How To Restore Deleted Events in Google Calendar

Google Calendar allows you to organize things and remind you of important events. However, you may sometimes delete events scheduled on this app unintentionally (or sometimes intentionally) and need to get them back. This article covers the best way to retrieve any deleted calendar events. Here are some valuable methods and tips you can try if you face such a challenge.

How To Restore Deleted Events in Google Calendar

Restoring Events on Computer

To restore Google Calendar deleted events on your computer, follow the steps below:

  1. Open Google Calendar.
  2. Select “Settings” (top right).
  3. Click “Trash.” Here you’ll find your deleted events
  4. If you target an individual event, choose “Restore Undo” (curved arrow).
  5. For more than one event, select “Restore all selected Undo” (curved arrow) above the list.

If you delete an event accidentally and realize it immediately, the action can be reversed. This is done by clicking “Undo,” which comes as a pop-up at the bottom.

Note: If you have given anyone else permission to “Make changes to events” or “Manage sharing” on your calendar, they can delete and restore events just like you.

Reasons for Disappeared Calendar Events on Android

There are instances when you realize that your calendar is empty suddenly. Typically, this is caused by syncing issues. On Android, Google Calendar is popular and is used to sync calendar events and share them with others. In addition, events can be shared with family and friends through email.

Using the app with an account and an Android phone is easy. The tricky part is when you want events synced on multiple devices. Deleted calendar events can be retrieved primarily because the deleted events go straight to the trash bin. This gives you a chance to restore them if you act within 30 days after deletion.

Methods of Retrieval on Android

To recover deleted calendar events on Android, you can try to restore them in various ways. These are:

Use Events from Gmail to Retrieve Google Calendar

“Events from Gmail” allows users to get meeting and event reminders through Gmail when an email is received. Once an email regarding any event or meeting is received, the details are copied to Google Calendar immediately. This facilitates convenient and timely reminders.

This feature is available only if “Events from Gmail” is enabled on the Google Calendar app. If you have any issues related to Gmail activities, the feature is most likely disabled.

  1. Open Google Calendar and tap “Settings.”
  2. Tap “Events from Gmail.” This allows you to enable this feature
  3. There is a list of activities that are Gmail-specific. Ensure that all the boxes are checked.

These steps should allow you to view your events on Google Calendar.

Use Google Drive to Recover Your Calendar

You can use Google Drive to recover deleted Calendar items using software such as UltData. The software scans your device with some clicks. Then, it can be used to recover your events from Google Drive.

  1. Launch UltData for Android after downloading it from the official website.
  2. Tap “Recover Google Drive Data.”
  3. When prompted, sign into your account (Google).
  4. Tap “Start” and wait.

  5. At the bottom, tap “Recover” and pick “Calendar” as the file type you want to be restored. You can choose more as needed. However, restoring more file types takes more time to complete.

Recover Deleted Events Through Backup Files Exportation

Using Google Calendar, you can save or export files as a .zip file. These files are called iCal files. Doing this means you have a calendar offline backup. This is especially helpful in the event of data theft or data wipe.

With an iCal file, you can import information into your Google calendar.

  1. Go to “Google Calendar.”
  2. Tap the “Gear” icon followed by “Settings.”
  3. On the left, find the import and export options. Tap “Import.”
  4. Tap “Select file from your computer” and browse “iCal.”
  5. Select “Import” and wait. This should import all events to your calendar. Then, wait a while to sync with your Android device.

Disable the Calendar App

If you actively use Google Calendar and have a Google account, there are several reasons why you could lose events. These include:

  • Disable the app
  • Performing a factory reset without restoring default settings on the app
  • Disable and Enable the app, especially when you have an automatic installation.

To get all events, the following steps can help:

  1. On your phone, open “Settings.”
  2. Tap “Apps .”
  3. Tap “Google Calendar.”
  4. Tap “Disable.”
  5. Open the Google play store on your device and search “Google Android Calendar.”
  6. Choose “Enable” and wait for the process to finish.
  7. Check if any events are missing once the procedure completes.

Backing Up Your Calendar

This is one of the best ways of ensuring you don’t lose your calendar. Backing up to your Google account works well. If you lose your data, recovery is easier. You need to ensure that you have enough cloud space for this. This is how you should do it:

  1. Sign in to Google on Android.
  2. Navigate to “Settings.”
  3. Tap “Backup and reset.”
  4. Check “Back up my data.”
  5. Tap “Backup account” and enter your account information.
  6. After adding the account, tap on it. This allows you to access the calendar easily through your account.


Can you restore permanently deleted events?

When you delete an event, you can still see it in the Google Calendar trash folder for 30 days before it is permanently deleted automatically. Permanently deleted events can’t be restored. Therefore, be sure of your actions before taking this path. It can’t be undone.

There is also an option where you can clear the trash bin yourself manually.

• Hover over a single event and click the trash icon to delete it permanently.

• Check the event boxes of all events you want to delete, and then click “Trash” at the top.

• Delete all events at once by tapping “Empty Trash” followed by “Empty” to confirm.

Don’t Miss Important Events

Google Calendar allows you to stay updated and organized. Sometimes you may change your mind about a deleted event and want to restore it. You may also have deleted an event by mistake. In either case, restoring any deleted events is possible if they have not been deleted for more than 30 days. Backing up your calendar information on your Google accounts further protects you should you lose your events.

What’s your experience with deleted events restoration? Did you use any of the steps in this article? We’d love to hear from you in the comments section below.

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