How To Insert Video in Google Slides

If you’re looking for a way to engage your audience during a presentation, inserting videos into your Google Slides is a winner. Don’t stress if this isn’t something you know how to do, it’s a relatively straightforward process.

How To Insert Video in Google Slides

This article will explain how to insert a video on Google Slides This way, you can create presentations to grab and hold your audience’s attention.

Google Slides – How to Insert a Video

There are a few ways to insert a video into Google Slides. You can do so from your Google Drive, using a URL, or from YouTube.

Inserting a Video From Google Drive Into Google Slides

If you don’t have a video saved in Google Drive, you must upload one, then follow the steps to insert it in your Google Slides presentation. Note that you can also use any videos shared by other people.

  1. Open Google Drive and go to “New.”
  2. Select “File Upload.” Browse and choose the video you’d like to upload.
  3. When the video’s been uploaded to your Drive, open the Google Slides presentation.
  4. Choose the slide to add to a video.
  5. From the menu options, select “Insert.” Go to “Video.”
  6. An “Insert Video” pop-up box appears. Select “Google Drive” from the menu choices. (All the videos in your Google Drive will be shown.)
  7. Choose your video. (It should then be highlighted in blue.)
  8. Click on “Select.”

Your video should now be inserted into your Google Slide, and you can resize and move it around by clicking and dragging.

Inserting a YouTube Video Into Google Slides

To insert a video from YouTube into your Google Slides, follow these steps:

  1. Open your Google Slide presentation.
  2. Choose the slide to insert the video.
  3. Click on “Insert.”
  4. Select “Video.”
  5. Pick “Search YouTube” from the options.
  6. Choose the YouTube video you want to insert.
  7. Click on “Insert.”
  8. Modify your video to suit your preferences.

Inserting a URL Video Into Google Slides

You can copy and paste a URL for any public video into your Google Slides presentations. Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Find the video for which you’d like to use a Google Slide and copy the URL.
  2. Open your Google Slides presentation.
  3. Select “Insert” and in the dropdown click on “Video.”
  4. Choose “By URL,” then paste the URL link into the address bar.
  5. Click “Insert” button.
  6. Modify your video to suit your preferences.

Additionally, you can place a screenshot of any video into your slide and hyperlink it. When the image is clicked, a new browser tab containing the video will be launched.

Formatting a Google Slides Video

After you’ve inserted a video into your Google Slides presentation, you’ll probably want to do some basic formatting to suit your presentation. You can change the video’s position, resize, or rotate it.

To do so, click on your video file in your Google Slide presentation and use the menu options from the right of your screen to make your preferred adjustments.

Note that the formatting and video editing features in Google Slides are somewhat limited. If you want to make more advanced changes to your videos, it’s better to use a free video editing tool and then upload a video onto your Google Drive and insert it into your Google Slides.

Here are some of the Google Slides video formatting options you can play with:

  • Volume – Make your video sound louder or softer.
  • Drop Shadow – Use the drop shadow effect in your video.
  • Playback Settings – You can have your video loop or play once or start automatically when clicked.
  • Begin and end times – Choose the times you’d like your video to begin and end.
  • Angle, blur radius, transparency, distance – Edit your video’s appearance.
  • Rotation and size – Adjust your video’s height and width.
  • Lock aspect ratio – This ensures that the original proportions for your video are locked as you resize it.

Play an Embedded Video During Your Google Slides Presentation

You can decide how your video will play by adjusting your video play preferences in Google Slides.

  1. Selecting the video in your Google Slide. Once selected, you’ll see the “Format” options next to your Google Slide presentation.
  2. Click on “Play” under “Video Playback.”
  3. From the drop-down menu, you can choose to play the video automatically, or manually (play when clicked on.)


Why can’t I insert my video into my Google Slide?

If you’re having trouble inserting a video into your Google Slides presentation, check that you have a good internet connection and that the version of your browser is supported and up-to-date. Also, try clearing your browser’s cache.

Which video formats can I use in Google Slides?

You can use the following video formats in your Google Slides presentations:


• WebM







Will Google Slides accept videos recorded with a smartphone?

Yes, you can record videos with a smartphone and upload them into your Google Drive to be inserted in a Google Slide.

Can I record videos directly with Google Slides?

There’s no in-built video recording feature in Google Slides.

Using a smartphone, how can I insert a video into Google Slides?

All the methods mentioned above will work the same when using a smartphone to insert videos into Google Slides. Click on the slide, then “Insert,” then “Video.”

Can I add a video from my camera roll to a Google Slide presentation?

There isn’t a way to directly upload videos from your Computer or camera roll into a Google Slides presentation. You must upload the video to your Google Drive and then insert it using the steps above.

Grab and Keep Your Audience’s Attention

Videos engage in an impactful way, and inserting them into your Google Slides presentations is a great way to impress your audience. Up to 98% of marketers conclude that video content converts immeasurably more than any other type. For that reason, it’s advisable to add videos to your presentations and ensure they’re of good quality.

You can add videos to Google Slides using URL links, YouTube videos or videos you’ve uploaded to your Google Drive. Once inserted, some formatting options are available where you can adjust your video to suit your presentation.

Have you ever inserted a video into your Google Slides? Did it lead to better conversions and have a positive impact? Let us know in the comments section below.

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