How to Get Mastery Fast in Blox Fruits

Mastery is one of the most important experience (EXP) stats in Blox Fruits. Each weapon has its own mastery counter, and the more Mastery you get, the more powerful those weapons will become. You’ll naturally gain Mastery as you play and defeat enemies, but there are a few tricks to speed up the process.

How to Get Mastery Fast in Blox Fruits

This guide will look at some top tips and tricks to get Mastery faster than usual.

How to Max Out Mastery Quickly

The main way you increase Mastery is by defeating enemies with the weapon you want to master. Upon defeating the enemy or boss, some EXP will be added to your weapon’s Mastery counter, and it’ll gradually rise over time.

So, if you want to max out Mastery quickly, you’re going to need to do a lot of fighting. But there are specific bosses and enemies you can focus on, along with a few clever tricks, that can make the process much easier.

Beating Bosses

The main way to get lots of Mastery in the quickest possible way is to grind bosses. That means beating the same boss or group of bosses over and over again. If you choose the right bosses, you can earn dozens of levels of Mastery in every single battle, maxing out weapons in record time.

Here are some of the best bosses to grind Mastery on:


For high-level players, Longma is the No. 1 grinding choice. He’s located at the Floating Turtle and spawns every 40 minutes. Once you’ve got access to him, you can fight him repeatedly. Fortunately, he has a relatively low HP stat compared to most other bosses.

It’s also possible to use tricks and strategies like the “Wall Strat” against Longma, in which you position your character outside Longma’s room and hit him through the wall. This makes the fight even easier, allowing you to earn Mastery rapidly.

Thunder God

For those who haven’t yet reached the endgame and therefore are unable to access top-tier bosses like Longma, Thunder God is a great alternativea. Hed can be found in the First Sea and spawns every 15 minutes, so you won’t have to wait too long between battles. Plus, Thunder God’s arena is vast, giving you lots of space to move around and dodge attacks.

Awakened Ice Admiral

Over in the Second Sea, the Awakened Ice Admiral is a terrific boss to farm. He’s located inside the Ice Castle and spawns every 20 minutes. Keeping your distance and running around a lot are key tactics for beating this boss, and he’ll grant you a nice amount of Mastery once you finish him off. Using Buddha is also a good way to finish the fight relatively quickly.

Captain Elephant

Captain Elephant is a Third Sea boss on the Floating Turtle. He spawns every 30 minutes and can give you a colossal amount of Mastery if you’re able to bring him down. The downside is that this boss can pose quite a challenge to some players, so you may prefer to opt for an easier alternative, like Stone.


Stone is located on the starter island of the Third Sea. He’ll respawn every 20 minutes, and he’s generally regarded as one of the easier bosses to grind for Mastery due to his pretty simple attacks that can be dodged easily.

Server Hopping

Let’s say you’ve gone to the Floating Turtle to fight Longma, but he’s either not there, or someone else just killed him. In this instance, you can then try “server hopping” (switching to other servers) to find one where Longma is available.

This is a useful skill to learn, as you can hop between servers as much as you like to find bosses to fight more frequently. With server hopping, you won’t need to wait 20 to 40 minutes for bosses to respawn.

Beating Mobs of Enemies

Bosses aren’t the only enemies you can defeat to obtain Mastery. You can also fight regular mobs of enemies. They won’t give you as much Mastery as high-level bosses, but they’re often much easier to beat. Therefore, if you can kill mobs in large numbers, your Mastery will rise quickly.

A good spot for mob grinding is the Final Island. There, you can find Candy Rebel and Sweet Thief enemies. Lure them towards you by running around and then defeat the entire group with whichever weapon you want to improve. Repeat the process once the mobs respawn.

Teaming Up With Friends

You don’t have to go alone if you don’t have a high enough level or the best weapons and stats to beat bosses consistently. You can team up with a friend to make the whole process easier. This is especially helpful if you have a friend with a higher level and better gear.

Join the same server as your friend and head to a boss battle. Keep your distance to stay alive while your friend does most of the damage. Then, move in and steal the finishing blow on the boss. As long as you finish them off and do at least 10% damage overall, you’ll get the Mastery EXP.

Switching Weapons at the End

It’s also important to note that Mastery only goes to the weapon you’re using when you finish a fight and kill an enemy or boss. So, that means that if you’ve got a stronger weapon, you can use it to deal most of the damage and then switch to the weapon you wish to strengthen at the end of the fight.

That way, once you finish off the enemy, your chosen weapon will receive the EXP, even though you didn’t use it for most of the battle.


What does Mastery do?

Mastery is like a leveling system for your weapons and Blox Fruits. Each weapon and fruit has its own Mastery level, which increases when you use that weapon to defeat enemies. As you level up Mastery, your weapon will become more powerful, and you can unlock new attacks.

What’s the highest level of Mastery?

The highest Mastery level is 600. This applies to all weapons in the game. Once you get to 600, you won’t need to earn any more Mastery for it.

Can you lose Mastery?

No, Mastery is permanently applied to your weapons. Even if you remove and then bring back a weapon or fruit, it will retain the same level of Mastery it had before it was removed.

Max out Your Mastery in Blox Fruits

Maxing out Mastery levels on the many weapons you collect in Blox Fruits can take a lot of time, but it’s worth it in the end. When fully mastered, weapons and fruits become much more powerful, and they unlock exciting new attacks to beat bosses or other players in PvP mode. Use the techniques and tricks listed above to earn lots of Mastery EXP faster than ever before.

Have you got any other tips or tricks to earn Mastery in Blox Fruits? Which weapons have you already mastered? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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