Instagram Account Deleted? Here’s What You Can Do About It

Instagram has established an extensive set of rules to safeguard users’ private information. But there are still loopholes that might get your account deleted. While the platform has no solution for retrieving accounts that are deleted manually, there are several situations when you can restore your profile.

Instagram Account Deleted? Here's What You Can Do About It

Keep reading to discover why Instagram deletes accounts and what to do if you experience the same issue.

Instagram Account Deleted for No Reason

Instagram will disable profiles that go against their community guidelines and terms of service. However, some accounts also get disabled by mistake. Such mishaps can be frustrating if your account serves as a business account or storefront.

Some of the common reasons Instagram deletes accounts are:

Violations of Terms and Guidelines

Repeated violations of the platforms’ rules may result in permanent account termination. Users should ensure their accounts aren’t posting content that promotes illegal activities, hate speech, and threats against certain people or communities.

Account Inactivity

Instagram considers any account that hasn’t been used in two years as inactive.

Use of Third-Party Tools

The platform forbids the use of third-party software to grow your following or boost your engagement. If Instagram suspects you’ve used apps to tweak your follower numbers or generate more comments under your posts, the app can restrict your account access.

Instagram Account Deleted for Violating Terms

Instagram is known for enforcing strict rules to safeguard users’ privacy and security. If an account has violated the platform’s terms, it’s virtually impossible to recover it. However, since there are numerous guidelines, the app might have flagged your profile accidentally. If that’s the case, there are two ways to get your account up and running again.

Use the first method if you receive a pop-up message informing you the account has violated Instagram’s terms when trying to log in. Upon finishing the process, your account should be restored immediately. To retrieve the account:

  1. Press the Learn More button on your mobile app’s login page. A pop-up message will implore you to contact the platform if the account has been disabled by mistake.
  2. Select the Please let us know… option.
  3. Choose Yes or No to indicate whether your account was used for business purposes.
  4. Enter your personal information in the required fields.
  5. If you’re recovering a business account, you’re required to submit business documentation for verification. Instagram will not reactivate the account unless you send in at least one valid document.
  6. Click Send to submit your request.

If Instagram determines the account deletion was accidental, they’ll send you an email with a reactivation code. The platform normally asks users to respond to their message with a JPEG image where they’re holding a piece of paper with the code. Ensure that the code is clearly visible and that the image is high quality. Instagram could deny your request if you send in a grainy or blurry identification picture.

After completing the process, you should be able to access your account in a few days. The platform will send you another email to notify you that they’ve restored the account.

An additional way of retrieving your account is by asking the platform to review your Instagram activity and reconsider its decision. To do so:

  1. Launch your device’s Instagram app.
  2. Enter your account details and press the Log In button.
  3. If the platform has disabled your account, you’ll see an on-screen message. It will inform you the account will be deleted and that you have 30 days to send in a review request.
  4. Select Download Data to back up your Instagram data in case the platform does not reverse its decision.
  5. Click Request Review.
  6. Type in the login information of the disabled account.

Instagram will now double-check whether the account has violated any of the platform’s rules. You’ll be notified within a few days whether Instagram has reversed the decision and decided to restore your account. Note that some users have waited several weeks to hear back from the platform.

Instagram Account Deleted by Hackers

You don’t have to amass a large internet following to be targeted by hackers. With many users keeping their Instagram profiles public, hackers have found ways to get ahold of their information and use it for nefarious purposes. Hackers might lock you out of the account, take down all your posts, or even permanently delete the account.

If you suspect your account has been hacked, go through your email inbox and find a message stating your account details have been changed. If you see this notification, the hackers have changed your login information, so you won’t be able to use the mobile app to restore the account.

When hackers delete your account, Instagram views it as a manual deletion and permanently takes down the account. You can make a new account using the same email address, but you may have to select a new username.

How to Protect Instagram Account from Hackers

You can take steps to prevent your Instagram account from getting hacked.

The first one involves setting up a strong password. It’s best to have a different password for each of your social media profiles so that hackers can’t control all of your information. You can also use the How Strong Is My Password website to assess the strength of the code.

Another preventive measure is enabling two-factor authentication. Whenever you log in on a new device, the app will ask you to confirm your identity using a verification code. To set up the authentication:

  1. Launch the Instagram app and head over to Settings.
  2. Head to Security, then press Two-Factor Authentication and select Get started.
  3. Choose the Text message option.
  4. Instagram will prompt you to enter your phone number if you haven’t already tied it to your account. Once you’ve completed this task, click Next.

When trying to access the account from an unrecognized device, the app will send you a code via text message. You’ll only be able to access the account once you’ve typed in the security code.

