How to Get Chests in League of Legends

Chests are some of the most coveted items in League of Legends. They contain a slew of cool collectibles, such as emotes, skin, and ward skin shards – all enabling you to customize your gameplay. Some of them even contain free champion fragments you can use to test new characters. But how exactly do you obtain chests?

How to Get Chests in League of Legends

This article will tell you all you need to know about getting chests in League of Legends.

How to Get Chests in League of Legends?

Players receive hextech chests for getting an S minus ranking or higher in match-made games. This includes ARAM, Summoner’s Rift, and some rotating game modes. You don’t have to play ranked contests to get the necessary ranking, but you must play against other players, not against bots.

You can also acquire hextech chests if you’re playing alongside another player who was rewarded an S ranking. However, you have to be in the same pre-made group and queue as the player who earned the rank.

When it comes to rotating game modes, you can obtain hextech chests by playing them, but the reward system often changes. ARURF is in the current rotation, and players in it are eligible for hextech chests. Still, this may change with upcoming game modes.

How to Get Chests in League of Legends Fast?

One of the fastest ways to get chests is to play a game with friends whose skill level is higher than yours. They are more likely to play well enough, and you can rely on them to earn you an S ranking. Also, the more players you queue up with, the higher your chances of getting a hextech chest. Even if you play with random people you’ve added to your friends’ list, you’ll still receive a chest if they rank S minus or higher.

You can also improve your gameplay to acquire chests. Here are some tips that will increase your chances of success:

  • Play well overall – The rating system considers all the aspects of your gameplay. Pay attention to your farming, vision score, as well as crowd control. Just because you’ve managed to get a few kills doesn’t mean that you should stop placing wards or farming minions. Instead, keep doing it until the end of the game, and you’ll be more likely to earn the necessary rank.
  • Try not to get killed – There’s a huge difference between a 10/2/5 and 10/5/5 KDA (kills/deaths/assists) ratio. The more times you die, the more misplays you’ve made, which the game will take into account. Therefore, don’t go for kills at all costs. Make sure that they are worth the risk.
  • Don’t be idle if your teammates are doing great – The rating also considers the performance of your teammates. If they carry you to victory and you make no significant contribution, you’ll probably end up with an A-plus or lower.

Another quick way of getting chests is through your shop:

  1. Start your League of Legends client and log into your account.
  2. Click the “Store” symbol in the upper part of the screen.
  3. Navigate to the “Loot” section.
  4. Type in “hextech chest” in the search box.
  5. Click the “hextech chest” icon and press the “125 RP” button to buy it. If you don’t have enough RP, hit the “Purchase RP” option and complete your transaction.

While you’re there, you can obtain hextech chest bundles, too. Here are your options:

  • The 195-RP bundle – one hextech chest and one hextech key
  • The 975-RP bundle – five hextech chests, five hextech keys, and 50 orange essence
  • The 1950-RP bundle – 11 hextech chests and 11 hextech keys

How to Get Chests and Keys in League of Legends?

Let’s first take a look at the ways you can obtain hextech chests in League of Legends:

  • Earning an S minus ranking or higher in a match-made game
  • Queuing with a friend who receives at least an S minus
  • Purchasing hextech chests from Riot’s store

For any chest you acquire, you’ll need a hextech key to unlock it. The easiest way to get a key is to visit the store:

  1. Start League of Legends and enter your login information.
  2. Press the “Store” icon in the top section of the client.
  3. Press “Loot.”
  4. Enter “hextech key” in the search box.
  5. Click the “hextech key” symbol and press the “125 RP” button to purchase it.

Another way to obtain hextech keys is to craft them with three key fragments. Players earn both the keys and the fragments through the honor system and can sometimes get them for completing various quests. While the honor system is somewhat vague, it’s clear that your ranking progress is determined by how much you play the game and the honor you receive.

You earn the following keys and fragments based on your honor level:

  • Level one – one key
  • Level two – one key
  • Level two checkpoints – two key fragments
  • Level three – three key fragments
  • Level three checkpoints – two key fragments
  • Level four – four key fragments
  • Level four checkpoints – two key fragments
  • Level five – five key fragments
  • Post-level five – You’ll earn three key fragments from time to time if you keep receiving honor.

How to Get Masterwork Chests in League of Legends?

Masterwork chests are high-end items that offer better rewards than hextech chests. For instance, they can contain orange essence you can later use to craft skins. However, the only way to acquire masterwork chests is to buy them from Riot’s store:

  1. Start the game and log in with your credentials.
  2. Navigate to the “Store” symbol.
  3. Head to the “Loot” section and type in “masterwork chest” in the search box.
  4. Click the “masterwork chest” icon and purchase one for 165 RP.

If you have enough money, you may want to consider buying them in bulk. There are three masterwork chest bundles to choose from:

  • The 225-RP bundle – one masterwork chest, one hextech key, and one prestige point
  • The 1125-RP bundle – five masterwork chests, five hextech keys, and six prestige points
  • The 2250-RP bundle – 11 masterwork chests, 11 hextech keys, and 13 prestige points

How to Get Chests From Bot Games in League of Legends?

Unfortunately, you can’t get chests by playing against bots. As previously mentioned, you need to play a match-made game (normal or ranked) and get an S minus ranking or higher to earn a hextech chest.

How to Open Chests in League of Legends?

You’ll need a hextech key to open hextech and masterwork chests in League of Legends. You can buy them in the store or craft them with three key fragments:

  1. Head to the “Loot” symbol, represented by a hammer and rock.
  2. Click on the key fragment icon if you have at least three fragments.
  3. Press the “Forge” button.

All you need to do now is click on your chest and press “open” to unlock them.

How to Farm Chests in League of Legends?

If you don’t have enough RP to purchase chests, you can obtain them by playing exceptionally well in match-made games. To collect a large number of chests, you’ll need to play a lot of different champions since you can only earn one chest per champion every season. Also, queue up with your friends and aim to achieve an S minus or higher.

Additional FAQs

Keep reading for some more great details about League of Legends chests.

Can You Get Hextech Skins From Chests?

You can obtain hextech skins from chests, but the odds are against you. There’s only a 0.0004% of getting a hextech skin. As a result, you need a decent amount of luck to acquire Dreadnova Darius, Soulstealer Vayne, or Hextech Annie.

How Many Chests Can You Get in League?

League of Legends players has four chest slots in their profile. Once they are filled, they must wait until more slots become available. One slot opens each week.

Why Isn’t League of Legends Letting Me Get Chests?

You may not be earning chests for several reasons:

• Playing a non-owned character – If you’re playing ARAM and get a champion you haven’t bought, you won’t be rewarded a chest even if you earn an S minus. The same goes for characters from the free champion rotation that changes every week.

• Playing a champion, you’ve already acquired a hextech chest with – To check which champions have earned you an S minus ranking or higher, hover over their icons in your profile’s “Champions” tab.

• Leaving a game or being punished for recent behavior makes you ineligible for rewards.

Reap the Rewards of Your Heroics

Acquiring chests is a compelling reason why you should do your best in each match-made game. If you make a massive contribution to your team or pull the game from the brink, the odds of getting a chest are much higher. So, start perfecting all your champions and work on your skills to get valuable rewards. They will make you love your favorite game even more.

How many chests have you obtained in League of Legends? What items did they contain? Let us know in the comments section below.

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