How to Become a Lyft Driver

There are two ways to become a Lyft driver. This first is to go to Lyft’s Apply to Be a Driver page online and follow the steps. The second way is to download the Lyft Driver app onto your smartphone or tablet, and then fulfill Lyft’s requirements for employment. The application process typically takes about 15 minutes to complete. Be sure to be ready with your social insurance number, a driver’s license, and a Lyft regulation-compliant vehicle before you apply. In most places, the approval process takes three to five days, but processing times can depend on your location, and how long background checks take to do in your area.

How to Become a Lyft Driver

Read on to find out to become a Lyft Driver.

Four Steps to Becoming a Lyft Driver

Becoming a Lyft driver involves the completion of four basic steps:

  1. Filling out the application.
  2. Passing the background check.
  3. Passing a vehicle inspection.
  4. Downloading the Lyft driver app.

Do Have What It Takes to Be a Lyft Driver?

Your age, the type of smartphone you own, and the age of your car can affect your eligibility for Lyft employment. To become a driver at Lyft, you must satisfy the following requirements:

  • You must be 21 years of age or older
  • You must own an Android phone
  • You must pass a DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) inspection
  • Your vehicle must have four doors and five seatbelts
  • You must be registered and licensed in the state or province where you’re driving
  • Your car must be in good mechanical order and of a certain age

There’s no sense in applying to Lyft without a car, a smartphone, or personal identification.

Gather Your Documents for Identification and Verification

Make sure that you have all of your papers in order before you navigate to the Lyft Driver application page. The identification and verification needed to apply include:

  • Social insurance number
  • Birth certificate
  • Driver’s license
  • Vehicle registration and license plate number
  • Your bank’s ACH number (bank number, transit number, and account number) so that your weekly earnings can be deposited directly into your bank account.

Having all of this information ensures that your application will be processed promptly, whether you’re applying online or through the Lyft App.

Step 1. Filling Out the Application

To fill out an application to be a Lyft Driver you need to navigate to the company’s “Apply to drive with LYFT” page.

Fill Out Your Information Profile

This is your first step to introducing yourself to Lyft. Initially, you’ll be asked for your full name, email address, and your phone number. Once completed you have filled out this first page of the form, click “Continue.”

Read the Service Agreement

The Lyft service agreement will pop up on your screen. Read the service agreement, confirm that you agree with the terms and conditions by placing a checkmark in the radio box, and then click on the link “Become A Driver.”

Verify Who You Are

Lyft will ask you to confirm who you are by sending a verification code to your phone. Enter the 4-digit code in the correct field on the “Become A Driver” application form and click “Verify.”

Provide Your Vehicle Information

After verification is confirmed by the website or app, move to the next screen of the LYFT Driver application. You’ll be asked to provide information about your vehicle, including the car’s year, make and model, and color. Your vehicle must have four working doors and five seatbelts. Once complete, click continue.

Complete Your Driver Information Profile

In this section, you must provide your social security number, birth date, and the expiration date on your driver’s license.

Provide Your Street Address

Lyft will ask you for your street address. Make sure it’s current, as Lyft mails a hardcopy of their Driver’s Welcome Package.

Step 2. Consent to a Background Check

Lyft will ask you to consent to a background check. How this is done and how much time it takes differs from state to state. On the onscreen application, your area’s state disclosures will pop up and ask you to confirm that you understand and agree to the legal details. You’ll then be asked to check the radio box “Authorize” to permit Lyft to check your background.

Step 3. Pass the Vehicle Inspection

The Lyft vehicle inspection is in-person and requires you to drive your vehicle to the nearest inspection station, typically at a local mechanic’s or gas station.

Schedule the Lyft Inspection Online

At the bottom of the application screen, you’ll be provided with a way to schedule an appointment at the Lyft inspection station nearest to you. This allows you to schedule a convenient time and date. It’s best to do this within a month of first applying for the job.

Attend the Lyft Inspection Appointment

Take your vehicle to the scheduled Lyft inspection appointment. Be sure the car is clean and in good working order, and that it’s the same car that you claimed to be driving on the application form. Bring your smartphone, as once your vehicle is approved, you’ll be ready to start making money for Lyft.

Step 4. Download the Lyft Driver App

The Lyft driver app can be found at Google Play for Android. or at the App Store for IOS. Once downloaded you’ll need to agree to Lyft’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Once you’ve allowed the app to access your location, and all of your notifications are enabled, you’re ready to start driving.


Is it possible to drive a taxi or limousine for Lyft?

Lyft doesn’t allow its drivers to double up on services. You either drive a taxi, or you drive for Lyft. The same goes for stretch limousines. Lyft considers taxi companies and limo services to be the competition. A vehicle with a top dome light advertising a taxi company can’t be driven during your off-hours from a taxi job.

Does getting a job at Lyft involve an in-person interview?

Your application to Lyft is completely online, and there’s no face-to-face interview. You won’t get hired if you can’t complete your application, or if you don’t pass a background check. You’ll know you’re hired when your Lyft Driver’s app becomes activated on your phone.

What is the Lyft Platform’s New Driver $1000 Guarantee?

The Lyft Platform’s New Driver $1,000 Guarantee is a hiring incentive for drivers. To qualify for the $1,000, the newly hired driver must complete 125 rides within 30 days. If they don’t succeed but still manage to drive the 125 hours, Lyft will top up the driver’s earnings so they equal $1,000.

Why am I not hearing back from Lyft about my application?

If you haven’t heard back about your Lyft application, it’s possible it has been rejected. If weeks have gone by without hearing anything, it’s most likely that you didn’t pass a background check. Once you’re turned down, it’s not possible to apply a second time through the website. You have to contact Lyft’s customer support to find out why it was rejected, and if you’re permitted to apply a second time.

It’s Simple and Easy to Apply

Once you have the right car, your identification, your documentation for verification, and have passed Lyft’s vehicle test, you’re ready to become a Lyft driver. As a driver, you can look forward to a job with flexible hours, employee-provided insurance, and a regular weekly paycheck.

Have you ever applied to be a Lyft Driver? Were you hired? Let us know in the comments section below.

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