How To Find out Who an Unknown Caller Is

If you are frequently on the receiving end of unwanted calls from unwanted numbers, you’re probably frustrated and look for ways to put a stop to them.

How To Find out Who an Unknown Caller Is

Unfortunately, since you don’t know what that number looks like, you can’t block it. So what are your options?

This article will show you everything you need to know to find out who that unknown caller is.

How Do Callers Hide Their Phone Number?

First, how do these people hide their phone numbers when they call you?

Anyone can hide their number because of the No Caller ID feature. When you make this type of call, you appear as an Unknown Caller. All that it takes is entering a few digits.

Enter *67 before the number that you wish to call. This action will automatically block your caller ID.

The No Caller ID feature usually gets used to prevent tracking. However, some misuse it for harassment and other illegal activities. That’s why you need to learn how to unmask the caller’s number.

The following section will show you how you can do that.

No Caller ID

How to Find out Who an Unknown Caller Is

Finding out who an unknown caller is can allow you to block them and stop receiving their unwanted calls.

Let’s take a look at the different methods you can use to do this.

Call Your Phone Company

Since phone companies have records of your previous calls, they usually provide their customers with an Anonymous Caller ID service.

So how does this work?

This service automatically checks the authenticity of every call that you receive on your phone.

Let’s say someone tries to call you from an unknown or restricted number while this service is active. For the caller to proceed, they will have to unmask their number. Call your telephone company, notify them that you are receiving unwanted calls from an unknown number, and enable this service.

Unfortunately, not all companies offer this service, but the only way to make sure is to call your provider and ask them about Anonymous Caller ID. If your provider supports the feature, the operator will ask you for the date and time when you received these calls. Additionally, they might need to know your name and address.

After that, the operator will try to unmask the number calling you and should enable the feature.

Use TrapCall

TrapCall is one of the most reliable services that people use to unmask and block unknown numbers.


The TrapCall app allows its users to:

  • Unmask any phone number.
  • Unmask the name, address, and photo of a caller with No Caller ID turned on.
  • Put these numbers on a blacklist, so that when they call again, they will hear a message telling them that your number has been disconnected or isn’t in service.
  • Use automatic spam call blocking.
  • Use incoming call recording.
TrapCall signin

All you need to do to use TrapCall is to subscribe to them by signing up on their official website. After that, they will ask you to activate the service on your mobile phone. The process usually lasts around 5 minutes, and it is straightforward to complete.

After setting up TrapCall, when you receive a No Caller ID call, you need to decline it. After that, TrapCall redirects the number to their system, then unmask the caller and send you a notification with the exact number and additional info.

TrapCall works on both Android and iPhone smartphone devices. Unfortunately, this service isn’t available anywhere outside the United States of America.

TrapCall offers a free trial option. You can test it out by signing up here.

Blocking Unwanted Calls

Fortunately, cell phone manufacturers have made it simple to block any unknown callers.

For iPhone (iOS 13 or later):

  1. Go to “Settings.”
  2. Scroll down and tap on “Phone.”
  3. Toggle “Silence Unknown Callers” off

For Android:

  1. Open the “Dialer” on your Android Device.
  2. Tap the “vertical ellipsis” (three vertical dots) menu on the right-hand side of the app.
  3. Select “Settings.”
  4. Tap “Block Numbers.”
  5. Toggle “Block Unknown Callers” on.

Block Specific Numbers

Once you figure out an unknown caller’s number, you will be able to block them by using your smartphone’s features with ease.

Block Specific Numbers on iPhone:

Apple iPhone users can easily block calls by following these instructions:

  1. Open the “dialer” on your iPhone and scroll to the number you’d like to block.
  2. Tap the “i” with a circle around it located to the right of the number.
  3. Scroll down and choose “Block Caller.”

Once this happens, the caller will only receive a message stating that you’re not accepting calls or something of that nature.

For Android:

Android instructions vary depending on make, model, and software version, but the instructions should be pretty similar for most phones. Open the Dialer on your Android and follow these steps to block callers:

  1. Tap on the “phone number” located in the “Recents” tab in your call log.
  2. Click the “i” with a circle around it.
  3. Tap “Block” at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Select “Confirm.”

Although you’ve blocked the number that is calling, the user of that number will never know. They will receive a message similar to a disconnected phone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my telephone provider tell me who the unknown caller is?

Unfortunately, no. Whether your cellphone provider or your landline provider, you can’t get this information from a carrier because they do not track unknown callers.

Are unknown calls dangerous?

While most phone calls you receive are benign and nothing more than a nuisance, one should be cautious of any unknown calls. Of course, you shouldn’t answer these calls at all. This situation is due to scammers, and the number you cannot see may be from an international area, which means your carrier will charge you a hefty fee for answering.

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Pat says:
I’m in Canada so can’t use trapcall and provider won’t tell you their number!!!
Doctorswill use. Unknown caller so I don’t want to disable All calls just want to be able to find out certain. Callers numbers, is this possible I have iPhone 11
Wilson H. says:
Thanks for the CallTrap tip, there are so many fraud and info stealers on the web (even app store). I thank you very much for an honest review of a problem that many of us have, as well as a sensible solution.

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