How To Use Slow Motion on the iPhone XR

If you have an iPhone XR, you want to make the best possible use of its dual cameras. But is phone a good option for taking slow motion videos? Here is all you need to know about using slow motion on the XR.

How To Use Slow Motion on the iPhone XR

High-Quality Cameras

The iPhone XR is an excellent choice for taking pictures.

It comes with facial detection and depth mapping, so you can use it to take breathtaking portraits. There are also some special features for taking better selfies. At the same time, it has sensors that enable you to take crisp action shots.

While it’s user-friendly, this camera has a lot to offer to experienced photography enthusiasts. You can experiment with depth and bokeh. It performs well in bad lighting conditions and gives you the option to emphasize the contrast between light and shadow.

As far as video recording is concerned, the iPhone XR lets you make exceptionally sharp videos in 4K resolution. Because the camera sensor has large pixels, you can record dimly-lit videos to great effect. However, there is one significant downside.

Disappointing Frame Rates at the Highest Resolution

Slow motion videos are extremely popular online. Depending on the subject matter, they can be poignant or hilarious.

Creating high-quality slow motion videos is important to many smartphone camera users. Unfortunately, the iPhone XR is underwhelming in this regard. You can use it to record 4K videos at 60, 30, or 24 fps (frames per second). But slow motion videos have to have a lower resolution than 4K.

The best option is to record 1080p videos with a frame rate of 240 fps. This means that your slow motion videos will be 8x longer than the original.

If you opt for the 120 fps frame rate, your video will take up less space on your phone. However, the lower frame rate means that your video will only be 4x slower than the recorded event.

How to Record in Slow Motion on the iPhone XR

To decide between 240 and 120 fps, check the slow motion settings.

1. Go into Settings

2. Tap on Camera

3. Select “Record Slo-mo”

4. Decide on the Frame Rate You Want to Use

Once the frame rate has been adjusted, you can start making your videos. To switch to slow motion recording, open your Camera app and then tap on SLO-MO. Then simply press the red button to start recording.

Editing Slow Motion Videos

The Camera app will automatically create a slow motion section in your video. You can manually adjust the beginning and end of this section. If you like, you can extend the slow motion effect to your entire recording.

Here is how you can change the beginning and end of the slow motion section:

  1. Tap on Edit
  2. Use the Slider to Adjust the Timing of the Slow Motion

A Final Word

Creating effective slow motion videos isn’t an exact science. It takes some experimenting to find your own style. Try different frame rates and make use of the back camera’s 5x digital zoom. Since the iPhone XR comes with both optical and automatic image stabilization, your shots will look professional.

Let’s summarize. The iPhone XR has dual cameras that perform well overall. The slow motion options are average and they don’t live up to the other features. If slow-mo recording is a priority for you, the Galaxy S9+ might be a better option, as it offers a frame rate of 960 fps.

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Lizanne Desjardins says:
I have the iphone xr and when on the Slow Mo mode it won’t let me switch the camera to face me, like doing a selfie.

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