How to Get Prestige Points in League of Legends

League of Legends features a variety of points you can spend on cool items, such as skins and icons. The most desired ones include gemstones, orange, and blue essence. But there’s one currency that stands out from the crowd with its capacity to unlock unique features – prestige points. They give you access to the majestic prestige skins that enhance the look of some of your best-loved champions.

How to Get Prestige Points in League of Legends

How exactly do you acquire prestige points? In this article, we’ll go through all intricacies of obtaining prestige points in League of Legends.

How to Get Prestige Points in League of Legends?

Perhaps the most well-known way of getting prestige points in League of Legends is through masterwork chest bundles. This is also one of the quickest methods of obtaining the currency since all you need to do is visit the shop and use your riot points (RP) to purchase a bundle.

One masterwork chest goes for 165 RP but doesn’t contain prestige points.  Therefore, make sure to get them in bulk to get these coveted prestige points and you’ll save some money to boot.

Here are the masterwork chest bundles you can buy from Riot’s shop and their prices:

  • One masterwork chest, one key, and one prestige point – 225 RP
  • Five masterwork chests, five keys, and six prestige points – 1125 RP
  • 11 masterwork chests, 11 keys, and 13 prestige points – 2250 RP

While the second and third bundles may seem expensive, they are more affordable than buying individual masterwork chests. In addition, the bundles also provide you with extra rewards upon opening your chests.

Not only can they contain gemstones, but champion skins. Therefore, buying bundles is a great way to acquire prestige points and a bunch of other handy items.

Alternatively, you can obtain event passes to access more prestige points. Throughout every season, League of Legends organizes many different events that offer various prizes for players who win their matches. You can find the events by clicking the “Missions” button between the message and microphone symbol in your client. Currently, the game is running Lunar Beast events.

Completing the events is a simple way of acquiring prestige points. Each one earns you tokens that will be saved upon winning a game. If you collect 2 200 event tokens, you can buy 100 prestige points. As a result, you’ll be able to unlock a prestige skin of your choosing.

As of now, there’s also a cheaper alternative to buying a prestige skin with event tokens. More specifically, if you collect 2,000 Lunar Beast tokens, you can purchase the Lunar Beast Fiora Prestige Edition Skin and save some money you’d otherwise have to spend on getting RP.

How to Earn Prestige Points in League of Legends?

Earning prestige points is also possible by completing milestones. However, these are not the milestones you get when reaching a higher honor or summoner level. Instead, you’ll again have to be involved in some event missions.

By purchasing event passes, you’ll gain access to exclusive rewards and missions. Players who reach specific milestones during these missions can earn 25 prestige points for completing each event. If you complete a total of four events, you’ll have enough prestige points to unlock a prestige skin.

The Fastest Way to Get Prestige Points in League of Legends

The fastest way to get prestige points in League of Legends is through masterwork chest bundles. Initially, this was also the only method you could obtain Prestige Points. Take the following steps to find and purchase masterwork chest bundles from Riot’s store:

  1. Start your League of Legends client.
  2. Log in with your username and password.
  3. Click the store icon in the upper part of your screen.
  4. Navigate to the “Loot” section.
  5. Go to the search box and type in “masterwork.”
  6. You’ll now see masterwork chest bundles that go for 225, 1125, and 2250 RP, respectively. Click the one you prefer and press the “225 RP,” “1125 RP,” or “2250 RP” button to purchase it, depending on the chest.

How to Get Prestige Points From the Shop in League of Legends?

Prestige points aren’t sold directly from the League of Legends shop. You’ll either have to buy masterwork chest or event bundles:

  1. Open your client and enter your log-in information.
  2. Press the store symbol.
  3. Head to the “Loot” section.
  4. Enter “prestige point” in the search box. Make sure to use the singular form. Otherwise, the 225 RP masterwork chest bundle won’t appear in the search results.
  5. Buy one of the three masterwork chest bundles by clicking them and completing your transaction. If you don’t have enough RP, press the “Purchase RP” button and get some.

Alternatively, you can buy one of the two event bundles. As of today, the Lunar Beasts 2021 Pass costs 1650 RP and contains 25 prestige points, a Lunar Beast Orb, and a bevy of other cool items that comes with the purchase. The other option is to purchase the Lunar Beast 2021 Pass Bundle. Among other things, it contains 25 prestige points and the Lunar Beast Fiora skin.

How to Use Prestige Points on Skins in League of Legends?

Once you’ve collected enough prestige points to buy a skin, you’ll be able to spend them in the “Loot” section:

  1. Open League of Legends.
  2. Press the “Loot” icon, represented by a hammer and rock.
  3. In the “Materials” section, click the prestige point icon.
  4. You’ll now see all the skins you can buy with your prestige points. Choose one and press the “Forge” button. Do the same for as many skins as you like, provided you have enough prestige points.

Additional FAQs

Now let’s go through some more useful League of Legends details.

Do Prestige Points Expire in League of Legends?

Your prestige points won’t last forever. Last year, the game announced that prestige points will be retired in May or June in 2021. So, start collecting your points as soon as possible to acquire your coveted prestige skin.

How Do You Get Prestige Points in 2021?

There are two ways you can get prestige points in 2021. The first method is also the fastest one and comes down to buying masterwork chest bundles. Just make sure not to purchase individual chests since they don’t contain any prestige points. On the other hand, the three chest bundles come with one, six, and 13 prestige points, respectively.

The other way to obtain prestige points is to complete Lunar Beast events. Completing each event will provide you with a specific amount of lunar beast tokens that will be saved in the “Loot” section. Gather 2,200 event tokens, and you’ll be able to buy 100 prestige points.

How Do You Get Prestige Points Fast?

The simplest and fastest way to get prestige points is to purchase masterwork chest bundles. You can find them in the “Store” section by typing in “prestige point” in the search box. You’ll see the following three bundles:

• The 225 RP Masterwork Chest bundle – one prestige point

• The 1125 RP Masterwork Chest bundle – six prestige points

• The 2250 RP Masterwork Chest bundle – 13 prestige points

What Are Prestige Points in League of Legends?

Prestige points are a currency League of Legends players can use to purchase prestige skins. Unlike gemstones, you can obtain prestige points quite easily, provided you have enough RP in your account.

However, since prestige points can’t be found directly in the store, you’ll either have to purchase masterwork chest bundles or complete event missions to get enough event tokens.

Can You Get Prestige Skins in League of Legends?

You can get prestige skins in League of Legends, but only if you have enough prestige points. More specifically, you’ll need 100 points to get one skin. After collecting a sufficient number of points, head to your Loot and see which prestige skins are available.

Get Your Hands on a Prestigious Reward

Prestige skins are some of the best-looking skins Riot has ever put out. That’s why you want to start collecting prestige points right now and obtain enough before the company retires them. So, grind your way through Lunar Beast missions or use your RP to get the desired skins and show them off in your matches. They will make heads turn.

How many prestige points have you acquired? Do you own any prestige skins? Which one is your favorite? Tell us in the comments section below.

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