How To Watch Season Recaps on Netflix

With so many TV shows available on Netflix, you can easily forget what happened in previous seasons. Especially if the show has a longer break than usual.

That is why getting a full season recap is vital to catching up when the brand-new season appears online. This way, you will not feel lost during the first half of the premiere. But where can you get these recaps? Fortunately, Netflix thinks of its users and provides season recaps. And if you can not find it on Netflix, there are other options available as well.

How to Watch Recaps for Seasons on Netflix?

Understanding how important it is to remind viewers of past events, Netflix makes sure you get the recap of the previous season. What is more, they will play it for you before you start the new season premiere. If you have missed a recap or simply want to remind yourself of the past events, follow the steps below to find them:

Open Netflix and choose the show’s season recap.

Go to Episodes And Info.

Click ‘Trailers & More’

Beneath the list of seasons in the menu to the left, you should see Trailers & More. Select it.

Depending on the show, there should be a list of trailers, season recaps, and some show extras, like interviews, etc.

Select a recap for the season you wish and that is it.

If you are accessing Netflix from a desktop or laptop computer, the Trailers & More option will appear in the main menu beneath the show’s artwork. It should be between the Episodes and More Like This options. Simply scroll down until you see the episode recaps.

If you do not see the Trailers & More option, it indicates that there is no extra content for that show besides the episodes themselves. This is not uncommon, since not every TV show on Netflix has season recaps. Naturally, if you are looking for a Netflix Originals title, they will make sure to fill them up with all the goodies they might have. These include trailers, promo videos, season recaps, as well as bonus content, such as spotlight video clips.

Another great thing about Netflix is their official YouTube channel. This allows you to find any recaps you might need, as well as all the additional content otherwise not available in their app. To avoid scrolling through all the videos, simply use the Search option that is next to the About tab. Type in the name of the show you are looking for and hit enter. Since this search is not a global YouTube search, it will provide only the results for the content on the Netflix channel.

Additional FAQ

Are there any useful resources out there that recap seasons of shows?

If Netflix does not have a season recap for the show you want to watch, there are other resources you can go to. Ranging from simple recap articles to dedicated YouTube videos, the internet is brimming with recaps for you to watch. You can also choose what kind of recap you are looking for. You might want to check out the recap of an entire season or simply find out what happened in one of the episodes. Regardless, the next few resources should satisfy your curiosity for any show you might think of.


Although it may not be so obvious, Wikipedia is one of the prime resources for TV show recaps. All you have to do is search for a TV show title, open its page, and look for the Plot section.

Before you proceed, it is important to note that not all TV shows have the same structure as their Wikipedia page. Most will only list the seasons on the TV show’s main page, prompting you to go to the season’s dedicated page. If you are curious about the plot of a particular episode, you might have to visit its separate page as well. Although this can seem like a lot of navigation, this is definitely the best structure as it provides ample information on all levels of the show.

Contrary to that, some TV shows can have all the related information on a single page. In that case, you might find the seasons listed along with their episodes. And beneath each episode, there might be a plot description. On rare occasions, a show may lack dedicated pages for each of its seasons, increasing the chances of not being able to get a season recap through Wikipedia.

Luckily, most of the popular shows have pages with all the relevant information. When you open the show’s Wikipedia entry, check out the Contents box and look for the list of seasons. When you click the season you are looking for, you will navigate further down the page to that very entry. If the season has its own page, you should see the link beneath the entry’s title.

When you open the season’s page, check out the Plot section to find out what happened in that season. If you want to go deeper, check out the list of episodes, and click the episode you are curious about. Again, read the Plot section for details on that specific episode.

Besides their Wikipedia entry, all great shows have their own Fandom page as well. To find a show, simply open your web browser and type in and then the show’s title. For example, to find the Stranger Things Fandom page, browse for stranger things. Depending on which browser you are using, the show’s fandom page will open right up. If not, simply select it from the results page.

Once on the desired page, look for the Seasons tab in the page’s top menu. When you hover your mouse over the option, a list of seasons should appear. Click on whichever you want and the dedicated page will open.

When you open the season’s page, you can read through either the Synopsis or Plot Summary sections. The synopsis gives you a brief rundown about what is going to happen in that season. For a more detailed read through, check out the plot summary. There you will find every relevant detail from that season to prepare you for the next.

If you want to find out what went down in one of the episodes, you can do that as well. Simply hover over the Seasons tab in the top menu, then the season you are looking for, and the list of episodes will appear. Now click the episode you want and that is it. Again, you can read both the synopsis and the plot summary to get all the details.

Of course, certain shows might not have a Fandom page. In that case, you will have to turn to some alternative resources.


Vulture focuses on various cultural coverage of film, television, arts, and more. Although there are many other similar outlets, their TV recap section is something that definitely sets them apart. Offering recaps for almost any show imaginable, this is a pretty decent alternative to Wikipedia and Fandom.

The first thing you will notice on their recap page is the drop-down menu that allows you to select the show you want. Once you do so, you will see the list of all the articles related to that show. Now it is a simple matter of choosing the right recap you have been looking for and reading on.


Comparing it to other entries in this section, RecapGuide does the whole recap thing a bit differently. Here you will not find written recaps or video edits from the show’s seasons and episodes. Instead, you will get a glimpse into each episode, screenshot by screenshot. Using an automated process of taking screenshots at certain intervals, it is a great way of reminding you what happened in that specific episode. You can slide your mouse left to right to get a quick slideshow view. There is also an option to scroll down the page to see each screenshot on its own.

Although this is a great tool to remind yourself of past events, it will not work well if you have not actually watched that particular episode. Since these screenshots do not focus on major plot points, rather on specific time stamps, they may look out of context. Of course, if you watched the episode, this is a great way to fill in the blanks, quickly catching up with the events you forgot.

Man of Recaps

Although reading a season recap will allow you to analyze all the details, watching a recap video is arguably the easiest way to do so. That is why Man of Recaps dedicates his YouTube channel to this very purpose. Guiding you through the seasons with his voice-over narration, you also get to watch snippets of the events he is talking about.

One of the extremely useful recaps on this channel was for the first seven seasons of Game of Thrones. Before starting the eighth and final season, it proved a great way to remind yourself about everything that happened at that time. And it is only thirty minutes long, which is perfect.

Do All Seasons Have Recaps?

Unfortunately, no. Depending on the TV show, it is possible that even when there are recaps for previous seasons, there will not be a recap video for the final season. The reason being there are no new episodes coming your way for which you would need to recap the previous events.

Recapping Your Netflix Shows

Hopefully, you have managed to find a way to check out what happened in the previous seasons of your favorite show. Regardless of whether you watch a recap on Netflix or read about it online, reminding yourself of past events will help you focus on the new content. Armed with that knowledge, you are now ready to dive into fresh adventures with your heroes.

Have you managed to find season recaps for your favorite shows on Netflix? Which tool do you find the best? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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