How To Get Haki in Blox Fruits

In Blox Fruits, players can learn many powerful abilities to gain an advantage during combat. Besides fruits and fighting styles, there’s something called “haki,” a Japanese word that roughly translates into “spiritual power” or “ambition” in English. There are two haki available in the game. Once obtained, you must also level them up before unlocking their full potential.

How To Get Haki in Blox Fruits

If you’re unsure how to unlock haki in Blox Fruits, look no further. Find out where to get them and the best ways to gain haki experience. Read on for all the details.

What Is Haki?

Simply put, haki are buffs you can apply to your avatar when playing Blox Fruits. Currently, you can unlock the Observation and Enhancement haki. They’re also called Ken and Buso, respectively.

The Observation haki is a defensive buff that grants the following abilities:

  • Players can dodge enemy attacks.
  • Players can see through enemies or solid surfaces.
  • Players have improved vision and can spot enemies or players from farther away.
  • You can see health and energy bars when Observation is active.

As you can see, as a defensive buff, it doesn’t directly contribute to your fighting style and offense.

However, Observation V2 is an upgraded version of the base skill. With it, you can see more than what the older version offers. It’s helpful during PVP, as you can see additional player information, like:

  • Level
  • Fighting Style
  • Equipped sword
  • Equipped Blox Fruit
  • Equipped Gun

When comparing the two buffs, the second version will show these improvements:

  • Decreased dodge charge times
  • Larger detection range
  • Observation V2 doesn’t blur or darken the screen as much
  • Players will know if other players are charging or holding a move

The Enhancement haki is the opposite of Observation. It’s an offensive buff with several advantages.

  • Gain a black coat of armor that boosts physical attack damage.
  • The armor also improves defense.
  • Players who activate Enhancement can now damage Elemental users.

Both haki must be leveled up and have their own ways of gaining experience points. When you get it, the haki will always be at Stage 0 or Level 1.

How to Get Haki

Each haki is in a different location. Enhancement is relatively easy to obtain, and Observation is slightly more challenging.


To get Enhancement, players must travel to the Frozen Village and look for a cave. In the cave is the Ability Teacher, an NPC who offers Enhancement for 25,000 Beli. Because of how easy it is to get this buff, it’s advised that newer players buy it as soon as possible.

There are no prerequisites for using Enhancement. Once you learn it, you can activate it and start leveling it up.

Observation and Observation V2

The Lord of Destruction sells observation V1. He stays in the Upper Skylands, and players must travel to him.

  1. Head to the Skylands and find the island that has God’s Guards.
  2. Look for another island with a temple on it.
  3. Destroy the clouds with an Observation Breaking move.
  4. Jump in and wait for the game to teleport you to the Upper Skylands.
  5. Follow the root and reach the second area.
  6. Climb another temple.
  7. Talk to the Lord of Destruction.
  8. Buy Observation.

Before buying Observation from the Lord of Destruction, you must fulfill the following conditions.

  • Reach Level 300 and above
  • Kill the Saber Expert at least once and complete his puzzle
  • Pay the Lord of Destruction 750,000 Beli

With the addition of the Third Sea, Observation V2 was introduced. To upgrade the base Observation skill, you first need to get 5,000 Observation EXP. Afterward, head to the Floating Turtle and talk to the Hungry Man.

The Hungry Man will ask you to find him some fruit, but this quest can take longer than some people expect. Once you complete the quest, the Hungry Man will sell Observation V2 for 5 million Beli.

Observation V2 will completely replace V1, and there’s no way to switch back to the older buff. However, since you get to see hostile players’ equipment, you’ll know how to counter their playstyles better, and it may be worth the trade-off.

How to Use and Level Haki

Players who unlock either haki buff can immediately start leveling it up to increase its potency. Once you reach the highest level, there won’t be any new improvements except for upgrading Observation from V1 to V2.


When Enhancement is active, any player that damages a target when holding a weapon or using their bare hands gains some EXP. Blox Fruits won’t produce Enhancement EXP and doesn’t help in this regard. Fast multi-hit moves are the best, as the extra hits will let you earn more EXP.

Enhancement has six stages, starting from Stage 0 and ending with Stage 5. The higher you get, the more Enhancement covers your avatar’s model.

  • Stage 0 has half-arm or half-leg coverage and gives all non-Fruit attacks a 1.1x multiplier.
  • Stage 1 covers the entirety of your arms or legs and adds a 1.1x multiplier onto the Stage 0 damage after applying the first multiplier.
  • Stage 2 covers both arms and torso or the legs and torso before multiplying all incoming damage by 0.91.
  • Stage 3 will extend the coverage to the head and add another multiplier of 0.91x on top of Stage 2’s buffs.
  • Stage 4 coverage will reach half of the previously-uncovered limbs and adds a 0.92x multiplier on top of Stage 3’s defense buff.
  • Stage 5 results in full-body coverage and will grant the final additional defense buff with a multiplier of 0.93.

Since the buffs stack on top of each other and are applied one after another, you’re looking at an impressive defense and attack boost. The only way to tell if you have reached a new stage is to activate Enhancement often.


Observation is trained by dodging attacks, and you will notice a counter appear after successfully avoiding attacks. Pay attention to how many charges are left as you don’t want to be left without Observation dodges. There are seven levels, and once you reach maximum Observation EXP, you can upgrade it.

  • Level 1 grants your two dodges and requires no EXP.
  • Level 2 increases the limit to three and is reached around 50 EXP.
  • Level 3 lets you use four dodges and requires 330 EXP.
  • Level 4 has five dodges and requires 815 EXP.
  • Level 5 has a substantial increase of 1,400 required EXP for six dodges.
  • Level 6 requires 2,100 EXP and grants seven dodges.
  • Level 7 starts from 2,900 EXP, has a cap of 5,000 EXP, and lets users hit the maximum of eight dodges or nine with Human V2 or V3 equipped.

Players can further increase the dodge limit using a Pale Scarf, but these are external improvements. Observation V2 doesn’t grant any more dodges.

Unlike Enhancement, Observation EXP is visible. Nevertheless, the EXP required for each level is more of an estimate.

Some moves can break Observation. They tend to be large and obvious, giving you more time to avoid them.

Fight Better

Getting and leveling haki buffs is highly recommended for Blox Fruit players. These abilities are helpful for PvE and PvP, as you want every advantage possible. There’s no reason not to activate Enhancement, but you should never use Observation haphazardly.

What levels are your haki at right now? Do you believe there should be a new haki? Let us know in the comments section below.

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