How to Register as CEO in GTA 5

Players get a bevy of options to choose from in GTA Online, the online companion to the widely acclaimed GTA 5, thanks to the game receiving a steady stream of updates. One of the older updates introduced various organizations, including allowing the players to become CEOs and reap many benefits. Registering as CEO is relatively simple, needing only to purchase select items in the shop inside a player’s virtual mobile phone.

How to Register as CEO in GTA 5

Here’s all you need to know about registering as a CEO in GTA Online and VIP in GTA 5 and all the benefits you get from this boost.

How to Register as CEO in GTA

The actual process of becoming a CEO is simple enough. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Visit the “Dynasty 8” website on your (virtual) mobile phone.
  2. You’ll see a list of office options. Purchase an office (costing at least $1 million).
  3. Open the game’s interaction menu.
  4. Select “SecuroServ” from the menu list.
  5. Select the “Register as CEO” option to complete the registration process.

Four office locations suit the million-dollar cost requirement:

  • Maze Bank West costs a minimal $1 million.
  • Arcadius Business Center costs $2.3 million.
  • Lombank West costs $3.1 million.
  • Maze Bank Tower is the priciest location at $4 million.

Once you’ve purchased a location, you can choose optional decorations, furnishings and add assistants to the office before or after registering.

What Do You Get as CEO?

CEOs get the VIP status for four real-time hours upon registration. Some of the benefits of VIP status include no countdowns or cooldowns to use regular game features, unparalleled access to the game and other players. CEOs can also start nine VIP-exclusive jobs, some of which require associates to complete effectively. Some missions need specific vehicles to complete, as well. These vehicles can be found by purchasing the associated buildings like warehouses and smaller offices and are only obtainable by CEOs.

In addition, CEOs get an executive assistant in the office, which provides them with food and additional contact benefits like calling Pegasus for the player.

Other players can become the CEO’s associates, giving them additional loyalty bonuses and money whenever the CEO completes a mission.

Once the four-hour timer runs out, the player will lose VIP status and needs to re-register again after a 12-hour cooldown period.

CEO Abilities

Here are the most useful abilities when you become a CEO:

  • Luxury helicopter ride to any warehouse or special cargo locations
  • Additional ammo
  • Spawn Bull Shark Testosterone
  • Get super heavy ammunition
  • Ghost organization; hide all team members and mission objectives points from the map for three minutes
  • Remove wanted levels and protect against gaining levels for two minutes
  • Spectate what your associates are doing

How to Become a GTA 5 VIP

Like CEOs in GTA Online, GTA 5 has the VIP feature that shares most of the benefits. Here’s what you need to do to become a VIP member:

  1. You’ll need to have at least $50,000 in your character’s account balance to qualify for VIP status.
  2. Open the game’s interaction menu.
  3. Scroll down until you see “SecuroServ” or “VIP” option in the menu, then select it.
  4. Register as a VIP member by following the instructions.
  5. That’s pretty much it; you can now enjoy cooldown-less features for four hours.

Like the CEO status, VIP expires after four real-time hours and has a 12-hour cooldown before it’s available again. If you want to do it again, you shouldn’t have a problem obtaining enough money to get registered again as a VIP member at the earliest convenience.

CEO-Specific Missions

When you become CEO, your first course of action is usually to go on some jobs to regain the funds you’ve just spent to purchase the office. Luckily, most ordinary abilities have no cooldowns or countdown timers for the duration of the VIP status. CEO jobs also pay significant sums upon completion, making them a worthwhile investment if you have a decent number of associates working on finishing them.

Here are some of the missions you can partake in when you’re in a CEO organization.

Asset Recovery

The player (or players) will need to steal vehicles wanted by the police and deliver them to a specified donation. Each car delivered rewards $10,000, and each motorbike or quad bike rewards $5,000.

When playing alone, only one vehicle will spawn. If playing in a group of up to four players, each gets a motorbike or quad to steal. However, only two vehicles will generate for the job for any number team members.

Executive Deathmatch

A mission similar to regular deathmatches, the executive version pits entire organizations against each other. The targeted organization must accept the challenge before the job can proceed. Each CEO gets ten lives, and depleting those lives loses them the challenge. Other organization members can die without affecting the total lives count—the mission rewards between $15,000 and $20,000 to the winner.

Executive Search

This hide-and-seek mode encourages the CEO to hide and remain undetected from other players for 10 minutes. Organization members can protect the CEO from being discovered, typically by killing any search party members. If the CEO is not found, he gains $25,000, with additional benefits from organization members successfully defending the CEO’s position.

