How To Turn On or Off Developer Mode on a Hisense TV

Hisense TVs have been gaining traction as a decent budget alternative for their great picture quality and modern smart features. But there’s also a hidden feature full of intricacies and options if you’re willing to go digging.

How To Turn On or Off Developer Mode on a Hisense TV

This feature is the Developer Mode. And contrary to what the name might suggest, it isn’t just for TV hardware or software developers. This guide will help you unlock this feature and all that comes with it.

Unlocking the Developer Mode

For the tech enthusiasts and app developers, the developer mode on Hisense TVs can open up a plethora of advanced features and settings. Here’s one way to get it working:

  1. Turn on your Hisense TV.
  2. Head over to the main menu and select “Settings.”
  3. Look for the “About Device” section.
  4. In traditional Android fashion, you must tap on the “Build Number” seven times to activate the developer options. A prompt might appear asking for validation.

Users on Stack Overflow and Reddit discovered that the conventional way of tapping the “Build Number” is ineffective for some newer Hisense models, such as Laser TV. To get this mode working on these TVs, try the following:

  1. Use your remote to go to the main menu and then scroll down to “Settings.”
  2. Once in “Settings,” scroll down until you see the “System” and select it.
  3. Find the “Developer Options” within the “System” where you can enable it.
  4. Here, you’ll find a toggle that you’ll need to switch to “on.”
  5. A warning message might appear. Click “OK” after it.
  6. Restart the Hisense Laser TV by going back to the main menu, selecting “Settings,” then “System,” and finally, “Restart TV”.

If you no longer want this mode visible, there’s an option to disable it within the dev mode itself. You can also clear the cache and erase data. Doing this will remove the “Developer Options” from your settings, effectively turning off the mode.

Features of the Developer Mode

The Hisense TV Developer Mode, like many modern smart TVs, has plenty of useful and convenient tools and features built into it. They let developers and tech aficionados use commands, customizations, and insights into the TV’s operations.

Here are some of these standout features you can fiddle with and experiment on your own Hisense TV.

USB Debugging

USB debugging is arguably the number one reason many people go down the rabbit hole of discovering and unlocking the Developer Mode. If you want to link your TV to a computer or another device via USB, you may need the Developer Mode to enable this.

This connection particularly benefits application developers who can test their software on the TV before releasing it. But it isn’t just for them. If you want to install something unavailable on the official store or move some data, you’d use USB Debugging. Finally, if you’re modifying your TV and want it to do things it normally couldn’t do, USB debugging is the way forward.

Stay Awake

If you want to prevent the screen from ever going dark, like in the good old days, without any prompts or possible interruptions, you can use this feature. It keeps your screen from going black while your TV stays on and plugged in. This is handy if you’re being productive on your TV, whether developing something or learning.

GPU View Updates

This feature shows you how often an app or game refreshes its visuals on-screen. This is useful if you’re an app or Android-based game developer. But it’s also great for a regular user who wants to test the limits of their TV or experiences any framerate or graphical performance issues in some application or game.

OEM Unlock

Normally, OEM unlocking would let a developer unlock the device’s bootloader. People who want to root a device or install custom firmware would also use this option. However, mods for TVs that involve messing with a bootloader are much less common than they are on Android-based phones or tablets. Also, these modifications are risky, so only experiment with them at your own peril and if you know what you’re doing.

sRGB Picture Color Mode

sRGB Picture Color Mode adjusts the TV’s color output to match the sRGB color space. This color space is common for web browsers and some mobile apps that can run on your TV. This feature can be handy for devs and designers who want maximum color accuracy or for users who want to browse the web or really dig into the Android capabilities on their TVs. However, the colors may not look perfect for the actual TV portion of a smart TV, so it’s on you to decide whether this mode is of any use.

Why Use Developer Mode Features?

The Developer Mode isn’t just a fancy term or a hidden menu to impress your friends. It has many convenient functionalities you may never realize you need until you do. Whether you’re a developer, a tech enthusiast, or someone who loves to tinker, you’ll likely use this feature.

Let’s delve into the reasons why one might want to take advantage of it.

App Development and Testing

As the name suggests, the prime “target audience” for the developer mode is developers. It lets software developers test and scrutinize their apps in real-life situations to know that they work on these TVs. They can examine the performance, overhead, and general user experience. And as the software they’re developing isn’t yet available officially, they’ll need to use USB debugging to get their app to the TV in the first place.

Sideload Apps

The official app store might not have the app you want. It might be a niche tool, unlisted, or perhaps you might need an older version if the official one doesn’t work for you. Developer Mode, and in particular, USB Debugging, lets you access apps that aren’t officially supported and sideload them on your Hisense TV. This offers many options, but use it wisely – only trust apps from trustworthy sources.

Optimize Performance

Developer Mode gives tech-savvy folks control over the TV’s performance. You can take a peek under the hood to see how the TV is using its resources, if anything is stressing it, and determine which apps are taking up more than their fair share of system resources. This way, you can resolve the issues of a poorly performing TV or other possible software bugs.


The Developer Mode on some TVs might have other nifty features to customize your TV further, which are unavailable in standard settings. For example, you could change the animation or pointer speeds or adjust the TV’s color space.

Use Your TV Like a Pro

The Developer Mode on Hisense TVs benefits developers and tech-savvy users. It uplifts the levels of control and customization you have over your TV. Although, you do have to watch your step. Some of these settings open up more risky possibilities than others, and messing with the wrong settings can mess up your TV’s performance. Make sure you know what each feature does before you flip the switch.

Do you wish to sideload some unofficial apps to your TV through USB debugging? Or do you have a more niche need for the Developer Mode? Tell us in the comment sections below.

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