How to Get Primogems in Genshin Impact

Primogems are one of the main currencies in Genshin Impact. Sure, you can buy things with Stardust, Starglitter, and Mora, but the really good stuff is only purchasable via Primogems.

Getting your hands on Primogems is easier than you think – at least early in the game. But there’s a finite amount available, especially as you advance the game.

So, keep reading to find out where to get Primogems and what to do when you’re a late-game player.

How to Get Primogems in Genshin Impact?

There are two main reasons why you need as many Primogems as possible. They are used to refill Original Resin and to buy Fates and Wishes. Sure, you can buy Fates with Stardust and Starglitter, but they’re not as plentiful as Primogems seem to be in the game.

There are three main ways to get your hands on Primogems:

1. World Exploration

As you explore the world, you’ll come across a variety of chests. Common chests in Teyvat usually yield low-level loot-like food resources. However, higher-level chests like Exquisites may produce a handful of Primogems that are ripe for the taking.

Discovering Waypoints is another way to get more Primogems. Opening these fast travel portals usually doesn’t yield a lot of Primogems, but a couple of Primogems is better than nothing.

2. Seize the Day Login Bonuses

Occasionally, the game developers like to throw in Seize the Day daily login benefits that reward players with – you guessed it! – Primogems. This benefit is not a permanent thing, but it happens often enough that you should check out the Events page every time you log in so that you don’t miss out.

3. Completing Missions

Daily Commissions may take a considerable chunk out of your play sessions, but if you’re looking for Primogems, it’s a good idea to complete them. These missions, along with side and world quests, are a great opportunity to reap great rewards, including Primogems.

You can check whether Primogem rewards are in the cards for completing a certain mission by checking the Journal. It lists the possible rewards underneath the mission description.

Also, leveling up your Adventure Rank and completing investigations can yield a few Primogems with each chapter completed. Each time you open a chest or discover a new enemy offers a chance to earn experience points as well as ticking off one of the challenges listed in the Adventurer Handbook.

Some other ways to get Primogems include:

  • Emailed rewards for server issues or special events
  • Trading for them with Stardust or Starglitter in Paimon’s Bargains
  • Redeeming valid Genshin Impact codes

If you want to add to your Primogem stores and have the money to spare, you can also buy currency packs that include Primogems like the Blessing of the Welkin Moon. This $4.99 renewable bundle includes 2,700 Primogems, but distribution is spread over 30 days and not given all at once. You receive 300 Primogems up front and can purchase this blessing up to 6 times, for a total of 180 days worth of bonus. That means that you’d get 90 Primogems daily each time you logged in, totaling 2,700 altogether.

If you just feel like purchasing Primogems without having to log in every day, then you’re in luck. You can buy Genesis crystals and exchange them for Primogems. It’s a 1:1 trade; 1 Genesis Crystal is worth 1 Primogem.

Here’s a list of the current prices for purchasing Genesis Crystals.

  • 60 Genesis Crystals – $0.99
  • 300 Genesis Crystals – $4.99
  • 980 Genesis Crystals – $14.99
  • 1980 Genesis Crystals – $29.99
  • 3280 Genesis Crystals – $49.99
  • 6480 Genesis Crystals – $99.99

How to Get Primogems in Genshin Impact Fast?

The fastest way to get Primogems if you’re just starting the game is to finish the Prologue and discover the nearest Waypoints and Statues of the Seven. You receive Primogems for completing tutorials, mission Prologue, and discovering new places.

Other ways to get Primogems quickly is to:

  • Complete Daily Commissions
  • Find and redeem Genshin Impact codes
  • Receive them via in-game email

Daily Commissions may only award a few Primogems at a time, but they add up quickly, and they’re a reliable and permanent source for this type of currency.

Codes are slightly harder to find because the game developers are a bit reticent in giving them out. However, if you do happen to find one that works, you can expect anywhere between 30-100 Primogems per code.

How to Get Primogems in Genshin Impact Late Game?

As you get closer to the end of the game, you may notice that Primogems are getting more and more scarce. Where did they go, and how do you get more?

It seems that the game developers take it easy on new players and make earning Primogems front and center for any reward when you first start the game. They hope that you blow through them without understanding how scarce Primogems are later on in the game. That doesn’t mean that players in late-game stages are out of luck, though.

Check out how you can get Primogems, even late in the game:

1. Daily Commissions

You can still get Primogems through completing Daily Commissions. These daily missions should be one of your primary ways of getting Primogems because you can get up to 60 gems awarded each day, and you won’t have to pay a dime.

