What to Do if Netflix is Not Working on Your Amazon Fire TV Stick

Amazon’s Fire TV devices make up the best way to watch entertainment on your television at home. From the Fire TV Cube with built-in hands-free Alexa integration, to the new Nebula Soundbar that includes Fire OS right from the start, there’s no shortage of ways to buy into Amazon’s TV-friendly ecosystem of devices and apps.

What to Do if Netflix is Not Working on Your Amazon Fire TV Stick

Our favorite option, however, is the Fire TV Stick. Starting at just $40, it’s one of the easiest ways to buy into Fire TV, giving you access to thousands of apps and games, along with a huge library of streaming movies.

Of course, if you can only pick one streaming service, there’s no better combination than your Fire Stick and Netflix. With a solid internet connection, and a subscription to Netflix, you immediately have access to a wide selection of movies, TV shows, documentaries, stand-up comedy, and of course, a vast library of original content.

As with any streaming service, you can sometimes run into issues streaming movies online. One of the most common errors you’ll run into with Netflix is a simple message display that Netflix can’t be reached. Let’s take a look at what to do when Netflix isn’t working on your Fire Stick.

Is Netflix Down?

The first thing you should always do—even before checking your own internet connection—is to find out whether Netflix is down for everyone or just for you. There’s a couple of ways to do this, but the easiest and most reliable is to use a social network like Twitter. Search for “Netflix” or “Netflix down,” then select “latest” from the search box to see the most recent tweets as they roll in. If Netflix is down for even a single region in the world, you will undoubtedly know by the reactions of people online.

Of course, relying on Twitter isn’t the only way. Sites like Is It Down Right Now and Down For Everyone or Just Me also give you the opportunity to check out if a site is down for most users or if it’s just down for you.

Check Your Network Connection

Once you’ve confirmed that the outage is on your end and not on Netflix’s, the first thing to check is the WiFi network that your Amazon Fire TV Stick is connecting to. The easiest way to check this is to connect from another device, like a smartphone or a computer. For most households, there are usually multiple devices connecting to the WiFi and not solely the Amazon Fire TV Stick. See if they can connect and if they have Internet service.

If the Fire TV Stick is the only device on the network, then try logging in to another streaming channel, or look at the router. If the network is up and running for things other than Netflix, then the issue is not in the network (though it may be in the Fire TV Stick’s specific connection to the network).

Power Cycle Your Fire Stick

Turn it off, then turn it on again – is there any problem that can’t fix? Well, yes, lots of problems, but a simple power cycle does remain the quickest and most obvious way to try to fix a computer problem, and your Fire TV Stick is basically just a small Android computer. Unplug your Fire TV Stick from the wall outlet, wait 30 seconds, and then plug it back in. It will reacquire its network connection and (hopefully) resolve any connection issues.

Try a Different Program

If you get error 0013 after trying to select a specific program, it may be that that individual show or movie is corrupted or glitched in the system somehow. Try to watch a different show in Netflix. If it lets you, then report the problem with the show you couldn’t watch to Netflix from your Viewing Activity page.

Clear the Data

Still not working? OK, the next step is to clear your application data and your application cache data within the Fire TV Stick. Your Fire Stick is a capable little micro-computer, but it has limitations and it’s possible that the amount of data that it is storing for Netflix might have glitched something. By erasing both the data and the cache, you may be able to get things moving again. Here’s how to do that.

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  1. On your Fire TV Stick, press the Home button and then navigate to Settings. Select Applications, then choose Manage Installed Applications.
  2. Navigate to the Netflix app and select the app.
  3. Go to Clear data and select it. Once you’ve selected Clear data, you need to select it again. When you’re done clearing the data, move onto Clear cache and select that option as well.
  4. After all the data and cache has been removed, unplug the Amazon Firestick from your TV and wait 30 seconds. Plug it back in and check if your problem has been solved.

Update Netflix

It’s possible that your Netflix app is out of date and that an incompatibility is making your older version of the app unable to talk to the Netflix servers. Luckily, updating the app is very simple. Here’s how:

  1. Hit the Home button, then go to the App Section to find the Netflix app.
  2. If the Netflix app needs updating, the Update option will appear as soon as you click on the app. Choose Update and wait until it’s completed, and restart Netflix to see if the fix worked.

