How to Have a Crunchyroll Watch Party

Anime fans can be picky. And they have the right to be – anime content is extremely diverse. Although streaming services that specialize in anime do exist, Crunchyroll is one of the most popular solutions at the moment. It features more than 1,200 series and a variety of simulcast shows.

How to Have a Crunchyroll Watch Party

However, with the trend of watch parties on the rise, people have started wondering when they’ll be able to stream the Crunchyroll content with a group of friends and family. Below, you’ll find a bit more info about Crunchyroll. But first, let’s see about those watch parties.

Can You Have an Official Crunchyroll Watch Party?

Netflix, Amazon, Disney Plus, and various other streaming services have released their watch party options. This has raised the question of when this trend will be picking up with other streaming services. Of course, Crunchyroll fans are asking the same question.

So, is there a feature that allows you to create a Crunchyroll watch party? Unfortunately, the platform doesn’t offer this option officially, at least not as of now.

how to have crunchyroll watch party

The Closest Thing to the Official Watch Party Experience

Although this is not a replacement for the convenience of watch parties, Crunchyroll does stream official online parties. For instance, back in February, we’ve had our annual Anime Awards. Crunchyroll decided to stream this event.

The users could join the live stream on the Crunchyroll homepage, as well as on the Anime Awards official website. There was also a Spanish live stream, and the event streamed on social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch.

So, on February 15, at 5:00 pm PT, you could join the global Crunchyroll watch party with your friends and chat with likeminded users around the world.


As of now, there is no official way to create a custom watch party for Crunchyroll with your friends. You can’t Twitch-stream it because of copyright issues.

However, some websites may allow you to create watch parties, but these are all third-party sources. Therefore, they are of questionable legality and, even if they are entirely legal, it might not be legal for you to stream Crunchyroll content. So, for now, you should consider sitting tight and waiting.

You could use a platform that allows you to create watch parties for your videos, but this doesn’t have anything to do with Crunchyroll. If you happen to have Fullmetal Alchemist on your hard drive, you can stream it on a watch party, separate from Crunchyroll.

Pros and Cons of Crunchyroll

Let’s take a look at the Crunchyroll platform itself. It has a vast anime library, one of the biggest among anime streamers. Whatever tier you opt for, you get HD streaming support, which isn’t always the case with anime streaming websites. You can also simulcast shows and get access to some original series. Oh, and there’s a manga and apparel store, as well.

have a crunchyroll watch party

The major con here is that Crunchyroll doesn’t offer offline downloads. That isn’t a downside per se, but if you were able somehow to download an anime from the Crunchyroll’s site, you’d be able to watch party stream it. Another downside is that, if you’re into anime dubs, you won’t get a lot of shows to choose from.

Crunchyroll Watch Parties

Watch parties are still nothing but a concept for CrunchyRoll subscribers. However, it might come true in the future, as the watch party wave continues to sweep the world. All other streaming services are making this feature available, and Crunchyroll is more than likely keen on picking up on this trend.

Do you think that the Crunchyroll watch party option is in the works? How long do you think until the announcement? Feel free to join the discussion in the comment section below.

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