How to Get XP Fast in Valorant

Valorant’s in-game currency may help you buy a few goodies to help you during matches, but if you want to unlock new Agents, rewards, or level up, you’re going to need experience points. Experience points are plentiful in the game and there’s a reason for that: you’re going to need a lot of them to do anything.

How to Get XP Fast in Valorant

Think along the lines of hundreds of thousands of XP each time you want to unlock the next tier or new Agent.

If you’re having trouble farming XP or simply want to revise your XP strategy, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading to find out the best ways to get experience points and what you can spend them on.

How to Get XP Fast in Valorant?

Unlocking different things in Valorant requires an enormous amount of XP, especially if you’re going for multiple things at once. It may be difficult to gain enough experience points to unlock anything in just a day or two worth of gameplay, but it is possible to get to your goal sooner if you strategize.

Here are a few XP farming methods you should get familiar with:

1. Daily and Weekly Missions

Every Valorant player is familiar with the Daily and Weekly Missions board. You can’t help but see it since it’s posted on the left side of the main screen every time you log in. These optional missions won’t earn you as much XP as playing games, but it’s a great way to add some “free” points for things you may do anyway.

For example, you may receive daily and weekly missions that include the following tasks:

  • Buy armor
  • Use the Ultimate ability a certain number of times
  • Disarming or planting a Spike a certain number of times
  • Orb collections that add a point to an Agent’s Ultimate ability
  • Buy some weapons
  • Make the first kill in a round
  • Get a certain number of headshots

Daily missions are randomly assigned to players to ensure that you’re not all working towards the same goal. If you’re trying to get a certain number of headshots in a game, you won’t have to compete against your buddies on the same team for that honor. They’re probably working towards something else.

It’s a little easier to complete Daily missions, but the rewards aren’t a big as Weekly missions. You may see up to 2,000 XP for each completed Daily mission. Weekly missions, though, can yield as much as 11,7000 XP each upon completion and you get three of them each week.

Daily missions reset every 24 hours or so, but you need to complete the Weekly missions within that week to unlock the next set of Weekly missions.

Does that automatically lock you into playing until you complete the Weekly missions, or you lose all your progress?

Not necessarily.

Weekly missions carry over and “stack.” For example, suppose you get halfway through completing your Weekly missions and decide to take a week off from playing Valorant. The next time you log into the game, your Weekly missions will still be there – and you’ll have the rest of the week to complete it.

Once you complete that Weekly set, you’ll automatically have your next set of Weekly missions unlocked. This may be a good thing for Valorant players who like to play in spurts because they may be able to knock out a couple of weeks of Weekly missions in the same week as they’re stacked from previous weeks.

If you want to play it smart, keep both types in mind when you’re going through a playthrough. Also, try to combine challenges in single matches to check a few off the list at the same time.

2. Game Modes

The bulk of your XP is going to come from playing matches. However, some match modes yield more XP than others.

Unrated (Standard) – 2,100 XP to 4,700 XP

The Unrated game mode is similar to standard or Competitive mode with one key difference: it’s the place to be when you want to test out a new Agent or weapon. It’s also where players can safely test out new strategies without jeopardizing their game ranking.

As the name suggests, you can participate in matches that look like the ones played in Competitive mode, but there aren’t any repercussions if you perform badly in these matches.

From an XP perspective, is it worth it to play?

It may surprise you to learn that farming potential in both Unrated and Competitive modes are nearly identical. You receive a minimum of 2,100 XP per match. If you happen to be very good and don’t lose any rounds, you get 3900 XP with a maximum of 4,700 XP per round.

Competitive – 1,300 XP to 4,700 XP

Competitive or Ranked mode is where many players go to make the arduous climb to the top of the leaderboard and earn bragging rights amongst their peers. Unfortunately, as mentioned before, the farming potential isn’t that great if you’re looking for more XP because each match takes a while to complete.

Plan on investing time to complete 24 rounds with up to 4,700 XP up for grabs per round, but it can take 40 minutes or longer just to finish one match.

Spike Rush – 1,000 XP

Spike or Spike Rush mode is a great alternative for players who want a relatively quick match. With only seven matches to complete, it’s faster-paced than competitive mode where the first team that wins four rounds wins the match.

You only get a fixed 1,000 XP for playing, but for some players, these participation points may be better than nothing. Plus, each match is only around eight minutes long, so you can farm this method continuously throughout a gaming day if you need to.

Deathmatch – 900 XP

Deathmatch is arguably one of the best ways to farm XP in Valorant. The mode doesn’t award you as many points as other modes for participation, but the matches happen relatively quickly, making it simple to rinse and repeat the farm.

As the name implies, Deathmatch is a Free-For-All (FFA) battle royale-style mode wherein your main objective is to reach the target kill count. Unfortunately, you can’t cross off some of your challenges in this mode because it doesn’t allow for abilities. However, these matches are relatively short compared to competitive mode so you can farm them if you prefer this style to Spike Rush.

Escalation – 800 XP + 200 XP With a Win

Riot Games introduced a new Game Mode in February 2021 that takes “teamwork” to the next level. Teams cycle through randomly selected weapons and abilities throughout the 12 Escalation levels to garner kills and be the first to complete the levels before the 10-minute timer runs out.

Like Spike Rush and Deathmatch, farming with Escalation mode really depends on the player. If you want more of a challenge while completing matches, you may find it in Escalation. Keep in mind, though, that you can’t use Agent-specific abilities in these matches so they’re not a viable solution if you plan on completing challenges and matches at the same time.

3. BattlePass

One of the biggest reasons to farm XP is to advance a BattlePass and unlock rewards as quickly as possible. They’re also a great place to earn experience points, too. Each BattlePass gives slightly different XP and rewards, so this isn’t a viable way to farm points – especially since they’re only available for a limited time. However, BattlePass participation does yield an incredible number of points if you’re able to get through the tiers.

For example, players who completed Episode 1, Act 3 BattlePass earned a little over one million XP without the Epilogue. Those that did complete Act 3 in its entirety with the Epilogue earned over 1.5 million points.

What Does XP Allow Me to Do in Valorant?

Generally, Valorant players use experience points for two main activities: unlocking Agents and advancing a BattlePass.

Unlocking Agents

You can choose to unlock individual Agent contracts from your main menu. Once you take on an Agent contract, XP earned during matches go towards that particular Agent’s contract with the ultimate goal of unlocking them for your roster. Going from Tier 1 to 5 requires 375,000 XP to qualify for the unlock. That may not seem like much, but if you plan on unlocking all the available Agents, it’ll still take a while.

Of course, you can always pay your way out of the XP requirement using Valorant Points (VP) or real-world money.

Advancing BattlePass

Another reason to collect as many XP as you can from each match is to advance a BattlePass. Completing a BattlePass within the two-month-long allotted time is difficult for most players because you need 1,372,000 XP to do it. However, many players power through it because it’s the only way to ensure that you receive all the rewards offered from the latest Act.

Be Careful How You Farm

You may see advice online about farming XP AFK or “away-from-keyboard” where players would enter a match and walk away from their keyboard or do something else. Players still earned the fixed participation points without having to put in the work. Riot Games caught on to this trend quickly and is cracking down on what they call “AFK abusers” and issuing bans for any account they believe to be farming XP illegally.

So, before you give in to temptation and try an AFK technique, ask yourself if it’s really worth the ban. You may not be able to take shortcuts to farm XP, but you can strategize your gaming sessions to get the most XP possible – and you can do that without the risk of a permanent ban.

What’s your XP strategy? Which modes do you choose to grind the most XP? Tell us about it in the comments section below.

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