How To Enable MIUI Developer Options

Most smartphones already have dozens of features that allow their users to customize their daily mobile experience. Yet, there are some “hidden” features in the developer options that you can use to fix an issue or just experiment with your phone. Xiaomi’s MIUI also offers these options to its users.

How To Enable MIUI Developer Options

As Xiaomi smartphones keep developing, some changes might leave users lost in their new interfaces. Thus, this article will explain where to find developer options on your Xiaomi phone and what they offer to the user.

How to Enable Developer Options on MIUI

Whether you have a Xiaomi, a POCO, or a Redmi phone, enabling developer options is only a few steps away.

  1. Go to “Settings” on your phone.
  2. Navigate to “About Phone.”
  3. Find the “MIUI version” and tap on it seven times until the “You are now a developer” notification appears on your screen.
    Note: Once you start tapping, the phone should notify you how many more times you need to tap “MIUI version” to enable the setting.
  4. Go back to the main settings.
  5. Scroll down until you find “Additional Settings.”
  6. Go to “Developer Options.”
  7. Tap the toggle to enable the setting.

Some versions of MIUI might differ when it comes to finding your MIUI version. If you can’t find it with the previous tutorial, follow these steps to enable developer options on your phone.

  1. Open “Settings” on your smartphone.
  2. Go to “About phone.”
  3. Select “Detailed info and specs.”
  4. Find “MIUI version” and quickly tap it seven times until a message saying that you’re now a developer appears.
    Note: As you tap the setting the first few times, a message should pop up stating how many taps away you are from becoming a developer.
  5. Go back to the main settings.
  6. Tap “Additional settings.”
  7. Press the toggle next to “Developer options” to enable the setting.
    Now, you can access all the different features available as a developer. To turn off developer options, go back to that same section and tap the toggle to grey it out.

Types of MIUI Developer Options

Once you’ve enabled developer options on your Xiaomi phone, you can allow and access individual settings. Now, you might be asking what these developer options do. Despite sounding like they hold the unimaginable secrets of the world of smartphones, they’re mostly just ordinary settings that you probably don’t need that often.

Many developer options come in handy when you’re trying to solve an issue with your Xiaomi phone. However, some shouldn’t be touched, as they can actually make a mess of your phone rather than improve your overall user experience. 

There are dozens of developer options. The following sections will explain only some of them so you know what to expect if you enable any of them.

Debugging Options

One of the more essential settings in developer options is debugging options. These include revoking USB debugging authorizations, selecting a debugging app, and enabling GPU to debug layers. But perhaps the most useful ones are USB debugging and installing via USB.

USB debugging lets you debug a problem by connecting your Xiaomi phone to a computer running an Android Software Developer Kit (SDK). This way, you can perform more advanced operations. However, note that some phone apps might not work while USB debugging is enabled. So only use it when necessary.

The second option that utilizes USB is installing applications over USB. You can install applications on your computer and transfer them to your phone through a USB connection.

Network Options

Developer options feature plenty of network settings. You can enable Wi-Fi verbose logging, turn on WLAN coverage extension, and ensure your mobile data is always active.

Bluetooth Options

Bluetooth developer options mostly concern the sound quality of devices connected to your phone via Bluetooth. You can also adjust the audio channel mode, audio bits per sample, and audio sample range.

Enable OEM Unlocking Option

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) unlocking allows you to unlock your bootloader. A locked bootloader ensures that all the primary and relevant operating system data loads once your phone starts. Unlocking it will enable you to install custom ROM, custom kernel, etc.

However, it’s recommended not to touch this option unless you have at least some tech knowledge. Unlocking your bootloader can cause you to lose all your data and your phone to malfunction.

Input Options

Input developer options include showing taps and showing pointer locations. With taps, you’ll be able to see where your finger moves on the screen in the form of a small circle. Similarly, the pointer location shows you where your finger is moving on the screen by drawing a line.

Enabling either option will start the moment you tap the toggle next to it.

Drawing Options

Developer options feature numerous drawing options that let you customize your layout and phone animations. You can also simulate different screen sizes or have the edge of your window light up when its contents update.

Stay Awake Option

The “Stay Awake” option on your Xiaomi device will let your screen stay on during charging instead of going dark.

Skip Screen Lock Option

The skip screen lock option lets you access the Home Screen directly. However, it won’t work if you have a password or another form of authentication set up.

Hardware Accelerated Rendering Options

With hardware-accelerated rendering options, you can set a new graphic processing unit (GPU) renderer, force GPU rendering, and show GPU view and hardware layer updates. You can also simulate color space, i.e., change the whole interface color to black-and-white, red-green, etc.

WebView Implementation Option

WebView implementation lets you display web content in the application. In developer options, you can customize this setting.

Desktop Backup Password Option

With this developer option, you can set a password that protects the backups on your phone. It encrypts your data by using Android SDK mentioned earlier. 


Does OEM unlocking void my Xiaomi warranty?

Unlike other smartphone companies, Xiaomi allows OEM unlocking and won’t void your warranty. 

How do I fix the USB installing error?

If you get a notification saying “This device is temporarily restricted” when trying to enable the “Install via USB” option, you can solve this problem in three different ways.

One is switching from Wi-Fi to your mobile data. Another solution is installing a VPN compatible with the Chinese web and apps. However, this option isn’t recommended unless you’re actually a developer, as it can lead to data leaks. The third option requires several steps that include disabling MIUI optimization.

Experiment With MIUI Developer Options

Developer options can be a fun feature when you know what you’re doing. There’s a good reason why they’re described as “developer” options and “hidden” from regular users. If you’re having trouble with your Xiaomi that can only be solved with some of the described developer options, leaving it to a professional might be a better idea.

Have you already tried accessing MIUI developer options? Which one did you try? Tell us in the comments below.

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