How To Get Verified on Twitter [January 2021]

Twitter is one of the easiest ways to connect with other people, brands, and organizations.  To help grow your audience, you may want to have your Twitter account verified. This will help you build credibility as a digital brand or, at the very least, let others know you are a real person.

How To Get Verified on Twitter [January 2021]

A verified public Twitter account has A blue badge with a checkmark inside of it next to the user name. That’s how you can tell that Twitter has made sure the account is run by the person or organization that is represented on the profile. Similar to other social media sites, a verified account is a coveted checkmark that shows your followers that you are the real thing.

How does one get verified on Twitter?  We’ll break it down for you step-by-step.  We will equip you with everything you need to verify your Twitter account as an individual or brand. Once you are verified, your Twitter account is has a higher level of protection from Terms and Conditions violations. This lets you scale up your public interest growth on the platform.

Twitter officially announced a new Verification policy in December of 2020. That said, we’ll update the article once it becomes live. Until then, there’s no option to apply for account verification. But, we’ll review that a little further in this article.

Twitter Verification Prerequisites

In Twitter’s December 2020 announcement, the company stated that there would be a new self-service option for verification. You will need to follow links and provide proof of who you are before getting your blue badge. We’ve included the previous instructions in this article as they’re very similar to what we expect to see when the verification becomes available again.

You’re going to need to do a few things before you ask to get verified by Twitter.  Once completed, you’ll be on your way to having the Twitter verification badge displayed on your Twitter profile.  This is what you’ll need

An example of a verified Twitter account
  • You’ll need a phone number that’s been verified by Twitter as operational and legit.
  • Make sure you’ve confirmed your email address associated with your Twitter account. Your email address should be the one linked to your personal Twitter account, brand, or organization.
  • Your date of birth needs to get associated with your Twitter account. This doesn’t apply to pages made for a company, brand, or organization.
  • You will need to link a viable website associated with your account.
  • Tweets must visible to the public. This can be altered in the tweet settings.

Are you requesting verification of a personal Twitter account profile? Then, you’ll also have to submit a copy of a valid official government-issued ID.  This can be your driver’s license or passport.  It’s used to confirm your request and gets deleted upon completion.

Recommended Twitter Account Profile Conditions

On your way to getting a verified Twitter account, some conditions should be put in place to make it happen.

  • If you’re using a personal Twitter account to represent you, then your username is either your real name or your stage name.
  • When you’re representing a company, cooperation, or brand, the Twitter account should also reflect that in the name.
  • Your profile and header photos are relevant and representative of you and or your company or brand.
  • The bio associated with the Twitter account expresses your mission, intent, or expertise.

Here are a few more tips and reminders to help the process along.  These can help your Twitter account have a higher verification acceptance outcome.

Recommended security precautions 

Beyond what information you provide for verification, you also need to have your eye out for security details. A hacked account is much less likely to be verified. Twitter’s info pages suggest the following:

  • Turn on log-in verification so that a second security check is required before you can log in.
  • Keep verification auto-enrollment features turned on.
  • Be picky about which third-party apps are allowed to access your Twitter.
  • Secure the email associated with your account.

When does Twitter ask for more info?

Twitter could ask for more information to verify your account.  It’s best to provide Twitter with any additional information they request should the need arise.  You’ll have a better chance of being Twitter verified if you comply.

When you decide to verify your Twitter account, you must be logged into the account requesting verification.  Then, you’ll need to fill out a verification request form.  You’ll receive an email from Twitter after your request is submitted.

What things will make me lose my verified status?

Currently, some site actions may disqualify you from verification. It’s important to make a note of these before proceeding.

  • Intentionally misleading other members by changing names, bio, or images that do not reflect your identity.
  • Violence, dangerous behavior, self-harm, harassment, or hate speech.
  • Inappropriate imagery.
  • Engaging in actions that violate the terms and conditions policy.

Twitter verification in 2021

There have been a lot of changes in social media credential policies since this post was first published. False information and phishing scams have caused Twitter and others to tighten the restrictions on account verification.

Check back frequently, because as of early 2020 Twitter has temporarily suspended the verification process. As such all-new verifications have been put on pause.

If you want to attempt verification, simply visit the Twitter account verification webpage to start the process.

In some cases, YouTube creators may also have a harder time maintaining their current verification status on their host platform. This may reflect on their associated Twitter accounts. It’s important to keep an updated version of Twitter’s verification policies saved or easily accessible. Refer to it frequently.

If my first verification attempt fails, what do I do?

You can request another Twitter verification for the same account 30 days after your first request is denied.  Twitter may ask that certain parts of your Twitter account profile get edited, or they may require additional information.

Follow Twitter’s instructions to get your Twitter account up to verification standards. Then, resubmit your request for Twitter verification.

That’s it. You’re now able to go forth and verify your Twitter account.  Simply follow the recommended steps we’ve outlined and then cross your fingers.

In the case of a new verification policy denial 

Was your previously approved verification denied? Verification policies are changing. So are the rules for resubmission. If your verification status has been changed, you may have to contact Twitter’s customer service handle to get reapproved. Refer to the Twitter Help Center to learn how you can contact someone in the administration for assistance. Always refer back to the Twitter Help Center in case of policy updates.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get a Periscope account verified?

If you have a verified Twitter account, the related Periscope account will automatically receive verification too.

Why isn’t Twitter verifying accounts?

Although there aren’t any updates on the current pause of verification, Twitter announced the same pause in 2018. The reason, as stated, was that the blue checkmark was losing its value and exclusivity.

Do I need a verified account?

While it won’t hinder you from any of the app’s features, or from building an audience, a verified Twitter account tells your followers that you are legitimate. If possible, during this time of unverified accounts, try adding @thereal before your Twitter handle.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eIf you have a Trademark or someone is impersonating you on Twitter, you can still file a report with the company. Visit the Twitter Help Page and select one of the topics that you need help with. If someone is trying to steal your identity on the platform, or they’re trying to imitate your brand, Twitter will remove the account assuming you provide enough information.

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