How to File a Complaint with DoorDash

One of the biggest jobs of any business’s customer service is responding to complaints. Businesses should aim to please, and if they aren’t doing a good job, the customer shouldn’t refrain from filing a complaint.

How to File a Complaint with DoorDash

It can be assumed that DoorDash has three customer types, the people they deliver to, the delivery workers, and the merchants.

Whichever of the three parties you fall under, knowing your DoorDash support options is essential. Here’s everything you need to know.

DoorDash Email

The most commonly used DoorDash support option is the email option. If your complaint isn’t time-sensitive and can wait a few hours (although it’s usually less than this), you should definitely consider sending a complaint email to [email protected].

You’ll be prompted to fill out a form first. Once you’ve sent in the form and once it has been reviewed, a DoorDash official should email you back with more information.

Make sure that you’re as specific as possible with your problem to avoid any tedious back-and-forth. Be direct, be respectable, and be honest.

Naturally, you can contact the support whether you’re a customer, a Dasher, or a merchant.

how to file complaint with doordash

DoorDash Live Chat

The live chat is available 24/7 and the wait times are rarely longer than a minute. With that said, the live chat option should only be used for time-sensitive problems. Here’s how to start a live chat DoorDash conversation with their customer support.

Go to and tap Customer Chat or Dasher Chart (clearly, the former if you’re a customer, the latter if you’re a courier). There is a third option called Merchant Chat, reserved for restaurant owners.

You should see a chat window in the bottom-right corner of the screen. If the window doesn’t pop up, just select the Chat button.

You’ll be prompted to fill in a form. Finish the form, and select Start chatting. A live DoorDash customer support official should contact you in less than a minute.

DoorDash Phone Number

DoorDash is an internet-based service. Like most other internet-based services, their aim is to resolve everything online, via the app, via their website, or via email. This is why DoorDash doesn’t promote its phone number – it’s not prioritized as a communication channel.

Still, the phone call option does exist. We do recommend hitting them up using the live chat feature, as this is a much more personal method of resolving the issue. But if you prefer doing things the old-school way, via the phone, you can go ahead and dial.

Although the DoorDash official customer support phone number isn’t readily available on their homepage, navigating to the page that features their phone number is easy. Just scroll down to the bottom of the homepage and select the Help link. This will take you to a support page, where you’ll find the DoorDash Customer Support phone number.

file a complaint with doordash

If you don’t want to bother visiting their website, here’s their phone number right here: 855-973-1040.

This phone number is for the customers, Dashers, as well as for the merchants.

If you’re a delivery worker, you can call 855-864-7626 to reach a company representative directly. This phone number isn’t that easy to find.

Listen to the automated instructions and make proper selections on your phone keypad. Don’t worry. As soon as you’ve selected an option on the initial screen, you’ll be transferred to a live DoorDash support representative.

DoorDash Corporate Offices

Visiting the DoorDash offices is the most direct way to contact the company. Their HQ is in San Francisco, CA 94107, on 303 2nd Street, Suite number 800. However, this address isn’t open to the public. It’s not like you can go to their offices, knock on the door, and expect a customer support representative to shake your hand, invite you inside, and ask you, “What’s on your mind?”

Still, you can use this address to mail them with things that you’d prefer to keep off the internet or with packages that aren’t internet-compatible. Don’t get your hopes up – it’s not likely that you’ll receive a response.

As a courier, though, you’ll probably have access to Dasher offices, located all across the country. These offices feature work hours, support times, and so on. You can find your closest Dasher office here.

DoorDash Help Pages

Although you can’t really file a complaint with a DoorDash help page, it’s often best if you checked for the answer that you may be looking for here. The DoorDash help pages offer assistance for navigating the app, ordering meals, resolving payment options, completing deliveries, managing Dasher accounts, updating your menus as a merchant, and so on.

Before moving on to resorting to any of the previously-mentioned support options, check the help pages for potential problem resolution. This will save both your time and that of DoorDash customer support.

