How to Fix Netflix Error Code NW-3-6

Technology isn’t flawless. All kinds of errors happen all the time. Especially after a long day at work when you just want to sit in front of your TV, watch Netflix and chill. Annoying, right?

How to Fix Netflix Error Code NW-3-6

Well, if you see the NW-3-6 error code instead of your favorite TV show, worry not. We have more than one fix that will help you resolve the issue.

What’s the NW-3-6 Error Code and How to Fix It

Before you start fixing the error, you probably want to know what this code means. Along with the code, this message will be displayed on your screen:

We’re having a problem connecting to Netflix. Please try again or visit:

This means the device you’re streaming on can’t establish a connection with Netflix. There’s probably an issue with the network or configuration. So, it’s either your local internet provider or a problem with the streaming device. Thankfully, there are several things you can try to solve this error. Here are some general fixes for whatever streaming device you’re using.

Netlix Error

1. Make Sure Your Internet Is Working

Before you do anything else, make sure your router is on, and your Wi-Fi streaming device is enabled. Then check if the streaming device has access to the internet.

Note that you can connect another device to the Wi-Fi to check your signal, as well. If another device has access to the internet, but your streaming device doesn’t, the signal may be too weak. You may want to consider moving the streaming device closer to your router.

2. Restart Your Device

It’s possible that a temporary interruption caused your device to disconnect from the Wi-Fi. If this is the case, just wait until it connects again.

If the device isn’t disconnected and doesn’t have internet access, you can disconnect it manually and connect it again. This might refresh the connection.

You can also restart the device by turning it off and back on again, and then waiting until it reconnects to the internet. This may work because restarting your device cleans up the cache.

3. Restart or Reset the Router

Another way is to restart the router or the modem.

You can even reset them to default settings, but make sure you know your credentials before you do so. If you’ve forgotten your username and password, you’ll need to contact your internet provider to get them to log you in again.

4. Connect the Device Directly to the Modem

If the router is still causing trouble and restarting it doesn’t help, you may want to skip it altogether. An Ethernet cable will solve this problem in a second. Connect your device directly to the modem and avoid router issues.

Before you do so, don’t forget to turn off your streaming device. Also, turn on the modem first and wait for it to establish a connection before you turn on your device.

5. Disconnect the Proxy Server

If you’re using a VPN or a proxy server while watching Netflix content, disconnect them and try connecting to the service without them. They might be causing the error.

Netlix Error Code nw-3-6

6. Set DNS to Automatic for Gaming Consoles

This fix is a bit more specific, and you can try it if you have an Xbox or a PlayStation.

For Xbox do the following:

  1. Find the Guide button on your controller and press it.
  2. Open Settings.
  3. Select System Setting.
  4. From there, select Network Setting and then Configure Network.
  5. Find DNS Settings and select the option.
  6. Choose Automatic.
  7. Turn off the Xbox and turn it on again and then try accessing Netflix.

For PlayStation, follow the steps below:

  1. Open the main menu and select Settings.
  2. Find Network Settings, and from there, choose Internet Connection Settings.
  3. From this menu, select Custom.
  4. Choose the WiFi or Wired connection option.
  5. Under IP Address Setting, choose Automatic.
  6. Under DHCP hostname, choose Do Not Set.
  7. For DNS Setting and MTU, choose Automatic.
  8. For Proxy Server, choose Do Not Use.
  9. When you’re done, select X to finish and choose Test connection to see if you’ve solved the issue.

You can also set a static IP address for a smart TV by following these instructions:

  1. Open the Settings menu.
  2. Select Network.
  3. From there, choose Network Status.
  4. Make sure you write down the information under IP address, Subnet and Gateway.
  5. Return to Network and select the Set Network on manual option.
  6. Type in the information you’ve written down in the corresponding fields.
  7. Type in Google public DNS server under DNS.
  8. Try accessing Netflix to check if the fix worked.

Fixing the NW-3-6 Error

There’s one more thing we haven’t told you.

If you try everything we suggested and nothing seems to work, it may not be you. It may be Netflix. If their server is temporarily down, there’s nothing you can do about it. Wait a while, and then try streaming again. Hopefully, they’ll have resolved the issue by then.

However, in most cases, it’s not Netflix, but your internet connection. One of our easy fixes will enable you to keep watching your favorite content on this streaming service.

What fix from our list worked for you? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Pascal M. says:
VPN onLG smarttv + netflix =no go
VPN on phone pc tablet +netflix= works
Rebooted modem, wait for it to come back, then router wait for it to come back, then tv=fail @netflix
Removed netflix from tv, reinstall. Reboot [email protected]
Used to work, now no more

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