How to Play Music on All Google Home Speakers

One of the most innovative things about smart speakers is their ability to synchronize and play music as one device. Imagine having the same kind of speaker in each room in your house. Your family members could each use their speakers separately via their mobile devices.

How to Play Music on All Google Home Speakers

However, if you were to host a party and wanted louder music for the entire house, the amazing thing is that you could connect these speakers for a better effect.

If you own a set of Google Home speakers, you can pair up all your devices to create a multi-room set up that would deliver a great sound around the house.

Creating a Multi-Room Setup with Your Google Home Speakers

Thanks to the Google Home speakers having the extremely powerful Google Assistant AI, you can create a multi-room set up if you own two or more of these devices. The more speakers you own, the louder and more vivid your sound will be, but even two speakers are enough to get you rolling!

First, you’d need to connect your speakers to create an audio group. In this brief write-up, we’ll explore how to create a group and then play music using all your Google Home speakers at once.

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Step One

Connect all your Google Home speakers, as well as the mobile device you’re using to control them, to the same Wi-Fi network.

Step Two

If you haven’t set up a Home group yet, launch the Google Home app on your mobile device. Then tap the + icon on the top left of the Home screen. Locate the third option, Create speaker group, and tap on that.

Step Three

You’ll see a list of speakers connected to the same Wi-Fi group. Select the Google Home speakers you want to connect. A checkmark will appear next to each device that you add.

Remember that you can sync up not only your Google Home speakers (Mini or Max speakers) but even other Google smart products like your Nest displays this way.

After you’ve selected all the devices that are going to be part of the audio group, tap on Next, and name the group. When done, tap on Save.

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That’s it. You’ve now synced all your Google Home speakers, and you can use them as one device. To play music on all speakers at once, command the Google Assistant in the same way you’d usually do, but with a little twist. Just say, “Okay, Google, play [song] on [name of Home group]!”

Editing an Existing Group

Let’s say you’ve already created an audio group but want to add another speaker to it. In this case, the process to sync new speakers is slightly different. Just follow these steps.

Step One

Launch your Google Home app.

Step Two

If a group already exists, you’ll find it here. Select the group and then tap on the Settings icon. Under Settings, tap on Choose devices.

Step Three

Just like you did earlier while setting up the group, select all the devices you want to pair within this existing group. Tap Next.

A Bonus Feature

That’s how easy it is to connect all your Google Home speakers into a single group. Thanks to the development of sound technology, now we don’t need to buy a massive set of speakers for parties! All we need to do is connect our smart speakers and get one super lively, vibrant speaker system.

Another great feature is that we can jump from one speaker to another without batting an eyelash!

For instance, if you were cleaning your room and wanted the music to move accordingly, you can jump from streaming music from a speaker in your bedroom to the one in your kitchen. You can use the Stream Transfer feature within the Google app and then command the AI by saying, “Okay, Google, move music to the kitchen,” living room, or wherever it is you prefer.

Enjoy Your Music Just the Way You Like It

Thanks to their versatility, Google Home speakers can play the music alone or in unison. The sheer inventiveness of this feature is great for homeowners who don’t want to buy a massive set of speakers for parties.

So, enjoy your music just the way you like it – whether it is alone in your bedroom or with your entire family in the living room!

Do you stream music on a single speaker, or do you connect all of your Google Home devices? Have you ever thrown a party with a network of Google Home speakers as your sound system? Let us know in the comments section below.

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