A List of Life360 Map Icon Meanings

Life360 is a family tracking app that allows you to protect the people who matter to you most. Available for Android and Apple devices, the platform uses location-sharing technology so you can see where family members are, and even check in on how they’re driving.

A List of Life360 Map Icon Meanings

To ensure accurate tracking, Life360 provides you with a map. On that map are circles, which represent each of the family members you’re tracking. Within those circles are various colored map icons that give you an at-a-glance idea of what your tracked loved one is doing at any given time.

In this article, we explain what each of the Life360 map icons means. But before you can see these icons, you need to create a circle for your family members.

What Does a Purple Life360 Map Icon Mean?

The purple Life360 map icon takes you to the Day Detail screen of your circle member. This screen allows you to choose a date so you can see the location history of your chosen circle member for that date. A slider located at the bottom of the screen displays any new trip or drive updates for the chosen member.

Follow these steps to access the Day Detail screen.

  1. Open your Life360 app and click on the profile of the circle member you wish to track.
  2. Locate the purple Life360 icon at the bottom of the member’s profile screen. It looks like a map location pin.
  3. Tap the purple icon to open the Day Detail screen.

What Does a Green Life360 Map Icon Mean?

The green Life360 map icon is a small green dot in the middle of a circle icon that shows a member’s position on your map. A green map icon means that the member has activated Life360’s drive detection feature. Now you can track their driving in real time. The feature also allows you to check for unsafe driving techniques, such as using the phone while driving.

Follow these steps to turn on Drive Detection.

  1. Open Life360 and tap the “Settings” icon in the lower-right corner.
  2. Select “Drive Detection.”
  3. Tap the slider to turn the feature on.

Repeat this step on each circle member’s device to display green Life360 map icons for everybody in the circle.

What Does an Orange Life360 Map Icon Mean?

An orange Life360 map icon indicates an area where a recent crime has taken place. It may show up if a circle member drives close to the area in question. Users can check for this map icon to help them avoid areas that may host criminal activity.

What Does a Spinning Circle Life360 Map Icon Mean?

A spinning circle icon indicates that Life360 is not currently able to detect a circle member’s position on the map. This may happen due to several reasons, such as the circle member having a weak internet connection, or if they turn their internet connection off manually.

Know Your Life360 Map Icons

Knowing what each Life360 map icon means allows you to quickly determine whether you need to get in touch with a circle member. The icons give you an at-a-glance idea of the member’s connection status, current driving activity, and their vicinity to areas where recent crimes have taken place.

Now that you know what the icons mean, we want to hear your opinions about Life360. Do you think a tracking app may prove useful for your family? Does Life360 sound like a good solution for you? Tell us in the comments section below.

21 thoughts on “A List of Life360 Map Icon Meanings”

Christina says:
What does the purple spotlight that emanates out from my location mean? The purple changes direction with my movements.
Steve Larner says:
If referring to a “flashlight” type purple light that rotates and moves as your phone does, it appears as if it is a directional compass-like thing on your device. If you rotate your phone, you’ll see the spotlight rotates as well, even when standing still.
What is the icon with keys in it mean
Steve Larner says:
The icon is for the Tile(TM) product that is placed on the keyring.
Daniel J Mokris says:
Emanating from my personal location bubble is a faint purple searchlight beam. Any idea what that means?
Carol Dale Tennyson says:
My granddaughter’s icon is black with an initial in the middleMy granddaughter’s icon is black with an initial in the middle What does that mean
Steve Larner says:
Need for information. What’s the initial?
Is there anyway you can swP accounts so they look like there on a different route
Steve Larner says:
No. You probably can clear the cache and storage and then uninstall the app, but others in the circle will know when they see no activity for days. The only foolproof method is to cancel the subscription, and then delete your account. If you don’t cancel the subscription, your device will remain in the circle for others to see but will show no movement.
Chris says:
What does the “desk lamp” icon mean at a building location on Life 360? Is it an office of some kind? Thanks!
Steve Larner says:
Can’t seem to find an answer, but what exactly does it look like? I saw what looks like a covered dish that could also be considered a hanging lamp by some. I also saw an exclamation point with three lines coming out on both sides that could look like a light bulb to some.
Troy says:
Do the zig zag or nonsensical track lines mean that the app was intentionally manipulted
Dee says:
What does the teardrop symbol mean or show? Also, there is a white round symbol that shows up, what does that one mean or show?
Steve Larner says:
You’ll have to be more specific on what the Life360 teardrop looks like. There are several, such as a purple one with a hole in it, a wider one with a profile pic in it, colored ones with a specific symbol in them, etc.
Angela says:
That means they had it either on airplane mode or do not disturb disturb mode. …… Possible battery saver mode. That why there’s missing route.
Buddy says:
In our 360 life drive history why is there purple marker on place we went
Steve Larner says:
Not sure about purple markers. I don’t know what you mean specifically. But purple dots represent points where Life360 checked your location.
Angela says:
Steve….. I’m a member as well and through trial and error it’s my greater experience that either battery saver mode, airplane mode or do not disturb was on. It flat out can’t find you and it, the app, doesn’t show that the person has just vanished. I’ve never found it to be “interference” of any sort. Unless your in a freaking faraday cage or some such s**t. 😆 …. But um yeah. Hope it helps
Cheryl says:
What does the blue line indicate on the map ? Is it water or something
Alma says:
Love Life360 but it should show if a person makes stops anyplace that isn’t indicated in their places list.
Ajsohani says:
Hello all buddies,
you have not shown what circle in black means ?
Steve Larner says:
Cannot find anything on a black circle. Try https://support.life360.com/hc/
Carlos says:
Hi.. What does a white location marker on a trip with no destination route mean? They were gone from 4:22 and returned at 5:44 but there was no trip route, just a white location marker.. Thanks…
Steve Larner says:
I believe it is because Life360 could not track their route due to various scenarios. It reports what it does have instead, which is a location.

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