The week in your words: Microsoft bid, SP1, Ebay intrigue

it_photo_13263Microsoft may be getting it in the neck, but everyone’s blameless at Ebay, which this week banned negative comments from its sellers. Unsurprisingly, it proved a divisive issue on the boards.

“As a seller with 100% positive feedback on 140 transactions I have left negative feedback on four occasions,” reports pja_jennings reports from the front lines. “These were all when the winner of the auction failed to pay or respond to emails. Without this sanction who will warn other sellers of potential problems with this person?”

And on the other side of the debate we have qpw3141.

“Previously, a great many people did not dare to leave negative feedback for rogue sellers because these sellers would always leave retaliatory negative feedback in return. Thus you had, for example, Ebay sellers who sold nothing but pirated CDs or DVDs and yet managed to continue trading because buyers were not prepared to risk getting negged in return.”

That’s right, negged. That’s the sound of experience that is. But it’s not all doom and gloom on the Ebay battlefront, with pbryanw popping up like the forum equivalent of a Christmas football match.

“I’ve had a couple of occasions where I’ve had to give refunds to buyers, usually because they haven’t read the item description properly. In all these cases the buyer has been patient with me and have left positive feedback (which I’ve given back in return).”

“I think if you communicate well and often with the buyer then most problems can be avoided.”

And on that rare beam of sunshine, we’ll say goodbye. See you next week.

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