How to Turn Off Active Status on Facebook

Although Facebook remains one of the most popular ways to connect to others online, there are times that you just don’t want to be disturbed. Thankfully, Facebook gives you options to hide your online activity so that you can keep your browsing time online private. Below, we’ll show you ways to turn off your Active status on Facebook.

How to Turn Off Active Status on Facebook on PC

The Facebook application itself isn’t really system-dependent. If you’re using a desktop computer, no matter if it’s a PC, a Mac or even a Chromebook, the basic commands involved are pretty much the same. Although active status options have changed a lot due to updates, the steps are similar across different systems. The important steps are detailed in the corresponding sections below.

How to Turn Off Active Status on Facebook Messenger

A lot of people don’t realize that Facebook has two separate messaging systems. Each one has its own Activity Settings that you‘re able to toggle. The native chat operates as a popup window in the Facebook application itself. The Messenger window shows all messages that you’ve ever sent, unless you’ve previously deleted them. To edit the settings for each, do the following:

For Native Facebook Messaging

  1. On the Facebook homepage, click on the messenger icon on the upper right side of the window.

  2. Click on Options. This is the three dots at the top of the dropdown menu.

  3. Click on Turn Off active status.

  4. Select an option and then click on Okay. Refer to the sections below for each available option.

On Facebook Messenger

  1. On the upper left menu, click on the gear icon.

  2. From the dropdown menu, click on Settings.

  3. On the popup window, toggle off the ‘Show when you’re active’ option.

  4. Click on Done.


How to Turn Off Active Status on Facebook for One Person

If you only wish to hide your Active status from one other person, this can be done by following these steps:

  • Open the Native Facebook Messaging Active status option as detailed above.
  • On the popup window, click on the ‘Turn off active status for only some contacts’ toggle.
  • On the text box provided, type in the name of the contact you wish to hide your status from.
  • Once done, click on Okay.
facebook turn off active status

How to Turn Off Active Status on Facebook for Some Contacts Only

If you have your friends list organized into groups, such as close friends, family, and acquaintances, you can hide your statuses according to these groups, without having to enter individual contact names. To do this, follow the steps given in the preceding section, then instead of typing a contact name in the text box, type in the group name instead.

What to Do If You Can’t Turn Off Your Active Status on Facebook

If you’ve turned off your active status on your Facebook desktop app, but it still seems to appear as online to your contacts, then you may still have it enabled on your mobile device. You must turn off active status on all devices that you have the messenger app on. Unfortunately, turning it off on one system doesn’t affect the others.

How to Turn Off Active Status on Facebook on Android

If you have Facebook Messenger for Android, turning off the active status there is similar. To do this, follow the steps given below:

  1. Open the Messenger App.

  2. On the home screen, tap on your profile icon in the upper left corner.

  3. Under Profile, tap on Active Status.

  4. Tap on the toggle for Show when you’re active.

  5. You can now navigate away from this screen.

How to Turn Off Active Status on Facebook on iPhone

The Facebook mobile app, like the desktop version, isn’t platform-dependent. The same steps involved in turning off active status for Android also applies to the iPhone. Refer to the steps as already given above.

How to Permanently Turn Off Active Status on Facebook

Although there is no way to permanently turn off your online activity on Facebook, it does remember your active status settings for all devices you set it on. If you turn off your activity status, it shall remain off until such time that you turn it back on again. Even version updates for the app itself don’t turn the active status back on for users that have left it disabled.

How to Turn Off Active Status in a Facebook Room

Facebook Rooms is Facebook’s answer to videoconferencing. It’s a place where you can invite others from your contacts list to participate in a multi-user video call. As such, there really isn’t a way to hide your activity status from anyone who is already present in the call.

Anyone who isn’t participating won’t see your activity, but if you accept a Facebook Room invite, everyone in the call will know that you’re online, because they’ll see you log on. If you’re trying to hide your activity status from specific persons, be sure to check the name of the participants on a Facebook room before accepting the invitation.

Additional FAQ

Why Should You Turn Off Active Status on Facebook?

Turning off your activity status is just a matter of personal preference. Some people don’t mind if people see they are logged in, while others would rather not let people know they’re on.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eIf you don’t wish to be disturbed by sudden messages from contacts when you’re browsing your timeline or just looking at posts, turning active status on is a desirable option. This is really a matter of privacy more than anything. If you don’t want people knowing when you log on to Facebook, then turning off active status is a good idea.

What Is Facebook Active Status?

Active Status is a notification to other people in your contacts list that you’re currently signed in to your Facebook account. Although people can still send you messages whether you’re online or not, if others see that you’re active, it is usually common courtesy to respond in a timely fashion to people who message you as they will see you are logged in.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eThis can sometimes be a disadvantage to people who’re just planning to take a quick browse, or to those who don’t want to be disturbed. To those who don’t mind responding quickly, the active status feature won’t really affect them much.

facebook active status

Avoiding Unwanted Interruptions

Facebook has made it easier for people to communicate with each other, no matter the time or distance. However, this constant sense of being plugged in can sometimes be a bit too much for some. Thankfully, turning off your active status gives you a way to avoid unwanted interruptions.

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