Steam Sale 2018: When is the next Steam Sale?

Knowing when the next Steam Sale is can be tricky. We’ve just had the Steam Halloween Sale and, so, many would logically think that the Steam Christmas – or Steam Winter – Sale would be next. However, that’s unlikely to be the case as the huge US holiday of Thanksgiving sits in the way.

Steam Sale 2018: When is the next Steam Sale?

Valve hasn’t previously thrown a specific Steam Thanksgiving Sale, presumably due to its worldwide audience, but it does host a Steam Autumn Sale that typically falls over the same Thanksgiving period.

This would mean the next Steam Sale is likely to take place on the week of Thanksgiving, so Monday 19 November. If it does take place specifically on Thanksgiving, it’ll likely last for around a week from Thursday 22 November until Thursday 29 November. This would also mean the Steam Autumn Sale covers Black Friday weekend, a sales event typically reserved for huge discounts on a number of consumer goods.

Valve has not confirmed that it will be holding a Steam Autumn Sale, nor when it’d take place, but that’s our educated guess on when you can expect the next Steam Sale.

What is the Steam Sale?

Steam is what’s known as a “digital distribution platform” developed by Valve Corporation. It sells games for developers and offers installation and automatic updates, community features and in-game chat tools.  

If you’re new to the Steam Sale ethos, here’s the lowdownPC gaming hub Steam runs number of sales each yearFor those who buy and play games on computers, these are keystone events for the calendar; a time when the latest and greatest titles get sizeable price slashes

The platform has tendency to launch its sales at short notice.

The best Steam Sale games

Steam will often publicise the best Steam Sale games on its homepage but there is a handy, third-party filtering tool to help you find hidden gems. Called Steamdb, the site shows all the Steam Sale best deals during each seasonal Steam Sale but also throughout the year.

Along the top of the page you’ll see filtering options based on price, discount percentage, and rating percentage. You can also select to show new discounts only, wishlisted games only, and you can hide any games you already own. For the latter, you will need to sign in with your Steam account. 

Additionally, you can filter by game type, category and OS, user tag and currency. If you make any changes to these filters you will need to reload the page (you’ll be given a prompt to do so) for the changes to be reflected in the list.

Once the results have been filtered you’ll see the name of the game, the discount percentage, price, rating, when the discount or deal ends, when it started and when the game was released. You can also search for games.

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