Update Fire Stick Firmware

The Netflix app might not be the only thing that needs updating. It is also a good idea to update the Fire TV Stick firmware. Do the following to check for updates:

  1. Select Settings on Home Screen and click System. Choose About under the System menu to take a look at the current Fire TV Stick firmware.
  2. Go to Check for System Update and the new Fire TV Stick firmware will auto-download.
  3. After the download, you can select install system update. Otherwise, the updates automatically install when you restart or leave the system idling for half an hour.

Uninstall then Reinstall Netflix

If the above fixes failed to resolve the issue, you might need to uninstall and reinstall Netflix on your Firestick. This method might be more time-consuming compared to others but it’s been known to work.

  1. Select Settings and click on Managed Installed Applications.
  2. Select the Netflix app and choose Uninstall. Wait for the process to complete.
  3. After it’s uninstalled, go back to the main menu and select the search bar. Type Netflix and select the app from the results.
  4. Select the Netflix app and tap on Install. When it’s done, open it and log on with your username and password to enjoy Netflix again.

Fire Stick Reset

The last thing to try is a factory reset of your Fire TV Stick. Note that doing reset is starting over everything on your Fire TV Stick. You will lose your sign-in information, your personal preferences, your apps – this will return your Fire TV Stick to its state when it came out of the factory.

  1. Once inside the menu, navigate to Settings and select it. Scroll right to access the System menu which gives you the option to reset the Fire TV Stick.
  2. Locate Reset to Factory Settings and select it. You might also need to enter your PIN if you have one.

If none of these suggestions have helped, then the problem is something that only Netflix or Amazon support can help you with. I suggest trying Netflix first by reaching out to the Netflix Live Chat service. If they are unable to help, then Amazon’s tech support is your final hope.

17 thoughts on “What to Do if Netflix is Not Working on Your Amazon Fire TV Stick”

wendy werner says:
I use my friends Netflix for a while now and now it says :we’re having trouble playing this title right now. please try again later or select a different title.., this only pops up on my tv not on my laptop.. i followed everything, restarted it and restrated and updated my fire stick. and still i get this. I can pick a movie etc but t hen I get that message..
AntG says:
Solution: – go to Settings|My Fire TV|Restart
What happened:
on 2-20-2020, Netfix would reach either 25% or 99%, the audio would start but the video would be held up. 204MBPS so speed wasn’t the issue.

The net results that cured the issue after 2 hours wasted: go to Settings|My Fire TV|Restart (done) Netflix began playing instantly

A says:
I’m having a slightly different issue. Most of the movies on Netflix are working fine but every once in a while I will select a movie and I get audio and whatever warnings and ratings will show, but no video. If I fast forward you see the scenes at the bottom of the screen as usual, but the video of movie itself doesn’t play. I’ve tried restarting the fire stick, clearing data and cache, uninstalling and reinstalling Netflix. Any other suggestions?
Clay says:
THANK YOU so much for this. I had to go through every suggestion on this list but this last one finally worked- I have Netflix again. Thanks again. This list is very self-explanatory and easy to follow.
Mimi says:
I just a firestick. upon installing Netflix has refused to work. It just shows the N with the circle constantly loading. Whereas other apps work. I then tried to use Netflix on my phone and computer and it doesn’t load anymore. What do I do?
Bu Saif says:
Hi All, I found a solution for the case where you get the message that netflix is unavailable especially in case you have done a “reset to factory default on your Fire TV” box. The solution is to use a different Amazon account on your Fire TV (make sure that you haven’t installed Netflix using this account before, create a new account if you need to). I’m not sure why this happens but I think it’s because Amazon are keeping some records of accounts that have installed Netflix before and this prevents Netflix app from appearing as apps that you can reinstall, please note that you can use the deregister option in settings to change the Amazon account, I hope this help. God bless you or as we say Salam Alikum
Alice Hensley Moore says:
I have 3 Firesticks, everyone of them is mirrored the same way. I’m only having issues with one of mine not letting me watch Netflix. IT WILL completely load and go to the movies, but when I go to watch it, it give me a error that says that it cannot play at this time to please choose another title. I’ve gone through every step and nothing is working. What can I do now?
Gene Holtzclaw says:
i would suggest to check network connection on the device not working, i have poor signal on fire stick due to location of tv and wifi, works great everywhere else just not on fire stick poor signal dude.. A 6 ft hdmi extender cable to firestick to get fire stick above tv fixed issue signal jumped up and no problemo now.
Alan says:
I only have one issue but it’s a huge one!
Still waiting for Netflix to update the app and take advantage of the new fire tv auto refresh rate change option
Come on Netflix how can we watch stuttering video?
Arnz says:
My issue is, icon & app of netflix itself just got disappeared from the homepage of my amazon fire tv (netflix was already pre-installed by amazon there upon purchase of the stick).

