The Best Hisense TV Remote App for the iPhone

Like any other TV manufacturer, Hisense issues handy remote controls with all of its TVs. However, if your Hisense remote runs out of battery, gets lost, or stops working, you’ll need an alternative, like a remote app for iPhone.

The Best Hisense TV Remote App for the iPhone

This guide will look at some of the best Hisense remote control apps for iPhone.

The Best iPhone Remote Apps for Hisense TVs

There are numerous remote control apps available on the Apple Play Store, letting users control Hisense TVs using their iPhones. Usually, these apps can do more or less anything a regular remote can, like changing channels or adjusting the volume.

Hisense RemoteNOW

There are a lot of independent and third-party developers sharing remote apps on the Apple Play Store. But if you’d prefer to stick with something more official, the Hisense RemoteNOW app is the one to pick. Developed by Hisense itself, this app is the ideal partner for Hisense TVs.

Not only does Hisense RemoteNOW function just like a regular remote, but it also comes with many more key features. It allows you to stream media from your phone to the TV, for example. It also lets you make lists of your favorite shows and makes it quick and easy to add new apps to your TV with a few simple taps.


  • Developed by Hisense specifically for Hisense TVs
  • Seamless and simple user interface
  • Additional key features like media streaming and favorites


  • Only works with specific Hisense models

Google TV

It’s important to make sure that you pick an appropriate remote app to match your TV’s operating system. A lot of Hisense TVs run either Google or Android OS. If your model runs either Google or Android, you can count on the Google TV app to help control it.

As an official app from Google, Google TV is completely safe and very intuitive. It has a smart user interface and is 100% free to use. It also incorporates the Google Assistant, letting you use your voice to search for shows and movies or control the TV.


  • Lots of useful features like voice controls and watchlists
  • Rapid access to 1,000s of apps
  • Easy to work with


  • Won’t work on TVs that don’t run Android or Google OS

Amazon Fire TV

Some Hisense TVs also run on Amazon’s FireOS. If you happen to have a Hisense Fire TV, or if you watch most of your media via an Amazon Fire Stick, then the Amazon Fire TV app is the one to use.

This app offers super simple controls, and you can switch between a remote interface with clear buttons or a touchpad remote for more fluid controls. It also lets you stream movies, shows, and more, straight from your phone to the TV.


  • The ideal choice for Fire TV users
  • Multiple control methods to suit your preferences
  • Quick and seamless media streaming


  • Only works with Fire devices
  • Some users have reported connection issues with this app


Universal TV Remote is an app that you can use to control countless types of TVs with your iPhone, including popular Hisense models. It features a super sleek interface, with a neat layout of buttons spread across your iPhone screen.

A few simple taps is all it takes to turn on the TV, change channels, etc. Plus, this app is beginner-friendly, but also features advanced features for more experienced users, like screen mirroring. On the downside, a lot of those fun features are stuck behind the paywall, so users will have to pay up to get the complete experience.


  • Works with most TV brands and models, including Hisense.
  • Comes with a range of handy, advanced features.
  • Very beginner-friendly and simple to use


  • Free version has a lot of ads.
  • You have to pay for the premium version to get all the features and functions.


Roku is another universal remote control app for iOS devices. As the name implies, it’s designed to work with the Roku operating system. If you have a Hisense Roku TV or a Roku box for media and streaming, this is the app to use.

The Roku remote control app allows you to instantly pick and watch Roku channels on your Hisense TV. It also supports casting from your iPhone to your TV screen, as well as all the basic functions like adjusting the volume, and so on. It even has voice commands, although they don’t always work as well as you might expect.


  • The perfect choice for Roku users
  • Ideal for super-fast and seamless streaming
  • Also lets you cast from your phone to the TV


  • Voice commands can be unreliable
  • Only works with Roku OS TVs or boxes


What are TV remote apps?

They are mobile apps that essentially transform a phone into a remote control, letting you point, tap, and turn on your TV or adjust the volume with ease. There are lots of these apps on both Android and iOS, with various features and layouts. Many of them use Wi-Fi to connect to smart TVs and interact with them, but others use IR (infrared) light, just like a standard TV control.

Do I need Wi-Fi to use a TV remote app?

Most of the time, yes. The majority of iPhone remote apps use Wi-Fi to bridge the gap between the iPhone and the TV, sending signals via the Wi-Fi network to turn the TV on, adjust volume etc. However, some of them work with IR light instead, just like a regular TV remote control. Unfortunately, iPhones don’t have IR blasters built-in, but you can buy an IR accessory to use IR-enabled remote apps.

What can TV remote apps do?

It depends on the app, but they can usually do most or all of the functions that a regular remote control can do. This includes basic things like turning the volume up and down, changing the channel, or turning the TV on and off. Some of them may also come with additional smart TV features, letting you get even more functionality from your TV. They allow you to access program guides or cast media to the screen.

Why would I want a TV remote app?

You might need to give one of these remote apps a try if you’ve lost your original TV remote. Plenty of people lose track of their remote controls when they slip down the back of the sofa, for instance. Remotes also break or run out of battery power, which can be frustrating. iPhone remote apps tend to be much more convenient, and it’s harder to lose an iPhone compared to a TV remote.

Can I use any TV remote app with my Hisense TV?

No. While there are plenty of TV remote apps available, they won’t all work with Hisense models. In fact, many of them will only work with a select range of TVs. Even the apps that are sold as “Universal” usually have some limitations. Fortunately, most of them are free, so you can download and test them out to see which ones work correctly with your TV model.

Control Your TV with Your Phone

Whether your old remote is broken, out of battery, or missing-in-action, a handy Hisense remote app for iPhone is the solution. Quick to install and easy to use, these helpful apps give you full control of your TV, direct from your iPhone.

Have you used any iPhone remote apps for your TV? Which remote app do you recommend? Let us know in the comments section below.

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