How to Move Files from One Google Drive to Another

Google Drive, like many Googleproducts, is the leader in what it does. From providing a safe,easily-accessible place for your backups to sharing large files on the cloudwith other people, Google Drive can do everything you need in this area.

However, downloading files anduploading them again just so that you can move them from one account to anotherisn’t the right way to go. There is a simple way to move files from one GoogleDrive to another.

In this entry, we’ll show youexactly how to do it across various devices.

How to Transfer Files from One Google Drive Account to Another on aWindows PC, Mac, or Chromebook

Windows PCs, Macs, andChromebooks may be vastly different, but browsing the web isn’t. And GoogleDrive is a web app accessed via a browser. So, for any device, the principleremains the same.

With this in mind, let’ see howyou can transfer files from a Google Drive account to another.

Open the Google Drive Account

Once you’ve opened the browser,navigate to your Google Drive. Make sure that you’ve signed in to the right accountby clicking the Google account profile photo in the upper-right corner of thepage.

Find the Files/Folders

Navigate to the file/folderthat you want to move. Don’t worry, if you have multiple files to choose from,you don’t have to perform this multiple times. You can select multiple files atonce. To do this, hold down the Ctrlbutton on your keyboard and click each file that you want to select. You canalso left-click on the empty space and select files.

Share Files

Once all the files/folders havebeen selected, right-click any of them. Then, select Share. Alternatively, you can use the Share icon, located in the upper panel on your page. A window willpop up, prompting you to select the accounts you want to share the files with.Once you’ve entered the email address of the second Google Drive account, findthe account on the list and click the current role next to it. Then select Make owner. Finally, click Done.

Make a Copy

Now, although you’ll now beable to access these files from the new Google Drive account, they’re stillonly shared. That means that if youdelete the files on the original account, you won’t be able to access them on theother. So, to finish the move, copy the files inside the shared folder and movethem to a new one in the second account. You’ll have transferred the files tothe new account – the copies are independent from the original. Here’s how todo this.

  1. Select the files that you want to copy
  2. Right-click on any of the selected files
  3. Click Make a copy
  4. Rename the copies
  5. Move them wherever you want.

Keep in mind, though, you won’tbe able to copy the entire shared folder – just the files in it.

Yes, you haven’t literally“moved” to the other account, but you can delete the files in the originaldrive if no longer needed.

How to Transfer Files from One Google Drive Account to Another on iOS orAndroid             

The principles of moving filesto another drive are the same with iOS and Android devices. You select thefiles/folders that you want to move, you share them with the destination Drive,you go to the destination Drive, make copies, and move them wherever you want.Still, the steps aren’t identical as Google Drive on iOS and Android looks different.Just do the following.

Select the Files

Select all the files that youwant to move by holding down on the first item and then tapping each one on thelist. Alternatively, tap the square-like icon at the top of the screen toselect all files and folders inside the folder

Share the Files

Tap the three-dot icon in the upper-leftcorner of the screen and select Share.Enter the address of the target Google Drive account. Make sure that theaccount in question is labeled as Editoror Owner. Otherwise, you won’t beable to move the files.

Make Copies

Log in to the other GoogleDrive account and access the files shared from the original account. Select thefiles that you want to move like earlier. Then, tap the three-dot icon and selectMake a copy from the list.

Move the Copies

Rename the copies according toyour preference and move them wherever you want. Select the renamed files and tapthe Move option using the three-dotmenu. Choose any location of your preference.

How to Transfer Files from a Google Drive Account to Your Device

In most cases, if you want toopen Google Drive files that aren’t photos, videos, and such, you can do itdirectly on Google Drive. However, even if we’re talking about this devicetype, you might want to move them from the Drive to your device. Here’s how togo about it.


Once again, the principle oftransferring files from Google Drive to the device’s hard drive is the same.Essentially, you’ll be downloading them.

  1. Select the file/files that you wish to transfer
  2. Right-click on any of the selected ones
  3. Select Download
  4. Download the file(s) as you would any other file


Unfortunately, iOS has beenconceptualized in a completely different way than Android, which is why youcan’t download files from your iOS app to the iOS device. However, this isentirely possible on Android.

  1. Select the file or files that you want to download
  2. Tap the three-dot icon
  3. Select Download

Yes, it’s as simple as that.

How to Transfer Files from Your Device to a Google Drive Account

You can also move files theother way around. This is called “uploading” the files, and it’s all prettystraightforward.


The principle remains the samefor all three platforms. Start by opening your preferred browser and logging into the destination Google Drive account.

Method 1

  1. Go to your Drive
  2. Select My Drive toward the top
  3. Click Upload files or Upload folder
  4. Select the files/folders that you want to upload
  5. Upload will start automatically

Now, you can move the uploadeditems to the desired folder. You can create a new folder by clicking My Drive and move the new files byselecting them and click-and-dragging them to the newly created folder or anyother destination.

Method 2

  1. Create or navigate to the folder that you want to upload the files to
  2. Select the files on your computer device
  3. Use drag-and-drop to have them uploaded to the Drive


There are various files thatyou can upload from your iOS/Android phone or tablet to Google Drive. This ishow you do it.

  1. Find the file that you want to upload to Google Drive
  2. Go to the file options
  3. Select Share
  4. Choose the Google Drive option
  5. Select the Google Drive account you want to upload the file to
  6. Select the location
  7. Upload the file

Additional FAQ

How many owners do Google Drive files have?

There are three different roletitles in Google Drive, Owner, Editor, and Viewer. Every Google Drive item hasto have at least one Owner. By default, the Owner title belongs to the personwho uploaded a file/folder. However, the Owner can add more Owners to theDrive. The number is unlimited – everyone can be assigned the role of Owner.However, not even the Owner can assign another Owner using the mobile GoogleDrive app.

What is the size of Google Drive?

Every Google Drive accountstarts with a free plan, which has a 15 GB limit. This is enough for mostnon-professional Google Drive users. Upgrading to Google One will increase thestorage limit to a minimum of 100 GB, depending on the plan. Upgrading toGoogle One gives you additional benefits, including advanced support.

File Transfer on Google Drive

Google Drive has progressedenough to not have too many file transfer limits. Certain limitations, however,still exist.

We hope that we’ve shed somelight on the basic Google Drive file transfer options. If you have anyquestions or want to add anything, don’t be a stranger – contact us and join thediscussion with our community in the comments below.

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