Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4 Tips and Tricks: How to Master the Game

Marvel’s Spider-Man was the best-selling game every week since its release, which wasn’t surprising given it was one of the year’s most anticipated PS4 games.

The game lets you swing through the gritty streets of New York and follow the life and times of one of Marvel’s most popular superheroes.

Marvel’s Spider-Man gets rid of the hero’s well-known origin story instead of setting the game eight years after Peter Parker gets his powers. He’s already an agile web-slinger and powerful crimefighter. Spiderman faces the challenges of balancing life’s responsibilities and tribulations with keeping New York citizens safe.

Just because Peter Parker has found his groove as Spider-Man doesn’t mean he can’t learn new tricks along the way. To help you make the most of Marvel’s Spider-Man (both the game and its titular superhero), we’ve put together a set of tips and tricks that’ll help you explore (and save) Manhattan.

Top 10 Marvel Spider-Man Tips and Tricks for PS4

Tip #1: Learn to Love Spider-Man’s Point Launch

Alongside traditional web-swinging from buildings, Spider-Man can also fire off threads to specific points to catapult himself across New York. Learning how to utilize this is key to traversing Manhattan at speed, and it’s a whole lot more useful than arcing your way down skyscraper canyons when you’re in a hurry.

You can also change the distance and height of point launches by holding forward or back on the left stick as you zip towards your target.

Tip #2: Hang Out, Upside Down

When crawling on ceilings, as all good spiders do, you can drop into a hanging position at any point with a tap of the L2 button. You can slide down further with the left stick from this fixed dangle and use it as a vantage point to silently take down targets or fire off distraction shots.


Tip #3: Pick Up Speed from Web-Swinging

Just after you jump off a building to start web-swinging across New York, tap the L3 button, and Spider-Man will enter into a dive. Diving builds up speed faster and, once you fire off your first anchor, you’ll swing through the streets more quickly. If you then hold on until the apex of your swing and jump off, you’ll receive another boost in both height and speed – ideal for traversing some of Manhattan’s taller buildings in your way.

Tip #4: Skip Around Building Corners with Ease

Few things are more irritating than trying to swing by a building and accidentally running up its side. It gets worse when you reach the building’s edge, but instead, swing out across the street rather than around the corner. Well, with a press of the Circle button as you approach the corner, you’ll find that Spider-Man hops around and keeps on running. Wonderful.

Tip #5: Fight in the Air, Not on the Ground

Spider-Man’s nimbleness comes at a price – he doesn’t have the health to take heavy blows. You’ll quickly realize that you need to take fights into the air if you want to survive in combat. Knocking enemies off the ground with a long press of the Square button is your ally. Once up, you can continue to juggle them and even web up objects and throw them at others. It’s a great way to avoid stray fists, and you’ll get a better view of the skirmish happening around you. What’s more, as you unlock more abilities, you’ll find yourself becoming a formidable aerial foe.


Tip #6: Use Your Enemies Against Each Other

Due to the tight combat environments of New York City’s streets, guns don’t go down so well in crowded skirmishes; you can use this to your advantage. As Spider-Man’s Spidey sense traces the lines of gunfire before they happen, you can use the between-leg dodge (Square, Circle, Square) for diving away from danger and placing one of your foes in the way of the fire. Who knew friendly fire could be so useful?

Tip #7: Area-of-Effect Attacks are Your Friend

Few things are better than taking out a whole bunch of enemies at once. In Marvel’s Spider-Man, this level of crowd control is almost a must in many situations. As you progress, you’ll unlock new abilities and gadgets to help mitigate against large groups, and it’s always worth having something on-hand to tackle these situations. Sucker Punch also lets you change your equipped suit during combat, so if you find yourself ill-equipped, you can switch out and carry on.

Tip #8: Webs and Walls are a Match Made in Heaven

Taking on some of Marvel’s Spider-Man enemies can be quite a task, which is where walls come in handy. Utilizing the Impact Web ability and the Web Bomb gadget, you can web up enemies – including big brutes – and kick them towards walls, lamp posts, and even cars to immobilize them. If you find yourself up against a few foes with your back to the wall, three rapid shots of your web can incapacitate them, allowing you to dodge between their legs and kick them to a wall.


Tip #9: Switch between Your Gadgets at Double-Speed

To truly live up to the legendary Spider-Man, you need to learn how to make the most of your gadgets. This process is where the hot-swapping ability comes into play. With a double-tap of the L1 button, you can switch between your current and previously equipped gadget. When using this significantly, you can Web Bomb a set of enemies then electrify them with a couple of zaps of your electric webbing. Nice.

Tip #10: Switch Suits, Switch Abilities

There are over 25 suits to unlock in Marvel’s Spider-Man, and most of them come equipped with a new ability. Thankfully, these abilities aren’t locked to specific suits so, if you want to look like Spider-Punk while making use of an ability unlocked via the Stark Suit, you can. Nobody’s making you play in a particular outfit just to use specific abilities. Make the most of this and enjoy New York City life as you see fit.

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