How to Turn Off Your Fan with Nest

The Google Nest is neat and smart, but sometimes it can get out of hand. Furthermore, the Nest fan can sometimes work even if you don’t want it to work. Don’t worry, because we’ll show you how to turn off the fan on your Google Nest.

How to Turn Off Your Fan with Nest

There are two methods, you can either use the Nest app, or you can use the Nest Thermostat. Also, you should mind the specifications from Google regarding system fans compatible with Nest. Read on for the detailed tutorial, with easy to follow steps and guidelines.

Important Notes from Google

Your system needs to have a separate fan wire installed to use the Nest thermostat for fan options. Otherwise, your fan will only run while the system is actively heating or cooling your home.

The Nest E thermostat is compatible with single system fans, while the Nest learning thermostat supports system fans with up to three speeds. In case you have multiple fan wires, you need to use a Nest Pro for your Nest thermostat installation. Neither of the Nest thermostats is compatible with high voltage forced-air system, or fans with variable speed.

Logically, if you run the fan on your Google Nest all the time, it will increase your electricity bill and consume a lot of energy. It will also use up the air filter more quickly. Running the fan at higher speed will not speed up the heating, it will only increase the energy consumption.

So, you should keep your fan off when you don’t need it. Let’s see how you can do that.


How to Turn Off Fan Using Nest Thermostat

If you don’t like using apps, don’t worry. You can control your Nest Thermostat manually. Here is how:

  1. Start the Nest Thermostat to access the main menu.
  2. Tap the thermostat ring to bring up Quick View.
  3. Select Fan.
  4. Set up a timer for when you want the fan to stop, or you can select Stop Fan to turn it off instantly. If you see a spinning fan on the Nest thermostat display, it means that the fan is still on.

You can also set up the daily schedule for your fan using the Nest thermostat. Follow the steps:

  1. Start the Nest Thermostat and open the Quick View.
  2. Tap on Settings, and choose Fan Schedule.
  3. Adjust the fan speed and working schedule to your liking.
  4. Press Done when you finish setting things up.

That will automate the fan for everyday use, but you can change these settings whenever you like.

How to Turn Off Fan Using Nest App

You can also control the fan via the Nest app for Android or iOS. That’s relatively easy too. Follow these steps:

  1. Open the Nest app on your device.
  2. Select the thermostat you want to control.
  3. Choose Fan and select for how long it should run. You can also adjust fan speed here.
  4. Either press Start to run the fan or press Stop to turn it off.

You can use the app to set up the daily schedule as well. Here are the steps:

  1. Open the Nest app.
  2. Choose the thermostat you want to use.
  3. Select Settings, and then tap Fan Schedule.
  4. Tap the slider switch on the Every Day setting to turn it on or off.
  5. Choose the time when your fan should run and adjust the speed.

That will automate the fan, but again you can disable the schedule whenever you please, using the same steps.

How to Turn off Fan

Save Energy

That’s it. You can finally take full control of your Google Nest and adjust the fans as you please. Fan running non-stop is a common issue with Google Nest, but you can easily avoid it if you turn off the fan manually. Now you know how to do it.

Did you set up a daily fan schedule on your Google Nest? Do you control the fan manually or via the app? Tell us more about it in the comments section below.

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