of the most popular streaming services for premium movies and television shows, offering thousands of hours of content right at your fingertips. Of course, it isn’t a perfect service. While Netflix is great for a Friday night in or for when you’re looking to kill time, there’s always bound to be a few problems with Netflix that make you consider asking for a refund.

Does Netflix Give Refunds?

Outages are the big one—Netflix isn’t immune to them, and an outage on a weekend or weeknight can really ruin your plans for the evening. So, does Netflix give refunds? Is it worth asking, or are you going to find yourself wasting time? Read on to find out.

Getting the Most for Your Money

Unfortunately, after looking into Netflix’s subscription terms of service, it’s become obvious that Netflix won’t give you a refund. The best you can do is cancel your service, which will allow you to use Netflix until your billing period ends. Here’s what Netflix’s actual Terms of Service have to say:

3.3. Cancellation. You can cancel your Netflix membership at any time, and you will continue to have access to the Netflix service through the end of your monthly billing period. To the extent permitted by the applicable law, payments are non-refundable and we do not provide refunds or credits for any partial-month membership periods or unwatched Netflix content.

Not to discourage you, but if you see multiple charges, charges after you’ve canceled your account, contact Netflix Support so that they can further investigate the charges.

Where Did the Extra Charges Come From?

Before contacting support for charges that you know are not legitimate, Netflix will ask you to consider a few things:

  • Authorization: When you sign up for Netflix’s free trial, they will authorize your card for the amount of your subscription (this is pretty common and it’s relatively harmless assuming you have the cash to cover it in your account). If you sign up for the free trial and see a charge, don’t be alarmed. The charge will go away within a few days.
  • Multiple Accounts: If you have more than one Netflix account (you signed up using multiple email addresses) you may see additional charges. The best way to investigate this is to go to your email accounts and use the search bar to find any Netflix communications.
  • Restarted Your Account: Netflix will check to see if you somehow accidentally restarted your account.
  • Cancelation Date: If you canceled your account, but you were still billed for the subscription, consider the fact that you may have canceled at the beginning of your bill cycle. It can take a few days for the charge to show up.

If none of the above-listed scenarios apply to you, contact Netflix for more support.

How to Cancel Netflix

If Netflix is no longer doing it for you, it’s easy to cancel and move on to something else. Netflix is one of the few companies that actually make it simple to control and cancel your account and not hide it deep within your account page.

  1. Log onto your Netflix account.
  2. Navigate to your Account page using your icon in the top right.
  3. Select the Cancel Membership button under Membership & Billing.
  4. Select the blue Finish Cancelation box on the next page.

That’s it.

If you don’t see the Cancel Membership button on your account page, you may have acquired your Netflix account through another service. That could be iTunes, Google Play, or something else. You should look at your bank statement or other subscription services you use to see where you’re paying for Netflix. You will then need to use that local account to cancel it.

Netflix Charged Me After My Free Trial

What happens if you are charged once the free trial ends? Can you get a refund then? The answer is no. It’s up to you to cancel your membership before the end of the free trial if you don’t want to pay. You have 30 days of free-content to enjoy before having to pay a dime and it’s down to you to set a reminder or otherwise remember to cancel before that time is up.

Netflix is Charging Me After I Canceled

Netflix is good but not omnipotent. Mistakes happen and from what I have seen, the company is pretty good at making things right. Before you contact them to remedy your situation, it helps to gather all the facts and present your case all at once. If you see charges after cancelation, make sure your account has been properly canceled. Make sure nobody else has a login and that you remove your card(s) as payment.

If you see charges on your Netflix account during your free trial, it is more likely an authorization check rather than charge. Netflix performs a test charge to ensure the payment method is legit. This ensures they get their money when the time comes. It may look like a charge but isn’t. Check before you contact Netflix as it could save you a lot of time!

Getting in Touch with Netflix

Again, unlike other services, Netflix makes it easy to get in contact with them. They even have a toll-free number you can call them on. It is 888-638-3549 from within the US. You can also live chat using this link. Depending on the time of day, there will likely be a wait until an agent gets to you. It seems to average around 10-12 minutes wait time for normal hours. Netflix customer service operates 24/7 so you should always be able to get a hold of someone at any time.

Netflix does not give refunds in most situations. No subscription service that I know of does. You pay for the period, retain access for that period and then pay no more. Once the billing period is over, you lose access. It’s a simple system and while it may not offer refunds, it does seem fair.

If you forget to cancel your membership or experience an inability to enjoy the service, you likely won’t get a refund. If your Netflix account has been hacked there may be options for refunds using the same support options listed above.

8 thoughts on “Does Netflix Give Refunds?”

tammi mccord says:
I haven’t had Netflix since in October . and the still keep taking money out of my card. I needed my refund back on my card . it said that they took 14.06 from my card . I did the trail . I don’t have any income now. Please put the 14.06 back on my Visa 0709 . I needed that to buy food for my babies. It took it from them .
Darlene says:
I am still on a free trial until January 24 2020 but I was already been charged today. I contacted their customer service and was told I was not eligible for Free trial. I have even an email as proof that I have until next month of free trial and now they’re saying I’m not eligible. It was not resolve at all. Just wasted my time.
Alondra says:
The same thing has happened to me today I signed up for the free trial and charged immediately afterwards. I was confused by this hope they can resolve this soon.
anonymous says:
this happened to me too! now I dont have any more money on my card
Eils21 says:
Please remember to log out of all devices and reset your password, otherwise, even if you cancel your account, as soon as you log in, your account may be restarted. I canceled my account before my trial period ended but did not delete the app from my phone. The app was opened once after the cancellation, nothing was viewed, but my account was automatically restarted and i was charged for the last three months. I used the live chat system to notify them of this error and was only then told that all devices must be logged out and password reset for the cancellation to stick. At first, they told me there was no refund option and that i had to go dispute these charges with my own bank. However, after much negotiation, i managed to receive a refund for 2 months (not sure why they didn’t just refund all 3 months).
I asked them to check my viewing history which is kept on the system for up to 10mth. The viewing history would have shown nothing was viewed after my cancellation, hence the restart of my account is an error. Of course, i’m not even sure this is why the gave me a refund, but i guess if you’re ever in the same kind of situation, it’s worth a try. Hope this can be of help!
Christine says:
I didn’t know that they don’t do refunds. This was my mistake for downloading that Netflix app…
Tanvi says:
I have purchased it three times .please refund my payment in my account
Guobadia Blessing says:
I downloaded Netflix and I was told that I had free trial but I was debited the next day
Sonja Peplinski says:
So My Netflix been without a payment now for almost two months which was ok by me cuz i wasnt watching it. Well i just woke up this morning and Netflix took a payment out of my bank account! Not very happy at the moment about it. What Can I Do About It!
Rei Sabado says:
I just tried the one month free trial, and just logged out my account two days before free trial ends. I thought it will be okay but then three months passed I just noticed that iTunes charge me a month but I don’t know what is for. Then I saw it that Netflix charges me a month but I don’t put my credit card since the day I started the free trial. I’ve been charge a month up until now but I didn’t really use Netflix somehow. I started the trial last October 2018 and Netflix charge me until now July 2019.
Siddu says:
I thought its free trail but amount is deducted from account..please refund my amount to my account.I want to cancel membership right now..
Rei says:
I was actually want a refund but based on my research Netflix don’t do refunds. And that was the unfair part.

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