How To Use Unfold

Unfold is an app designed to supercharge your Instagram Stories and add even more character to them. It’s a neat app that helps you add even more design flair to your Stories by using some of its preformatted templates to help increase your Stories game.

How To Use Unfold

Unfold’s power is in its simplicity. It provides a bunch of templates for your Stories that can make it stand out. You add your images or video to that template and upload your Story as normal. You still use all the same creation tools you have in Instagram but you then have other tools to use too.

Even if you have not recognized them, you will have seen many Unfold templates on Instagram as they are used everywhere. From companies and brands with their carefully curated Stories to individuals who want to raise their game, they are literally everywhere on Instagram because they are so good.

Using Unfold

Unfold is available for Android and iPhone and is free but contains in-app purchases. Those purchases are template sets that you can use in your Stories. There are plenty included for free but some of the better ones are premium and cost between $0.99 and $1.99 each.

  1. Download and install Unfold from your local app store.
  2. Open the app and select ‘+’ to begin a new Story.
  3. Name your Story on the first screen and select Create.
  4. Select the ‘+’ on the next page to add a page to your story.
  5. Select an Unfold template from the bottom of the screen.
  6. Insert an image into the center of the new template.
  7. Tap on the pencil icon to insert text or double tap the the placeholder text that’s already there to modify.
  8. Select the download icon at the top right to save your Story.
  9. Open Instagram, create a Story and select your Unfold creation.
  10. Edit further or post.

That’s how to create a basic story using the default settings. As you would hope, you have a range of editing options from within the creation page to make your Story your own.

I like that it doesn’t want all your Instagram login details or access to everything on your phone. The feature of saving the Story and letting you open in Instagram and post yourself is an excellent feature and something that will encourage people to use it more.

While I glossed over some of the editing options above, you have lots to do while creating a Story in Unfold.

  • Select library images in Step 6 by selecting Gallery from the bottom or take a picture.
  • Add extra pages to your Story by selecting the ‘+’ icon at the bottom of the page.
  • Change the font and size from within the text window in the Edit Text tab.
  • Add text effects like inverted colors, bold, italics and so on from within the same Edit Text tab.
  • Select the pencil icon in the bottom right of the main screen to access template colors. Select the raindrop icon for color.
  • Select the pencil and the T icon to change text options. You can add more text or access Edit Text options and modify as you need.
  • Re-order multiple pages by selecting the star icon and the back icon that appears midway on the left side.

Unfold Templates

There are 25-30 free templates and perhaps 100+ paid templates for Unfold. When you create your Story and select a template, you will see a slider at the very bottom of the page. This is where you choose your template. They will all be selectable but if you select one you haven’t bought, you will see a notification telling you that you don’t own it. The app then gives you a price and the option to buy.

Buying the template makes it immediately available as long as you have a payment method installed on your phone and is accessible by Unfold. As mentioned, prices vary between $0.99 and $1.99 per template set and you will receive between 5-10 templates per set.

For once, the free templates available within an app are actually pretty good. Each of them is worthy of using and comes with a range of layout options and colors. The premium ones do step it up a notch in terms of quality but those free ones are enough to keep you busy while you assess whether you continue using the app and investing in it. As big brands are using Unfold quite regularly, lots of individual users are following suit.

Unfold is an excellent app that adds another layer of cool to Instagram Stories. There will come a time when we have seen every template and every color but until then, this app is well worth using.

5 thoughts on “How To Use Unfold”

joão says:
But how do you upload photos to the gallery and how do you manage it
lia says:
hello can i work with unfold fro my desktop?
Anne Rhynas says:
Hi, can I move, or cut & paste pages between my different Stories?
Regards Anne.
Sande Sainte-Marie says:
HI, I really like this app. Need help, though: If I create a one page story, no problem saving to Instagram story feature. If I create a story within the app with three pages, I have a problem- I go to save it, and click save story, and it only gives a choice to either save a PDF or save to device. If I save to device, three pages show up separately, not together as a story. I cannot save the three page story together to Instagram. Any advice?
LJ says:
I have the same problem Sandé and can’t seem to find anywhere that explains how to get around it.
Zac Stafford says:
This is great! I just learned of this as it seems they were acquired by Squarespace, where we have our travel blog.

I can’t wait to try this out on my IG stories and see how it will integrate with Squarespace…

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