However, after installation of repositories, that’s when the netflix disappeared.

I tried on “search”, typed the netflix and all that would appear are title/icon of movirs/tv series supposedly by netflix and not the icon “NETFLIX” itself.

When i click on movie/series , it would say … “unavailable”.

Has anyone encountered such?

I contacted netflix, they tried to help “re-install” but didn’t work. They said it’s amazon fire tv’s issue.

I restart/factory default… same thing… never got fixed.

Arnz says:
I am commenting on my own earlier posted issue. It’s now resolved.

I just did de register my amazon fire tv with my existing amazon account.

I followed an advice from one fellow and i logged in on my amazon account on a different device (my mobile phone). From there, I changed my address into US( since my country of residence now doesn’t support Netflix on fire tv). Then logged in again with my amazon acct on fire tv. And there… I restored the Netflix on the “app” on the homepage menu. (I did however managed content/devices and changed my region before that). It worked.

jyp says:
I also experienced this problem. One Netflix account continues to have this problem, so I log in with a different account and the problem is resolved. I hope it becomes a reference.
Deb says:
I can connect to Netflix using Amazon Firestick. I see selections and have audio, but no video shows on previews or when I select a show or movie. I have tried all options except calling Netflix and Amazon support. Any ideas?
sydney says:
Hello! I was having the same issue and had tried everything INCLUDING calling Netflix… I just now cleared the data then cleared the cache, uninstalled the app, and then unplugged my Firestick for a few seconds and plugged it back in and it worked! hope this helps! 🙂
Laura says:
I have tried all of the above and nothing worked. When loading up Netflix app it gives just a black screen and not even the usual N logo is coming up. After 2-3 minutes of black screen fire tv goes back to Home page.
It has been working for half a year nicely with no issues. Not sure if this is now Amazon Fire TV issue rather than Netflix app because yesterday Bluetooth speaker stopped working with fire tv too.
Ricardo says:
Dear Laura.
I got the same issue.

Did you get it solved?

Dan says:
I have tried everything here. Sunday I reset my fire TV to factory settings and today I got the issue again. After resetting the fire TV, the only things I reinstalled were Netflix, CBS, and Hulu, And The only other thing I did was to connect it to an Apple Bluetooth keyboard and a Harmony remote. I don’t know if my issue is the same as others, but I will be playing something and suddenly it stops with error -112. I just restart Netflix and resume playing and it works fine until it happens again the next day.
lynne says:
I did the uninstall and reinstalled and isnowworking fine. bthanks for help
Paul says:
Mario, I was having the same issue as you. Followed the above and still had the same problem. I reset the fire stick to factory settings, reinstalled netflix and it works great now. This is is likely to be a conflict between apps. Try restoring your device to factory default. Install netflix and test, if all good reinstall other apps one by one. Testing netflix after each app installed. Of you get that error after installing another app, then you know the cause. Possibly report to both app owners and they SHOULD find a work around or develop a patch if required. (But that would depend on how often this is reported) good luck!
Mario says:
I tried all of the above and nothing worked. No other app is having issues with this Fire stick and out of the 2 that I own, only this one is having issues and basically, they are mirror of each other including the same firmware version.
Wayne M. says:
I had a very similar problem. Netflix would start, get to the big “N” graphic with the circular spinner below. The spinner would just keep rotating continuously. I very much doubt this was a network environment problem, however, I was able to get Netflix working. I started the wifi hotspot on my phone. Then I connected my Firestick to that. Then I launched Netflix. The signing screen appeared. I logged in and Netflix worked. I then switched back to my usual network.
On limited testing, though, it seems I had to repeat the wifi trick if my Firestick got a full power reset. Usung just the remote p
ower button to shut down and restart (sleep mode) though, I think I could relaunch Neflix on my usual network.

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