How to Get Big Orders with DoorDash

If you want to be a high-earning dasher, you can’t just download the app and start making money right away. It’s not as simple as making deliveries. You’ll need to have some knowledge about the app, the take-out industry in general, and follow some key tips to succeed.

How to Get Big Orders with DoorDash

Read on to learn how to get bigger orders and make more money with DoorDash.

How to Get More Orders

As mentioned, getting big orders requires intimate knowledge of Door Dash and take-out orders. Here are some tips and tricks to secure a higher order volume.

Stay in Your Dash Zone

You’ll want to stay in your dash zone for two reasons. The first is obvious. You’ll save time and money on gas. Second, staying in your dash zone means you’ll have better knowledge and experience of where the most active areas.

There are some exceptions to the rule. Suppose there’s a special event or occasion where there are lots of people and potentially many orders. If it’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade, for instance, you might find it justifiable to travel half an hour or 40 minutes away to wait for the orders.

Be Aware of Hot Spots

It would help if you familiarized yourself with the busiest areas. Specific locations will offer more earning opportunities. If you’re unsure where or how to find this information, follow these steps:

  • Open your Dasher app and click on the “Dash NOW” button.
  • Choose an area. The dash “heatmap” highlights the busier areas. You’ll see that parts of the map may be red. These are hotspots and designate where you can accept more orders. Remember that hotspots will change, so stay close to local hotspots instead of driving far away. Don’t forget to regularly review the “historic hotspots” setting on your map.
  • It’s designated with a red flame icon. It will tell you what areas have received a lot of DoorDash orders in the past. You can also decide to visit a “dynamic hotspot.” This will appear if a restaurant experiences a lot of orders and needs additional drivers to get them out on time.

Schedule Your Deliveries

There are limits on the number of DoorDash drivers in a specific area based on certain data like customer demand. Reserve the time and zone you want to dash. You can do so by tapping the “Schedule” option in the Door Dash app. Scheduling locks in the hours you prefer will give you priority over other “Dash Now” drivers.

Understand Peak Hours

To schedule efficiently, you’ll need to do so during peak hours. The busiest times are typically during lunch and dinner, but this can change in some areas. For instance, early lunchtime and after the dinner rush is when order volumes typically increase. So, the busiest times may be from 11am-2pm and 4pm-9pm.

Schedule a Route and Accept Batch Orders

You’ll also want to schedule your route so you’re not driving around aimlessly. This way, you can add several orders at once to make more money (it’s known as ‘batch orders’).

To do batch orders, “Add Order to Route” button. It makes the most sense to do this during peak hours. Then, the app will create the most efficient route to boost your earnings. DoorDash also helps you streamline your deliveries by color-coding them so you can get them out as fast as possible.

Know What Factors Increase Online Food Orders, and Be Prepared

Understand that certain factors increase demand for take-out. It might be rainy or cold, or a holiday is approaching. Seasonality also plays a key role, with order volume higher in February and tapering off in June. Certain days of the week may be busier. If there’s a football game or event, it might increase demand for takeout.

Research and understand the factors that increase online food orders to optimize your schedule. Check the forecast, see if holidays are around the corner, and then set your schedule. Try to pick the prime time to win big.

And don’t be afraid of bad weather. It can work in your favor. You might receive more tips from customers who appreciate your effort. You might even have less competition from other drivers who want to avoid dealing with poor weather conditions. Just make sure the food is protected and arrives hot. You should ask the staff to put the container in a protective cover or ask for a plastic bag.

Be On Time, Every Time

Deliver the food quickly. Customers want their food when it’s hot and expect prompt service. On-time delivery is consistently the key performance measure for take-out. Always get things done fast and you’ll be more likely to impress the customer and receive a 5-star rating or a decent tip. So don’t accept orders if you know there will be traffic or if you think you’ll be delayed because of the weather.

Check out the Local Food Websites

Check online and see what restaurants are offering a promotion. Those discounts are more likely to receive orders. It might be an excellent place to get a higher order volume.

Experience DoorDash for Yourself

Place a DoorDash order yourself. Pay attention to the information that the customer receives and how the app works from their end. This will help you to understand what the customer experiences. Armed with this knowledge, you can deliver the best service.

Deliver Excellent Customer Service

There are basic best practices to follow; you can find them in the “Rules for Dashers.”

  • Look presentable.
  • Always greet customers with a smile and be friendly.
  • Provide extra condiments and add in freebies like extra sauce, napkins, or whatever you can do to improve the experience of the customer.
  • Ensure the delivery is on time every time.
  • Follow the delivery instructions (some customers might want you to ring the doorbell).
  • If there is a delay or change, inform your customer immediately. Answer their questions.
  • Don’t forget to take a picture of the delivery after drop-off.

Follow these rules, and go above and beyond when you can.

Why? For one, you’re likely to receive more orders and better tips. And two, dashers need to keep their rating above 4.2. If your rating falls too low, DoorDash may deactivate your account.

Note that food and deliveries are rated separately, so you won’t be held accountable if the food isn’t on par with the customer’s expectations. And there are times when Door Dash considers extenuating circumstances, like if the order was late because the restaurant didn’t get the food to out in time.

Campaigns and Other Options

The app also features other options that might help you to increase your order volume. Check out the Peak Pay campaigns in busy areas. Dashers who dash during these campaigns can earn additional money on each order.

Become a “Top Dasher”

These tips might help you win big orders and become a “Top Dasher.” Receive this title, and you’ll get access to work whenever and wherever you want. There are specific requirements you have to meet, including= having at least 200 total completed deliveries, a customer rating of 4.7 or above, an order acceptance rate of 70% or more, and a completion rate of 95%.

Start Getting Big Orders on DoorDash today!

Increasing your order volume through DoorDash is simple, as you can do so many things to make it happen. Staying in your dash zone, being aware of hot spots, scheduling your deliveries, and, among other things, understanding peak hours will help to increase your order volume.

Have you ever tried to get bigger orders on DoorDash? Did any of the tips in this article help you? Let us know in the comments section below.

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