2. The Abyss

After you reach Adventure Rank (AR) 20, you get access to the Spiral Abyss. This special dungeon awards players as much as 300 Primogems per floor if you can clear it with a 9-Star rating. It’s a one-time source but a great way to get a lot of Primogems quickly if you enter this challenge prepared.

3. Completing Achievements

Completing achievements is another great way to keep earning Primogems throughout the game, even during late gameplay, because there are hundreds available. You won’t see hundreds of Primogems awarded per achievement, but the five to 20 that you do receive add up quickly.

How to Get Primogems in Genshin Impact for Free?

There are a few ways to get Primogems without spending a dime, but it’s going to take some time. If that sounds appealing, focus on activities like:

  • Completing Daily Commissions
  • Clearing quests and the main storyline
  • Discovering chests, waypoints, shrines, and Statues of the Seven
  • Completing achievements

You may also get a special gift from the game developers once you hit certain Adventure Rank milestones. For example, some players received 50 to 100 Primogems just for reaching AR 20 and 25.

Alternatively, it pays to keep track of what MiHoYo is up to via social media or their official forums. “Freebie” Primogems are always up for grabs in one of their numerous giveaways and events.

How to Get Primogems in Genshin Impact Fast in F2P?

As a free-to-play (F2P) game, Genshin Impact follows the same formula as those that came before it. You don’t have to spend money out of pocket to play the game, but the developers don’t make it easy to get hold of the in-game currency either.

If you’re looking for ways to get Primogems quickly, focus on two main strategies: Daily Commissions and achievements.

These two sources may not yield that many Primogems individually, but they can quickly add up if you commit time to them daily.

How to Get Primogems in Genshin Impact in Early Game?

Early in the game, the simplest way to get Primogems is to complete the Prologue questline and tutorials. Focus on discovering local Waypoints, Shrines, and Statues of the Seven, as well as chests and special dungeons to get Primogems. When Daily Commissions become available to you, make it a habit to complete those, too, each time you log into the game.

How to Get Primogems in Genshin Impact With Hack?

It’s tempting to run a hack on games like Genshin Impact to get more of the in-game currency but proceed with caution if you do. It violates the agreement terms of the game, and if caught, you could end up with an account ban or suspension.

Also, Genshin Impact has anti-cheat software that runs in the background while you’re playing. The software makes it almost impossible to cheat undetected, so if you decide to try it out, remember not to use your main account.

Additional FAQs

The following section will answer more questions you may have about Primogems in Genshin Impact.

What Are Primogems in Genshin Impact?

Primogems are one of Genshin Impact’s main in-game currencies. They’re used to refill Original Resin and buy Wishes and Fates for the game’s gacha system. Most players use the gems primarily for the latter as it’s the main way to get premium characters and weapons in the game.

Where to Use Primogems in Genshin Impact?

You can exchange Primogems in Paimon’s Bargains in-game store for Acquaint and Intertwined Fates. These Fates are then used to make “Wishes” in the game’s gacha-style system for new weapons and characters. You can also use Primogems directly on the Wishes screen if you don’t have enough Fates to complete the pull.

Alternatively, you can use Primogems to refill Original Resin to replenish energy/stamina, but many players consider this a waste of this hard-to-find currency.

How Do You Get Free Primogems in Genshin Impact?

Primogems are often given as part of a reward for completing quests, missions, and dungeons. Additionally, you can get Primogems by opening chests, discovering important landmarks, and reaching specific AR milestones.

How Do You Grind in Genshin Impact?

Grinding in gaming typically means repeating repetitive tasks for experience points (or XP). In Genshin Impact, that means gaining XP to advance your Adventure Rank. You can earn more XP by doing tasks like:

• Make a donation and worship at a Statue of the Seven

• Complete Daily Commissions

• Finish story quests

• Check off tasks in the Adventurer Handbook

• Unlock Waypoints and Shrines

How Do You Get Fates in Genshin Impact?

Early in the game, finishing the Prologue quests can yield a special gift from developers in the form of enough Fates to make Wishes. Afterward, Fates are a little scarce.

You can trade in-game currency for Fates in Paimon’s Bargains, and occasionally, you’ll receive them as a reward for completing quests. You won’t receive Fates as a reward that often, though, so don’t count on them as your main source.

Instead, look for in-game special events. They may yield the most opportunities for getting Fates because the developers want you to Wish for the newly introduced character.

Hoard Your Primogems

Primogems may seem like a plentiful currency when you first start the game, but they become scarce fairly quickly as you advance the story. So, be careful about what you spend your Primogems on because it can take a while to replace them, especially if you don’t want to open your wallet to do it.

What is your primary source for Primogems? Tell us about it in the comments section below.

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