How to Get Paid from DoorDash

Dashers (the name given to DoorDash drivers) get paid via their bank account. When you sign up to be a Dasher, you’ll get funds from a direct deposit, making the process relatively straightforward. Read on to find out the key details about getting paid as a Dasher.

How to Get Paid from DoorDash

How to Add or Update Your Bank Account Details

DoorDash pays all Dashers weekly by direct deposit. To set up or update your direct deposit information, do the following steps:

  1. Go to your device’s “Settings.”
  2. Allow the Dasher app to access your camera.
  3. Tap on the “Earnings” tab at the bottom.
  4. Hit the “Red Bank” icon.
  5. Select “Add Bank Account” and add the details to set up your direct deposit or update it.
  6. Ensure you provide details for a “Checking Account,” as DoorDash doesn’t pay for savings accounts.
  7. When prompted, provide a picture of your ID.
  8. Enter the relevant bank details.
  9. Input the 2-step verification code sent to you in a text or email. If you didn’t get the code, tap on “Resend Code.”
  10. Select “Submit.”

When Are Dashers Paid?

There are three main methods to receive DoorDash payments: weekly deposits, DasherDirect, and Dasher Fast Pay. Let’s go over each variant in detail.

Weekly Deposit Payments

Dashers get paid weekly for deliveries from Monday to Sunday of the previous week. The payments are sent straight into your bank account via direct deposit and can take up to 3 days to reflect in your account. If a bank holiday lands on a Monday, there can be a one-day delay in receiving the funds.

Dasher Fast Pay – Available in Australia, Canada, and the United States

Dashers can receive their earnings daily from Fast Pay at the cost of $1.99. Fast Pay ensures that Dashers receive their funds on demand instead of waiting until the end of the week for a direct deposit. You must have a debit card to use Fast Pay.

DasherDirect – Only Available in the United States

US Dashers can apply for a DasherDirect prepaid Visa card which allows them to receive funds after each delivery. Funds are sent to their DasherDirect account and will be available within two hours at no extra charge.

Becoming Eligible for Fast Pay?

To become eligible for DoorDash’s Fast Pay and cash out daily, you’ll need to meet certain requirements:

  • You must complete a minimum of 25 lifetime deliveries.
  • You should be working at DoorDash for at least two weeks.
  • You’ve set up Fast Pay and added your debit card at least one week ago, so the processing period is over.
  • You didn’t update your debit card details within the past week.

Expected Dasher Earnings

As a Dasher, your pay is calculated as a base, including tips and promotions, which we explain below.

Base Pay

For every delivery, you’ll earn a Base Pay. Base Pay’s calculated using distance, estimated time, and order desirability.


You can be tipped anytime by DoorDash customers when you decide to accept a delivery. You’ll get 100% of all your tips from customers on DoorDash.

Plus Promotions

Peak Pay and Challenges are promotions that help you make more money per delivery during busy periods. With Challenges, you can make more money by completing a particular number of deliveries within a set period.

How to Track Your Dasher Earnings

You can track your earnings and see close-by earning opportunities from the Dasher app. Open the Dasher app and select “Earnings” if you’d like to see what you made on any particular day or to see your Earnings history.


How DoorDash works out my pay?

There are three parts that makeup Dasher pay options. These include customer tips, base pay, and promotions. With promotions, you’ll receive more money for specific deliveries during specific times.

How do I get promotions?

As a DoorDash driver, you can find promotions in the Dasher app. Promotions are ways to earn extra money. Tap “Promos” from your Dasher app to see what promotions are available.

Why am I not receiving any deliveries?

Go to “Hotspots” to find deliveries close to where you are. On your map, they’ll be marked in red.

Where do I go to see all my earnings?

Your earnings can be viewed in “Earnings” from your Dasher app.

How can I maximize my dash?

To maximize your dash, dash the most during weekends, late nights, mealtimes, and sporting events. Also, tap on “Promos” to see Peak Pay nearby. Head towards the popular restaurants to get immediate orders.

What is Peak Pay in DoorDash?

During busy times when more Dashers are required to meet order demands, you’ll see Peak Pay in your Dasher app. When you choose to deliver during peak hours, you’ll make more money on top of your regular earnings.

What is the Top Dasher Program?

Dashers who go above and beyond are recognized by the Top Dasher Program and are given valuable perks.

Does DoorDash have a referral program for Dashers? Can I refer someone to work for DoorDash?

You can make more money by referring your family or friends to work for DoorDash. To do this, open your Dasher app and tap “Account” then “Refer Friends.” The terms and conditions apply.

How can I maintain good ratings as a Dasher?

If you always follow the delivery instructions and carefully handle all your deliveries, you can maintain good ratings as a Dasher.

Can I make $100 a day as a Dasher?

Yes, making $100 a day as a Dasher is easy if you live in a place that gives you enough deliveries. Dashers make, on average, about $15 to $25 per hour, and if you work for four to seven hours, you can easily make $100.

Can I make $1,000 weekly as a Dasher?

Yes, you can make $1,000 a week as a Dasher with DoorDash, though it won’t be easy. If you’re a full time Dasher, you can work weekends, night times, and during lunchtimes. Also, if you live in a high-paying area, it’s more likely to make that amount.

The Ins and Outs of Getting Paid in DoorDash

Getting paid as a DoorDash Dasher is an easy process. You can get paid from either a direct deposit, DasherDirect, or Fast Pay. Payments are made weekly with a direct deposit, but the other options mentioned above provide faster payments. As a Dasher, you can make more during DoorDash’s peak hours and from Dasher’s promotions.

Which method of being paid do you use as a Dasher? Have you found DoorDash’s promotions and Peak Pay to be great ways of making more money? Let us know in the comments section below.

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