How to Use ODM Gear in Fortnite

The ODM weaponry has gained notable popularity within the “Fortnite” world due to its unique and unrivaled performance. Whether you want to jump or swing at your target, the ODM gear provides you with a fine edge against your enemies through its unparalleled mobility. It also provides you with the ability to hop in and out of battle as desired.

How to Use ODM Gear in Fortnite

This latest addition to the game includes blades built into the OGM gear to help you deliver fatal strikes on the enemy and ultimately win the Fortnite battle royale.

Though this new mythic combat gear can prove to be elusive, once you have it in your possession mastering it should be your primary objective. In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about how to use the ODM gear.

Using ODM Gear to Swing

One of the most effective ways you can use the ODM gear is by launching aerial attacks. These aerial maneuvers can help you deal lethal damage to your enemy in Fortnite. Here’s how you can use it to swing if playing on PC:

  1. Tap on the “E” key to equip your ODM gear.
  2. Select the “Grapple” command located on the left side of your screen.
  3. Find a full circle on the screen. If present, long press the left mouse button to release the grapple hooks. But if there’s an “X” mark on the screen, you can’t activate the gear to move in the selected direction.
  4. Move your mouse to help you swing around as “Grapple” pulls you to the desired target.
  5. Activate the “Jump” command whenever you want to disable the swing.

Using ODM Gear to Attack

Activating the attack command using the ODM gear is the best option you can use to destroy your enemy. You can always jump back into the air and grapple on any surface or hover in the skies before executing another pernicious attack. Whichever strategy you choose, the steps below will help you deliver a solid attack on the enemy on PC:

  1. Equip your ODM gear.
  2. Select the “Hover/Attack” option appearing on the left side of your screen.
  3. Hold down the right mouse button while aiming at the enemy.
  4. Simultaneously click on the left mouse button to release control and command attack on the target.
  5. You will fly toward the target and enable the sword slash, followed by an impressive backflip.

These processes vary if you’re playing the game on a console:

  • If you’re playing on an Xbox: The appropriate command for an attack on Xbox is “LT.”
  • For PlayStation users: Long-press L2/LT to hover and hold R2/RT to attack.

If you want to fly, simply aim at your desired target and long-press the left-click mouse button. Be aware that this may take multiple tries. But, with consistent practice, you’ll be able to unleash the perfect sword slash attack on your enemies.

How to Hit the Nape Using ODM Gear

If you want to earn the Titan strike harvesting tool, you have to know how to put your ODM gear to good use when you choose to attack. You need to aim for a Titan’s nape to complete this quest challenge successfully. This is essential in helping you unlock Eren Jaeger in Fortnite. Here’s how you can execute this task successfully:

  1. Locate your Titan target.
  2. Carefully aim for the nape (back of the neck) and right-click on your mouse to release the grapple hooks.
  3. Control the direction of your swing using the directional stick and aim for the upper body of your Titan target.
  4. Left click as you’re about to near the Titan’s nape while still aiming for it.
  5. Strike the nape and complete the quest challenge.

If you ever wanted to be part of the Scout Regiment in “Attack on Titan,” the ODM gear is here to fulfill all your expectations. “Fortnite” pros would know that if you’re looking to destroy the Titan, their nape is what you aim for. Trying to apply a different gear other than the ODM when trying to hit the Titan’s nape can only fail. ODM gear is the surest trick.

Understanding ODM Gear

There are various things to know about the ODM gear to fully master this expert tool. Not only will it help boost your confidence during attacks, but you will also be able to tell when it’s running out of juice. Below are some important things to note about this gear:

  • You can always drop down when using the ODM gear. You won’t sustain any injury as long as you have it on. If you touch the ground when using the ODM gear, you’ll have to wait for it to recharge before launching a new attack.
  • The ODM’s gear ability to allow you to hover mid-air before unleashing an attack is what sets it apart from other weaponry in the Fortnite game. The fact that the blades come built into the gear is also a cool addition.
  • The ODM gear needs to recharge in between uses. Once its stamina goes down, the ODM gear will need to cool down. It will return to the inventory and appear greyed out. A small green colored icon will appear at the bottom right corner of your screen to show that the gear is cooling down. You’ll have to wait for the jar-like symbol to be filled before using the ODM gear again.
  • This gear doesn’t last forever. You can always look to the bottom right corner of the screen to assess the life of your ODM gear. There is a displayed bar with the gear icon next to it that helps you tell its life percentage. It will keep decreasing as you keep utilizing the gear. Once depleted, the equipment will degenerate and disappear from your inventory. It’s then time to go hunt for new ODM gear.


How fast is the ODM gear?

According to “The Science of Attack” Titan book, it’s estimated that the gear moves at 227mph.

How long can you use the ODM gear before it goes requires a cooldown time?

If you’re continuously unleashing attacks on the enemy, the gear can only run for about five minutes maximum. But, if you use it sparingly, as advised, it can last for up to an hour.

What does ODM stand for in Fortnite ODM gear?

It’s an acronym for the Omni-directional Mobility gear.

In which locations does the ODM gear spawn in Fortnite?

Though the ODM gear is accorded the mythical rarity status in the game, it spawns in several locations. You can find ODM gear as ground loot on the Anvil Square or the Citadel, in unique chests, or in the wooden Scout Regiment lockers.

Is the ODM gear the most powerful weapon in Fortnite?

The answer to this may vary depending on the attack you want to carry out. But the Heavy Sniper Rifle and Kinetic Blade are vicious contenders.

Soar the Fortnite Ladder Using ODM Gear

You will need the ODM gear to complete several quest challenges in “Fortnite.” That’s why learning how to wield this weaponry is crucial if you’re looking to excel and succeed. Yet, you have to apply it strategically and save it for more serious attacks.

The ability to hover in the skies before launching an attack and tearing through the enemy with the inbuilt blades, is a much-welcome strategy in this battle of power. But don’t be too hard on yourself if you don’t get it on the first try. Consistent practice will have you in tune with the ODM gear in no time.

So, how do you feel about the introduction of the ODM gear? Do you think that the Kinetic Blade and Heavy Sniper Rifle can match up to it? Let us know in the comments section below.

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