Hostile Takeover

Any number of VIPs can take this mission at once. The objective is to steal a briefcase or a Rhino tank (depending on the version of the job) from a secured area and deliver it to the drop-off point. All players immediately receive a wanted level for the mission’s duration—rewards $10,000, with optional bonuses based on performance.


The CEO must obtain three packages at random locations (chosen out of 78 possible options) on the map. Each map location requires a different minigame to unlock. The mission is on a 15-minute timer, with rewards based on how long it takes to complete. Maximum rewards yield up to $25,000 for under 5 minutes.

Piracy Prevention

This mission requires the CEO to purchase a yacht. When activated, the attacking players spawn on the nearest beach, while defending players (the CEO organization) generate on the vessel. The CEO and his organization have to prevent attackers from staying on the upper decks for more than 30 seconds at a time. The attackers lose if they run out of time, granting the CEO up to $30,000.


When initiated, the CEO receives a list of targets to assassinate, which are heavily protected by armored vehicles and bodyguards. Other players on the server can also come to defend the target against assassination attempts. The CEO and his team receive up to $30,000 depending on the total targets killed and the time it took to kill targets.


In this mission, the CEO organization must collect a modified Cargobob and use it to pick up and drop off freight. The cargo spawns in a nearby location with 39 possible destination points. Rival players and organizations can destroy the Cargobob to prevent the mission. Airfreight rewards between $21,000 and $27,000, depending on the freight value and time taken to complete the mission.


The CEO has to deliver a trailer (hauled by a modified Phantom truck that is more durable) while associates protect them from rival attacks. The CEO wins if they reach the destination in time, and all team members are awarded $20,000.


The organization receives a mission to destroy three crate piles scattered throughout Los Santos and the countryside. They also receive a modified Phantom Wedge (which they must previously own to start the mission) that spawns nearby to move between the locations in time. NPCs guard the crates, but rival players are also encouraged to protect the loads. The maximum reward for this job is $30,000.

Fully Loaded

Requires the player to own a Ruiner 2000 to become available as a job. Players get a modified version of the vehicle with unlimited rockets to destroy 10 cars around the map. Players need to race against the clock to complete the mission, while NPCs and other players in the area hamper the organization’s efforts. The job rewards up to $25,000 to the organization for winning.

Amphibious Assault

Using a modified Technical Aqua, which the CEO must own to start the job, the organization must destroy supplies near one of three possible locations. All NPCs in the area will shoot on sight, and rival players can destroy the Aqua to defeat the CEO. This mission awards $25,000.


The CEO needs to use a modified Wastelander to deliver a vehicle to a specified location on the opposite side of the map before the timer runs out. A Wastelander needs to be in the CEO’s possession to unlock this mission. Rivals can destroy the shipment to defeat the organization and fail the mission. The CEO can receive up to $24,000 for this job.


The mission requires the CEO to purchase an Armored Boxville. When it starts, a modified Boxville spawns nearby, and the CEO’s task is to survive inside the vehicle and protect it for ten minutes. If there aren’t enough players in the area, NPCs will spawn to attempt to destroy the Boxville. The organization receives $30,000 upon completing the mission.


Using a Rocket Voltic, the CEO must maintain a speed of at least 60 mph for 10 minutes to win in this mission. If they do, they receive up to $35,000, depending on how many checkpoints were triggered. Each checkpoint reduces the timer and the final payout. The CEO needs to purchase a Rocket Voltic to unlock the job.

Ramped Up

The organization must use a Ramp Buggy and motorcycles to get on top of roofs and other obstacles to retrieve crates. If they manage to get 15 crates under 20 minutes, they win up to $40,000. The CEO must own a Ramp Buggy to have this mission available.


The CEO and other team members must use modified Blazer Aqua quad bikes to collect 30 crates in 10 minutes. Some crates are floating in the waters around the map. The more crates they collect, the better the payout, maxing at about $35,000. Other players in the session can destroy the crates to lower the potential payout. The CEO must own a Blazer Aqua to start the mission.

You Have to Spend Money to Make Money as the CEO

Being a CEO is a costly ordeal, but it can be worthwhile when a group has spent significant game time and preparation for the next step in unlocking bountiful missions. Just beware that you need to constantly re-register for VIP status to enjoy all the benefits of the role.

What will you do as CEO in GTA Online? Let us know in the comments section below.

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