Instagram Deleted Appeal

When you’re sure you haven’t broken any of Instagram’s community rules, you can submit an appeal form and request that the platform restore your account. You can do so using either your PC or mobile app.

To submit an appeal to Instagram through the mobile app:

  1. Launch your smartphone’s Instagram app and enter your login credentials.
  2. The interface will generate a message that Instagram has disabled your account; press the Learn More button.
  3. A new window will appear. Scroll to the bottom and tap let us know.
  4. If the account was a business profile, choose Yes. For a personal account, click No.
  5. Fill in your personal details as requested. If you’re retrieving a business account, attach a legal document verifying the business’s operation.
  6. Press Send to submit the appeal.

The platform will send you an email containing a retrieval code. Follow the instructions outlined in the email to take a picture of yourself with the handwritten code visible. Instagram usually takes a few days to reactivate disabled accounts, but sometimes the process may stretch up to several weeks. If you’ve sent in the appeal and complied with Instagram’s email requests, be ready to wait it out.

Note that this method won’t work if you’ve manually deactivated the Instagram account. If you’ve sent in a deactivation request, Instagram will permanently wipe your account off their database.

It may take Instagram a few days to get back to you, so don’t worry if you don’t hear back from them immediately.

If this in-app solution isn’t for you, you can also appeal a disabled account using your PC or laptop. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Access the appeal form from the Instagram Help Center.
  2. Fill out your personal details and Instagram account information.
  3. In the appropriate text field, clearly state why you’re appealing Instagram’s decision. The more details you include, the better your chances are of retrieving the account.
  4. Press the Send button to submit the request.

Instagram may take up to 20 days to respond. However, check your account every few days.

Some users have reported that they could access their accounts without hearing back from the platform. If that happens, continue using your account as usual. You’ll eventually receive an email from Instagram confirming the account’s reactivation.

Your Instagram Account Is Here to Stay

Instagram guidelines protect users’ information and prevent them from misusing the platform. However, there’s still an error margin that means your account could get deleted for no reason. The good news is there are ways to bypass this problem, so you can request a review or submit an appeal to retrieve your account.

Has Instagram ever disabled your account? Which method did you use to regain account access? Let us know in the comment section below.

18 thoughts on “Instagram Account Deleted? Here’s What You Can Do About It”

How to get back a account after 30 days can uh plzz help me
Willy_HSV says:
Screw this app. I didnt violate community standards because I dont post things to my account. The only thing I may have done is shared a product link occasionally in order to enter drawings for a product. Regardless, the user should be given a warning of some type in order to let them correct the situation. I received no warnings, just a deleted account.
Fuchan says:
I have exactly the same.
I sent in a picture of my face, which should resemble my profile picture, with the code they asked for. And my account still got deleted without options for appealing again.

I guess it’s better to take my business elsewhere. No opportunity for Instagram to make money off of me and that’s their loss

eunice says:
did u try to download your data? did it work?
Karla Markley says:
I didn’t break guidelines someone must of hacked my account. I need it back this is crazy
Jane Doe says:
This is the message i got after trying to log in AND submit an appeal form: ” The decision to disable your account can’t be reviewed. This is either because we already reviewed it and decided it can’t be reversed, or because more than 30 days have past since your account was disabled.”

Are there any loop holes i can take because ive had so many pictures on that account and dont even know how ive violated guidlines when i have 2 factor set up and sent them a mugshot to prove my identity. Its been weeks and its triggering my anxiety.

kelly says:
Oh my stars – this is EXACTLY what happened to me. I tried EVERYTHING. I even managed to dig up an email for an actual human to email about it. The response was “your account was deleted because you violated our terms of service” – which I did NOT do. Nor was the account hacked because before they disabled and then deleted it, i had seen what was posted and what was on the chats, and there was nothing there which violated terms.
Anyway – I replied to that email telling the person that I had not violated any terms, and could they please provide another option, or a different person to speak to. Since then? TUMBLEWEEDS! Not a squeak. Not a peep. Nothing. There is literally no way to raise them from their apathy. I’m sorry this has happened to you, but you aint getting it back. I couldn’t, and I tried quite literally everything.
Meg says:
I am just now having the SAME EXACT issue. How is it fair that accounts that post half nude crap and all this political bs get to keep their accounts and other accounts (like mine) who just post general life stuff get deleted for “voilating terms of service”… WTF
Neha Walia says:
My 3 business accounts on Instagram has been deactivated, I am legally registered, tax payer, is there any reason, I keep send email and proof but won’t get any response,so unjustified and unfair, I keep losing my all potential client, please help if possible
eunice says:
did u try to download your data, and did it work?

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