How to Use the Force in Fortnite

The “Fortnite” and “Star Wars” collaboration brought the players special Force powers and “Star Wars” quests. The Force powers appeared with Chapter 4, Season 2, and the update v24.30 as a part of the event “Find the Force.”

How to Use the Force in Fortnite

The event allowed the players to acquire lightsabers, fight with them, train with Jedi Masters and Sith Lords, and use several Force abilities. Read on to learn how to use the Force and obtain these unique powers.

How to Use the Force Abilities in Fortnite

Like in the “Star Wars” universe, the Force in “Fortnite” allows the character to move objects to and away from themselves and use different objects as weapons. The only requirement to use the Force is that only a lightsaber must be equipped. You can’t use these special abilities if you hold any other weapon. After you’ve equipped the lightsaber, to use the Force you have to block and deliver melee attacks using these steps:

  1. Hold the block button and then the melee button. This step is different on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation.
  2. On PlayStation, hold the “L2” button for a block and press the “R2” button for a melee attack.
  3. On the Xbox console, hold the “LT” button to block and the “RT” button to attack the enemy in melee form.
  4. On PC, you have to right-click to block and simultaneously use left-click for a melee attack.

Note that blocking short-range attacks won’t always be effective. Weapons like shotguns can ignore your blocking and still inflict damage. The only time you should block short-range attacks is in a duel. Otherwise, save the parry for extended range.

What Are the Force Abilities?

There are several Force abilities you can acquire in “Fortnite.” You’ll receive different skills depending on which trainer you choose. Additionally, your lightsaber will come in different colors.

Force Pull

If you decide to train with Anakin Skywalker, you’ll receive the Force power called “Force Pull.” As the name suggests, this ability can pull objects and enemies towards you so you can hit them with a melee attack.

Force Push

If you decide to go with Obi-Wan Kenobi, the ability you’ll acquire is “Force Push.” With this ability, move other objects and players further away from you, creating space and time to escape, heal, or better position your character.

Force Throw

To use the Dark Side of the Force, you have to train with the Sith Lord, Darth Maul. He gives the ability called “Force Throw.” Pick up any objects around you, like rocks or wooden planks, and throw them at enemies as projectiles.

Force Jump and Force Speed

Two Force abilities you receive, no matter which trainer you choose, are “Force Jump” and “Force Speed.” These abilities are also straightforward. The former allows you to double jump in the air and is easy to use. While you’re in the air, press the button for jump one more time to perform the double jump action. The latter, or the “Force Speed” skill, increases speed. For both activities, you need to have a lightsaber equipped.

How to Obtain Force Abilities

To use the Force, you must first learn how and where to acquire these powers, as they are unique and can’t be used whenever you want. Also, Jedi or Sith training is necessary to use the power. If you find a lightsaber lying on the ground, just picking it up won’t allow you to use the Force abilities. This is how you can find the Jedi Master or a Sith Lord:

  1. Search for their holograms on the island. There isn’t a fixed location, as they can be found anywhere.
  2. After you decide who you wish to be trained by, interact with one of them to start a dialogue.
  3. Once the dialogue completes, your hero will go into the Rift.
  4. Returning from the Rift means you’ve acquired the Force abilities alongside the lightsaber.

Jedi and Sith trainers are near Rift Gates, and as you get closer to the gates, you’ll see a precise location of it on the map. Each trainer and each Force power has a unique color of lightsaber. Anakin will give you a blue lightsaber, Obi-Wan Kenobi a green, and Darth Maul his famous red lightsaber. The Rift Gates appear in a matching color, depending on the trainer.

After you start the search for trainers, you can follow the red, blue, or green icon on the map to get to your designated goal. Note that lightsabers can’t be obtained from chests and loots, only from the trainers.

How to Combine a Lightsaber With Standard Weapon

The best way to inflict damage on other players is to catch them off-guard while building objects. Using the ability “Force Throw,” you can pick up a rock and throw it at the build. Even if you hit them with a simple object, their HP bar will decrease. To kill the player, change weapons and give them a finishing blow. This technique is the most effective with Darth Maul’s red lightsaber since you need the “Force Throw” skill.


Which Lightsaber is the strongest in Fortnite?

Lifting objects is considered the most potent Force ability, meaning the strongest lightsaber you can acquire is given by the Sith Lord Darth Maul. With “Force Throw,” you can heavily damage the enemy.

Why can’t I Force Jump in Fortnite?

If you haven’t got your lightsaber equipped, you cannot perform Force abilities. You must have this weapon in your hand to use any Force abilities, including the “Force Jump.” To use this ability, you need to press the jump button twice.

How do you activate the Lightsaber in Fortnite?

There is no activation needed to use a lightsaber. If you want to attack someone with a lightsaber, tap on the shoot button, and if you wish to block, tap on the aim button. Which button you need to hold will depend on the device, whether it’s a PC or a console.

Take Advantage of the Star Wars Universe

Collabs between video games and popular movie and tv show franchises happen often. This allows players to experience the game in another light and learn different moves, abilities, weapons, etc. The Force lets you pick up objects, throw them at enemies, pick up an enemy and create a distance, and so on. All the “Star Wars” abilities can be obtained from Anakin, Kenobi, and Darth Maul.

Which lightsaber do you think is the strongest? What is the most effective way of using the Force abilities? Let us know in the comments section below.

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