How to Change Language on Pluto TV

If you’ve opted for Pluto TV as your go-to streaming service, you might want to change the language. Maybe you’re learning to speak Spanish or Mandarin, or just want to watch your favorite content in a different way.

How to Change Language on Pluto TV

In this article, you’ll find out if there’s an option to change the movies and TV shows to a different language on Pluto TV.

Can You Change Languages on Pluto TV?

Unfortunately, Pluto TV doesn’t offer the option of changing the language of the audio at the moment. This means that if the material you’re watching is in English, you can’t dub it into Spanish, German, or any other language. As of now, this feature is available only on larger platforms such as Netflix.

Can I at Least Enable Subtitles on Pluto TV?

The next best thing to having dubbed content on a broadcast service is enabling subtitles. Luckily, Pluto TV does include this option in its interface through the addition of closed captions. This should make your watching sessions much more enjoyable since it’s a lot easier to understand the actors, news presenters, sports journalists, and other prominent figures on Pluto TV.

How Do I Bring Up Closed Captions on My Screen?

The process of turning on closed captions on your Pluto TV varies depending on the device or platform you’re using:

Getting Closed Captions on Your Android Phone

Here’s what you need to do to include closed captions on Pluto TV if you have an android device:

  1. Go to the Settings tab.
  2. Select the Accessibility option.
  3. Tap the Captions option.
  4. Enable closed captions.
  5. Open Pluto TV.
  6. As you’re watching, tap the display.
  7. Click the CC option and select your preferred language.

Pluto TV

How to Enable Closed Captions on Amazon

Follow these steps to turn on closed captions on Amazon:

  1. Turn on the accessibility settings of your Fire TV.
  2. Enter the Captions column.
  3. Activate the captions.
  4. Start Pluto TV.
  5. Click the menu key located on your TV remote.
  6. Select the language of your closed captions.

Can Roku Enable Closed Captions?

You can also access Closed Captions on Roku. The procedure is quite straightforward. Here’s how it goes:

  1. Open Pluto TV with your Roku.
  2. Play the audio you want.
  3. Go to “Star” to access “Options”.
  4. Select the window that contains closed captioning.
  5. Use the Left or right arrow and go through the list that provides all available captions.

Most devices have different closed captions available. Here are your options:

  1. Off – Captions don’t pop up.
  2. On – Captions pop up.
  3. On replay – Activate captions after you press the Replay button.
  4. On mute – Activate captions when the volume is muted on some devices.

Change Language on Pluto TV

How Can I Get Closed Captions on My iOS or tvOS Device?

This is the way to have closed captions on iOS or tvOS:

  1. Make sure the accessibility settings on an Apple device are turned on.
  2. Select “Settings”. From there, select “General” and then “Accessibility”.
  3. Go to “Media” and press “Subtitles & Captioning”.
  4. Activate closed captioning + SDH.
  5. As you’re watching, touch the screen and then press the CC icon.

Where Do You Turn on Closed Captions on Your Browser?

If you’re accessing Pluto TV via your browser, you’ll need just a few clicks to enable closed captions. Simply click the CC button located under the title of your movie. If the background of the icon is black, closed captions are disabled. Conversely, if the background is white, closed captions are enabled.

In case you can’t access this option, just move your cursor to the area to reveal it.

Does Pluto TV Offer Content in Just English?

Even though changing the language of your favorite Pluto TV content isn’t doable at the moment, you’re still able to access non-English TV programming. Pluto TV enabled this last year when they introduced 11 channels in Spanish and Portuguese.

Since then, the part of the network that focuses on the Hispanic population has grown, featuring 24 Latin American channels. The platform contains over 12,000 hours of Spanish language movies, TV series, and other TV content. Moreover, Pluto TV aims to include over 70 such channels in the upcoming period.

What Type of Content Does Pluto TV Latino Have?

Just like the original Pluto TV, its Latino version offers diverse content to cater for a wide array of interests. Accordingly, Pluto TV Latino provides its viewership with a slew of genres such as true crime, reality, lifestyle, nature, anime, and children’s content.

Language on Pluto TV

One of the most famous channels you can find on Pluto TV Latino is MTV Latino. Some of its most well-known entries include reality shows like “Acapulco Shore,” “Quiero Mis Quinces,” “Catfish,” “Are You The One?” and “Ex On The Beach”. Additionally, the channel also features Latin Unplugged concerts.

Pluto TV Is a Gateway to Foreign Cultures

Even though the lack of the option to change language might be somewhat troubling, Pluto TV still delivers in the sphere of non-English content. With its closed captions feature available on all platforms, you can conveniently gain access to programming that would otherwise be inaccessible. Furthermore, Pluto TV Latino is there for an immersive trip through Spanish and Portuguese cultures.

Has Pluto TV helped you overcome the language barrier of some of its content? How do you feel about closed captions? Is Pluto TV Latino just as fun as the original platform? Let us know in the comments section below.

9 thoughts on “How to Change Language on Pluto TV”

sea says:
your wrong. i cant seem to get pluto tv OFF spanish…its all in spanish!!
Steve Larner says:
You must be using Pluto TV Latino.
Evelyn says:
I study French and would like to get content in French. That would be amazing. I also speak Italian and would like to access that language, too!!
gary says:
Can’t activate cc or get english in Ecudor. Useless on my firestick.
Kim says:
I have the same question, my Pluto tv is only in Spanish and I want English version, how do I get it?
Phyllis Dufour says:
I live in Mexico and can get Pluto TV here but I would like to get the English version. How do I make that happen?
Kim says:
Im having this very same issue.

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