Can You Use Your Fire Stick with a Chromebook?

The Firestick is primarily built for streaming Amazon content, though it supports content from other streaming services, as well. The device itself has been imagined as an addition to smart TV sets, allowing the users to access HD-quality video content, apps, and many other things.

Can You Use Your Fire Stick with a Chromebook?

However, with an increasing number of people who use their Chromebooks and laptops as part-time TVs, a legitimate question arises: how can I use my Firestick on Chromebook? The answer, however, isn’t all that optimistic.

Can It Be Done?

The question whether or not you can use the Firestick on Chromebook probably isn’t the right one. But, let’s not cover up the answer under piles of words.

Most likely, you will not be able to pair your Firestick with your Chromebook. For one, Chromebooks are equipped with micro HDMI ports (exactly for the purpose of connecting to smart TVs and computer monitors).

That being said, even if you find a workaround, chances are that it wouldn’t work. Firesticks are simply designed to be paired with TVs, monitors, and projectors. The mere fact that a Firestick is equipped with its very own OS should be a telltale sign that the device wasn’t meant to work with laptops.

However, the real question is: is there a need to pair the two? Even if there was a way to use the Firestick on a Chromebook, why would anyone want to do it? Well, you might say, because I want to put the convenient little Firestick in my pocket, head out on the road, and enjoy my favorite program on my trusty Chromebook while on the move.

Well, no. As long as you have a Chromebook with a browser installed on it and an internet connection, you don’t actually need a Firestick for streaming. For one, Chromebooks can actually both connect to the internet and stream video content, so there isn’t any objective need to pair it with a Firestick.

In fact, the very reason why the Firestick exists, in the first place, is because you can’t just open a web browser and log in to your Prime account on your smart TV, without compromising video and sound quality, FPS, and a variety of other aspects and settings.

On the other hand, you don’t have to worry about that if you have a Chromebook. Open the browser, log in to your Amazon Prime account, and simply start streaming.

But just for the sake of the conversation; could it be done?


Firestick and a Laptop

Again, most likely, no, it cannot be done. There are, however, a few tricks that may work. None of these are within the realm of a guarantee, though, and you may end up just wasting your time, money, and energy. But, anyway, here it goes.

use firestick on chromebook

Option 1

The first solution would be getting the Firestick’s HDMI connector to fit your laptop. If you’re wondering why such a port exists, if not for connecting your laptop with the Firestick, the answer is simple – many people want to connect their gaming consoles to their laptops via a USB cable. But most gaming consoles, unlike the Firestick, were built with this in mind.

Anyway, to do this, you’ll need to use an instant-streaming box. “So,” you may say, “you can use the Firestick on Chromebook, after all?”

Well, not exactly. In order for this solution to work, you’d need at least an equivalent of a Sierra MacBook or a 64-bit Windows 10 PC. So, you’ll need a quad-core i5-4xxx processor, a GeForce GTX 600 (equivalent or better) GPU, and a USB 3.0 port. But, and this isn’t all.

The Firestick’s HDMI signal uses HDCP. In layman’s terms, HDCP is an encryption protocol. Basically, it’s an anti-piracy tool. Most instant-streaming boxes don’t work with HDCP. So, to make things even more complicated, you’re going to need an HDMI splitter, too. Oh, but not all HDMI splitters can “break” the HDCP protocol, so you’ll have to go through a potentially long and costly trial and error process.

Even if you find an ideal instant-streaming box, even if you get your hands on an HDMI splitter that can break the HDCP protocol, there is no guarantee that this will work. Of course, it might work, provided that your Chromebook meets the above-mentioned specifications.

Option 2

Okay, this option isn’t ideal, either. In fact, it might be even worse than the previous one. So, you probably know what an HDMI port is, right? But have you heard about the HDMI-in and HDMI-out ports? Perhaps not, but you know what it is.

For instance, your laptop most likely has an HDMI-out port. This means that if you want to, say, cast its screen to your TV, you’d use the HDMI-out port on your laptop to connect it to the TV.

On the other hand, your TV has the HDMI-in port. However, believe it or not, laptops with HDMI-in ports do exist. And yes, if you happen to find one, the Firestick might just work on it. Have in mind, though, laptops with HDMI-in ports are very, very rare.

So, It Can Be Done, After All?

Well, yes, provided that you either find a gaming-level Chromebook or one with an HDMI-in port. And you are very unlikely to find either. But who knows? If you are that dedicated to connecting your Firestick to the Chromebook, perhaps there is a way.

Do you have any other idea that could help successfully connect a Firestick to a Chromebook? You are more than welcome to share it in the comments below.

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