DoorDash Customer Support

Clearly, there are many ways to contact DoorDash to resolve your potential issues. However, depending on the urgency and your preference, you can choose different methods of contacting the company. Consider the nature of your complaint and choose the proper method of contact.

Has this been of any help? Have you managed to contact DoorDash successfully? Let us know in the comments section below and feel free to discuss anything related to DoorDash.

30 thoughts on “How to File a Complaint with DoorDash”

Tammy Wyke says:
Hello I have tried talking with customer service emailing leave the email support talking to escalations talking to a supervisor about the issue that I am having no one will acknowledge that there is an issue I am having problems seeing things on the app it started a week ago my husband is having the same problems but yet I live in an apartment complex and no 1 else is having the same issue I can only see 5 restaurants they keep telling me it’s because my delivery area and they are full of it because my all my neighbors around me and my son who lives with me can see over 30 restaurants pretty restaurants stores places that deliver but yet my husband I can’t see any of it No one will help us
Steve Larner says:
Are the neighbors also in the apartment complex or houses next to it? That question/answer may not matter though but it’s a thought. Other than that, you may need to adjust your phone’s location settings or adjust the filters in the app when searching.
diana says:
I have ordered 4 times through door dash, the first two times were ok, the but after the third time, I never recieved my orders. They do not correspond well to your requests and maybe call you once or not at all. I have been waiting two hours for a breakfast order that never came, this is unacceptable1
Barbara says:
I tried the [email protected] email address, and my email was rejected. So there is no way to resolve this issue, since customer chat was useless.
Angie says:
The doordash driver rode around for a ridiculous amount of time delivering other orders. When I received my ice cream it was liquid soup. In addition to this, the dasher left my food outside next to a building instead of at more door. I had to search and find it. I used the doordash number to let the dasher know I was upset and that I was reporting him. Then he sent me hostile text messages telling me about how “terrible” I am. The guy has my name, address, and phone number. I feel uncomfortable and unsafe.
Hazel A Salsgiver says:
They charged the same ordered on two cards several times.
Anonymous says:
Attempted theft by door dash delivery people. One was rude and yelling. Stating how Unlike me they are not wealthy and now they will have to pay for the items they attempted to rob from me. One had their mask on their chin.
Pueblo Colorado. I think this company should screen for drugs. I don’t feel it is safe to have anything delivered by them again.
zen says:
I can’t stop they charged me every month after i cancelled.
Msry says:
I am having the same problem even after disputing charges through my credit card company. The worst ever customer service representatives ever.
Howard Marc Chrysler says:
I am a dasher. I’ve wrote three times about an issue. Why has no one responded
JH says:
DoorDash customers orders “at times” are intercepted when en-route by “nefarious actors” such as law-enforcement, or actors acting on behalf of “private security investigators.” This is not only unhealthy it’s down right unlawful under the circumstances. BEWARE if you’re in any child-custody or divorce “food tampering”. DoorDash and others “need picture ID’s” before something sinister occurs that will generate a lawsuit.
Celia Trimboli says:
My order never arrived. It’s clear the driver left it at some random door in the garden apartment complex where I live. I didn’t even get a phone call from the driver to ask where my place is. They just want to throw the delivery anywhere and gallop to the next lost delivery. My recommendation is the be careful with DoorDash. I requested my money back. Lets see if I get it. HIGHLY DISPLEASED.
Asmitha Sathyan says:
I have been facing an issue with my dasher app for the past few months. My status as a dasher shows that I am an active dasher. But I haven’t started dashing yet as my app shows that my background check needs some attention while I have cleared my police check. I have been troubleshooting this issue for 8 months now and my problem hasn’t resolved yet. The support team says they have been escalating my issue. But I haven’t received any response yet.
Brenda M Andrew says:
Eating food from bags in their vehicles
rippedoff says:
