How to Disable Ads in MIUI on an Android Device

Nothing is more annoying than ad pushing in an otherwise nicely integrated operating system. Imagine that you’ve just bought a Xiaomi phone, and almost everything is perfect except for the ads. Since Xiaomi started pushing ads in 2018, things haven’t been the same.

How to Disable Ads in MIUI on an Android Device

If you’re tired of ads marring your Xiaomi experience, keep reading. We’ll explain how to disable ads in MIUI using various methods.

The Simplest Method to Disable Ads on MIUI

There are multiple ways to remove ads from your MIUI phone. We wanted to start with one of the simplest.

  1. Access the device’s settings.
  2. Find “Passwords &Security”
  3. Go to the “Authorization & Revocation” section.
  4. Locate “MIUI system ADS (MSA)” which is responsible for collecting data for advertising purposes.
  5. Turn it off and revoke its authorization.
  6. Confirm your action to revoke authorization.

This general method should remove most ads shown on your phone. But there are still other ways to take it a step further if you’re still running into ads.

Disabling Ads on MIUI by Turning Off Personal Ad Recommendations

Think of the recommendations on Xiaomi phones as targeted ads. It may not have the same name, but it is essentially the same thing. The function of this feature is to introduce relevant ads that are personal to your specific taste. This is how to get rid of it.

  1. Access your settings and navigate to the “Passwords and Security” section.
  2. Select “Privacy” and go to “Ad Services.”
  3. Turn off the “Personalized Recommendations” toggle.

Once you do that, you’re good to go. You should not see ads on your Xiaomi phone anymore.

MIUI Removing Ads in the System App

Using the system app is another way to eliminate ads that crowd your phone. Xiaomi will frequently have ads in system apps, but you can get rid of them manually. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Start by selecting the Downloads app or any other app that displays adds.
  2. A three-dot icon should appear in the top right corner. Tap on that.
  3. Open “Settings.”
  4. Switch off the toggle next to “Show recommended content.”
  5. Tap on “OK” to confirm your choice.

You can repeat this process for each app as an added precaution if you’re still getting ads tied to certain apps. We won’t go over every app in this guide, because they essentially involve the same process. You navigate to settings from the top corner of the app and reach a toggle switch to turn off recommendations.

MIUI How to Turn Off Promoted Apps

There’s a folder on most MIUI systems that’s infamous for displaying bothersome ads, known as the “Tools and more Apps” folder. It is indeed useful, and there are a lot of good things for your phone here, but it also pushes promotions for certain apps and adverts.

For example, you can organize your different apps into folders. However, you may notice that your phone begins displaying ads there. This is because MIUI will do show ads in every new folder that you create.

Fortunately, it’s pretty straightforward to get rid of this feature. This is all you need to do:

  1. Access your phone’s Tools and More Apps folder
  2. Long tap on the space where the folder’s name is displayed. This will open the option to rename it.
  3. Close to the renaming section, there will be a toggle for promoted apps. Simply switch it off.

Additional FAQS

Do all MIUI systems have ads?

Currently, all MIUI versions have ads. There don’t seem to be any exceptions. Throughout the years, the number of ads on MIUI and other platforms has been steadily increasing

Could I use an ad-blocker to get rid of ads on MIUI?

Yes, you can use an ad blocker to get rid of ads on MIUI. There are several ad blockers available on the Google Play Store. However, not all ad blockers work equally well on MIUI, and some may be more effective than others.

Is it safe to turn off ads and MSA on MIUI?

Yes, it’s safe to turn off MSA. Doing so will stop the data collection for advertising purposes and prevent intrusive ads from appearing on your device. You may have heard that disabling certain apps on MIUI may badly influence the system as a whole. However, this is not the case for MSA.

Will I still receive ads after turning off MSA?

It depends on the type of ads. After disabling MSA, you may still receive some system-level notifications, but they should be less intrusive than before. You can use the other steps mentioned above to eliminate any remaining ads.

Will disabling ads impact the performance of using my device?

No, disabling MSA should not impact the performance of your Xiaomi device.

Why does MIUI show ads?

Xiaomi shows ads in MIUI to generate revenue. The company collects data for advertising purposes and uses it to target ads to users based on their interests and usage patterns. Doing so helps keep device pricing relatively low.

How do I report an issue with an ad in MIUI?

If you encounter an issue with an ad in MIUI, you can report it by providing feedback to Xiaomi through the device’s settings or by contacting their customer support team. This can help ensure that the ad in question is removed and prevent similar issues from occurring in the future.

Blocking Ads Like a Pro

Getting rid of apps on the Xiaomi and on MIUI systems doesn’t have to be hard.

Most (if not all) of these ads can go away by toying around with the settings and toggling off recommendations in most cases. Once you do that, not much is left but the smooth functionality of a well-put-together phone.

Which of the methods above do you prefer for getting rid of ads? Did you follow our steps? Let us know in the comment section below.

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Thank you so much. Really helpful tips 😘😘
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Thank you for this article! My life has been an absolute nightmare since I got this phone, all my screen time is swarmed up by ads and I spend most of the time reporting and deflecting ads. Needless to say that my next phone probably won’t be a xiaomi, cause of all the trauma it gave me!

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