How To Follow a Hashtag on Twitter

Although many people have been using Twitter for a long time and have a verified Twitter account, many people haven’t used the service before or are just starting. One of the cool things you can do is follow a hashtag. This article discusses what they are, how to use them, and how to follow a hashtag on Twitter. This knowledge will make the world’s most dynamic social network much easier to navigate.

Following a Hashtag on Twitter

Unfortunately, Twitter doesn’t make it as simple as LinkedIn, for example, but you can still follow hashtags.

There are three known ways to follow a hashtag on Twitter.

  • Inside Twitter
  • Using Tweetdeck
  • Using external web apps

Option 1: Follow Twitter Hashtags Using a Browser

  1. Open the home page on Twitter, which is usually the default page.
  2. Perform a hashtag search in the top right search bar (include the hashtag in the search term).
  3. Once on the search return page, bookmark it in your browser.
  4. Click the bookmark whenever you want to see what is going on with that hashtag.

This process is a crude but straightforward way to follow a hashtag, but it works. The only drawback is that it isn’t very dynamic. If you’re tracking your name or company, it works fine, as the hashtag won’t change much. If you’re tracking changing hashtags or Trending Topics, you must bookmark each trend and keep up with it.

Option 2: Use Circleboom to Follow a Hashtag on Twitter

Circleboom is an excellent resource for Twitter users. You can mass unfollow accounts, delete Tweets, and search hashtags. Here’s what to do:

  1. Open Twitter on your browser. Then, open a new tab and create your Circleboom Twitter management account.
  2. Click the Search on the menu to the left. Then, select Live Search.
  3. Enter the hashtag you’d like to follow in the search box.
  4. Now, you will see a list of users you can follow who frequently use the hashtag.

You can also add users to a Twitter List to quickly find them on Twitter. Circleboom makes it easy to follow others all in one place.

Option 3: Use Tweetdeck to Follow a Hashtag on Twitter

Tweetdeck was an independent app that Twitter later acquired. Tweetdeck makes working with Twitter simpler and more customizable, from the hashtags you follow to displaying the accounts that interest you. Tweetdeck makes it easy and effective. All of your interests are available on one screen with this website. Here’s how to use the application.

  1. Open and log into your Twitter account.
  2. Under the “Explore” column in the “Trending” tab, you see a list of current hot searches and hashtags you can review, assuming you added the “Explore” option to your interface when customizing it.
  3. To generate a personalized hashtag column, click the “Add column” button in the whitespace on the far right.
  4. In the menu options that appear, select “Search.”
  5. In the search window that appears, type in your hashtag search and choose from the list of specific hashtags or press “Enter” for a generic search.
  6. Browse the column to see your search results.
  7. To move your column left or right, click the “double ellipsis” icon (three vertical dots x2) icon at the top-left section of the search column. Slide it left or right to your desired location.

Unfortunately, Tweetdeck is only available on a web browser. You can add the website to your home screen as a bookmark regardless of your operating system, whether on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone. Add the page as a bookmark or a home tab.

Use Third-Party Websites to Follow a Hashtag on Twitter

Hundreds of third-party websites enable hashtag tracking, amongst other excellent tools. Some are free, while others cost money. Here are four worth checking out.

Many other hashtag trackers and Twitter tools come and go, but these three above are still online and functioning as of March 7th, 2023.

If you need to follow a hashtag on Twitter, you now know several ways: browser bookmarking, Twitter’s TweetDeck, Circleboom, Tagboard, and Talkwalker. From individuals who want to follow a keyword to companies who wish to manage their social media presence, this list caters to them all.

What Are Hashtags?

Hashtags are so much a part of our lives now that they are finding their way into our speech patterns and screens. Used to connect with others, various causes, and to make statements, hashtags can help you reach followers and like-minded social media users.

Hashtags originated on IRC back in the 20th century, as users of the IRC chat applications wanted a way to categorize items into groups. A Silicon Valley designer named Chris Messina proposed using hashtags on the new Twitter service but got shot down by the creators, who said it was “too nerdy.”

Undeterred, Chris took his idea to the people, and hashtags were adopted by the Twitter user community first, only later earning an at-first grudging acceptance from the company. Regardless of the backstory, hashtags are now a signature feature of the network, and you can do quite a lot with them.

A hashtag is used before a keyword or phrase to make the tweet more searchable. Adding the ‘#’ symbol before a word will enable other users to search for it and follow or retweet it. Hashtags are used this way extensively by individuals and companies vying for attention on the network. You can use the hashtag anywhere in a tweet, like at the beginning, middle, or end. The symbol gets noted by Twitter, appears in the search, or even shows up in Trending Topics if you’re lucky.

Following Twitter Hashtags: FAQs

Where did hashtags on Twitter come from?

Everyone has become familiar with hashtags, the bits of text following a # symbol in a social media post, for example, #learning. The hashtag concept was not created by Twitter but rather by Twitter users.

Users supported and adopted hashtags on the old Internet Relay Chat (IRC) servers, and Twitter adopted them as a convention back in 2007. Regardless of their origin, they are now how people organize their thoughts on Twitter and share themed posts.

Can I follow a hashtag from the app?

You can follow a hashtag within the Twitter app, but only using the Tweetdeck or bookmark option. Unfortunately, the Twitter app version doesn’t allow you to save a search.

Is using third-party websites safe?

This question depends on which ones you’re using. Do your research before giving any website access to your personal information or social media sites. That process can make all the difference.

Can I save a Twitter search?

Unfortunately, no. At one time, you could click on the three dots to the right of Twitter’s search bar and save your searches. But, at the time of writing, the feature is unavailable, and there isn’t any word from Twitter about when it will return.

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How is it possible that Twitter doesn’t just let you follow a hashtag in this day and age! I would love it if some conversations just showed up in my feed but in the meantime, I’ll try some of your suggestions.

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