My card information was used by a fraudster and I am still awaiting refund.
How can someone use my card in another area, when no one but me and the bank have that information? I’m not even a Door Dash customer, and after this, never will be. Apparently the case is still being processed… and processed…
Arthur Alexander Mathey says:
You got my order wrong. I expect to talk with a supervisor this week.
Bob Fricks says:
Ordered ice cream from a close bt Dairy Queen (2 miles ) at 6:37 pm,
was delivered after 7:30 pm. Spent 20 minutes on the phone with the driver who seemed to be unable to understand simple directions. Needless to say the ice cream had melted. In the future I will avoid Imerchants who use door dash.
Juanita Lima says:
Keep in mind if you cancel an order within seconds you don’t get a refund. Your money goes into thin air to the merchant and no order. And you will not get a refund for your order. Although they can cancel your order at anytime for any inconvenience. I used to use this service 4 to 5 times week. But no more done with crappy service
John says:
Call the corporate office. After 3 out of 10 orders were done correctly, I will NEVER use them again. Very messed up…missing items, ice cold food from far away location, drivers who get lost and cannot follow instructions. DONE. Now using ubereats and Grubhub.
Renee says:
What is the corporate office number?
Sarah says:
I tried to order wendys and the app kept canceling my food. 3 times!
Debra Kohrer says:
i ordered food and tracked the driver dais he was here stood outside for 15 minutes waiting. the driver never showed up with my food i will never use doordash again.
Vern Kuhlemeier says:
This company’s customer service is terrible. I’ve called in to customer service 4 times with a complaint that happened Nov. 20 and asked to speak to a supervisor and 4 times I’ve been told there’s no supervisor available but I would be receiving a call back from one within 24 hrs. It’s now Dec. 14 and I still haven’t received a call back from them. They are awful, TERRIBLE.
Danielle Reynard says:
Exactly. I have requested a supervisor call me 3 times since 12/15.
Sarah says:
The customer service agents are from another country with names that seem to be just random letters and they just read off a scriptbasically. . They don’t solve anyone’s issues. Then they just hang up on you. And no one ever gets back to you
Carol Larinto says:
I ordered food at 11:30 am. I tracked the driver. He got to the restaurant at 11:50. He waited at the restaurant for 25 minutes. Then he left and it said he was on his way. He went in the opposite direction. He delivered another persons order first. He showed up with cold and soggy food at 1:20pm. I want a feel refund. NEVER USE DOOR DASH
Gail L Watts says:
I live in Pueblo Colorado, I ordered food tonight from, Pueblo Dragon. The dasher was not wearing a mask. Covid 19 is high, why aren’t these dashes required to wear a mask.
Michelle Simmons says:
I requested my lunch be delivered between 11:30am and 12:00 noon. It was delivered at 10:30 this morning! I do not eat lunch until noon. Therefore my food will be cold. Who likes cold mac-n-cheese?
Ronald T Weber Jr says:
You ask for it to be delivered at a certain time and for it to be left at the front door…..they showed up early, knocked on the door, texted, and called multiple times……when I checked for it to be at the door AT the time I asked for it to be there…it was not there. Though there was a driver there holding their hands up like where have I been…. Doordarsh seriously needs to use drivers that can follow instructions…especially simple ones.
Paula Stout says:
have been ordering for 2 yrs., all of a sudden my order was sent to Wendys in another town. No explanation, my order was cold. Ask 4 it 2b fixed, was told to reset. Reset ordered again, sent out of town again. Requested a supervisor 5 times, call from DOORDASH, rang twice, no one was there.
Angela Moore says:
I order last week and there was something wrong with yall systems it sent the same order twice a few minutes after each other. I only made one order. Called 3 times keep getting the run around. I will not purchase ever again. Will tell family friends and post on social media not to buy anything with yall.
Carl Bagby says:
“Your Dasher, Keith, was unfortunately unable to find you to deliver your order.”
He never rang the doorbell or knocked. Was wondering why he had not come yet looked outside and found it on the porch.
Thomas Whiteford says:
I am not going to pay for the orders i placed om 8/2/2020 with dickeys barbecue pit both orders were late and i went to bed. one order i seen on the porch in the am and threw it in the trash.

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