Life360 vs. Family360

If you’re looking for a great GPS family locator, you might be undecided between Life360 or Family360. Both are well-known family-tracking apps with a wealth of useful features that assist parents in keeping tabs on their children. Aside from the advanced GPS technology, Life360 has integration with the emergency services. Whereas Family360 emphasizes in-app communication, such as chat and custom groups.

Life360 vs. Family360

This article reviews the different features, prices, and pros and cons of these apps so you can decide which is best for you.


Life360’s mission statement is to bring families together using comprehensive coordination and safety features for life on the go and at home. They claim their service offers peace of mind and provides support from certified specialists, live agents, and 24/7 emergency dispatchers.

Features of Life360

If you’d like to use Life360 for free, you can still access all the valuable features you need to keep tabs on everyone. Their premium plan, though, has commendable features that may make you consider upgrading.

Life360 Free Features

  • Location History
  • Place alerts
  • Crash detection
  • Data breach alerts
  • Family driving summary
  • And much more

Life360 Premium Features (Gold and Platinum Plans)

  • Individual driver reports
  • 24/7 emergency dispatch
  • Roadside assistance
  • Stolen phone protection
  • Crime alerts
  • Credit monitoring
  • Identity theft protection and restoration
  • Disaster response services
  • Travel assistance services
  • Medical assistance services
  • Emergency travel triage services
  • Emergency travel support
  • And much more

Life360 Plans and Cost

Life360’s free and paid plans include driving safety options, location safety features, and digital protection elements. However, their paid plans have several added features that are incredibly useful.

Here are the features that come with these plans.

Life360 Free Plan Features

  • Location sharing
  • Location ETA
  • Two Place alerts
  • Help alert
  • Family driving report
  • Battery monitoring
  • Two days of location history

Life360 Premium Plan Features

  • Location sharing
  • Help alert
  • Unlimited place alerts
  • Family driving summary
  • Location ETA
  • Battery monitoring
  • 30 days of location history
  • Priority customer support
  • Individual driver reports

Pros of Life360

Aside from being praised in The New York Times, USA Today, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and Today, Life360 has the following pros:

  • Free plan option
  • Build circles with the people important to you.
  • Available for both iPhone and Android
  • Coordinate daily activities with friends and family
  • Locate where someone is traveling to
  • Receive notifications if anyone needs assistance
  • Detect car crashes on impact
  • Access to a variety of safety and tracking features
  • Place alerts when someone leaves or enters a location
  • ETA, estimated time of arrival for those in your circle
  • Unlimited place alerts for premium account holders
  • Several positive reviews
  • Monitors driving behavior
  • Geofencing capabilities

Cons of Life360

  • Kids might feel they’re being micromanaged
  • The free plan is restricted
  • Concerns regarding privacy and the sharing of data
  • The yearly plan costs more than Family360
  • Lack of autonomy and dependency
  • Some technical glitches and battery drain
  • False sense of security


Family360 believes in protecting and safeguarding your loved ones. Family360 started as a family-oriented app and has experienced tremendous growth, serving over 2 million families worldwide. The app has sophisticated features created to connect and protect the people you care deeply about.

Features of Family360

Family360 has the following features.

Family360 Features

  • Private circle – Synchronize your friends or family into a private circle
  • Location sharing – always know where everyone is
  • Smart notifications – be informed when people go in and out of frequented places
  • Real-time tracking
  • ETA from a selected destination
  • Priority customer support
  • Unlimited places
  • Keep up to 30 days of location history

Family360 Plans and Cost

Family360 offers three premium plans. It also gives a 21-day free trial but won’t charge you when it’s ended. When the trial period is over, there’s an option to request free access to be granted primary free usage for life. Here are the features that come with these plans.

Monthly or Yearly Family Pack

  • Real-time location tracking
  • Emergency panic button
  • Geofencing alerts
  • Connect up to five devices with one membership

Extend Premium Family Pack

  • Real-time location tracking
  • Emergency panic button
  • Geofencing alerts
  • Connect up to five devices, with an option to add more people

Pros of Family360

A major pro of Family 360 is the ability to communicate within the app via chat or groups. Family360 allows you to create geofences to be alerted when a family member enters or leaves these areas.

Other pros include:

  • Available for both iPhone and Android
  • Let’s you create several circles
  • Locate your family on a map
  • Real-time location
  • Share your location with your circles
  • ETA from chosen destinations
  • Shows real-time traffic updates on the maps so you can see delays
  • Safety features like ‘Watch over me’ and ‘Send SOS’
  • Gives detailed location history of places visited and trips
  • Locates phone on a circle map
  • Geofencing capabilities
  • Detects when a family member is over-speeding and sends notifications
  • Have more features and benefits than other location-sharing apps
  • Can detect mock or fake locations of circle members
  • Provides excellent customer support
  • Does not sell your location data
  • It is a small size app
  • See the location of lost or stolen phones

Cons of Family360

  • No free version
  • According to reviews, it constantly blips
  • Lags 5 minutes behind
  • It gives multiple incorrect notifications
  • Tracking is delayed by several hours
  • Poor syncing between devices
  • Incorrect location tagging
  • Incorrect times
  • Some people pay for premium features but don’t receive them
  • Using this app may cause kids to try less secure apps to bypass restrictions

Life360 or Family360

Life360 and Family 360 are great location-sharing apps for keeping track of friends or family. Both apps can be used for free, but with Family360, you must send a personal request to have the service for free forever. There’s not much difference between the two monthly packages, but Family360’s yearly package is much cheaper than Life360’s.

Have you ever used Life360 or Family360? Do you think it’s worth paying for a premium package on either of these location-sharing apps? Let us know in the comments section below.

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