How To Find Out How Old Your Online Accounts Are

We all have a plethora of online accounts, and sometimes we’d like to be able to figure out when those accounts were created, either just for fun, because we need the information for research purposes, or even to acquire geek bragging rights. (“Well, MY Yahoo account is from the 1990s!”) Do you have any accounts that are over 10 years old?


Step 1.

Go to your Yahoo Oath dashboard.

Step 2.

If not signed in, click “Sign In” at top of screen.

Step 3.

Click “Profile” on left.

Step 4.

Look for “Member since:”, and that will be your account creation date.



Step 1.

Go to and login to your Hotmail account.

Step 2.

There is no step two, you’re done. The first screen you should see should contain the date you signed up.



Step 1.

Go to

Step 2.

Enter your Twitter username and click “Tell Me”.

The next screen will display the signup date.



Step 1.

Go to and sign in.

Step 2.

On the next screen under “Service Options”, click “Manage My AOL Account”.

Step 3.

You’re done. The next screen displays your registration date.


(Yes, this will work on all AOL/AIM accounts, including free ones.)

Other accounts?

Since I know people are going to ask, here’s a few tidbits of info about other services concerning creation dates.

Google Account / Gmail

Not possible to get the registration date without a subpoena, and no I’m not kidding. Otherwise the only thing that will tell you the signup date is the first email Google ever sent you on signup, which of course most people delete. Don’t bother making a support request for this info either because it will get you nowhere.

If you were smart enough to actually save the welcome wagon email on original signup, it looks something like the screen shot below; the date of the mail is the account creation date assuming you didn’t sign up for Gmail outright without a backup address originally.


I know what you’re thinking. “Verification code? Geez, should I have saved that?” Yeah, you should have.


There is no known way to get the creation date of a Facebook account other than scrolling all the way to the bottom of your “wall” and looking for the first post, “[your name] joined Facebook”.

8 thoughts on “How To Find Out How Old Your Online Accounts Are”

Your aol suggestion is outdated and doesn’t work. Any ideas on how to find out when I first signed up with aol?
michael says:
Go to and sign in. Click My Profile, then Download My Data. Save file and open file using WordPad. File will include registration date.
Andrew says:
So outdated.
Greg says:
Can’t find my yahoo email creation date ANYWHERE anymore.
Knowledge Power says:
This is out of date especially for hotmail, you can’t find when you joined it anymore.
Ryan hogan says:
Yes, I am also looking for my hotmail info and would love this to be updated.
Hamad Kashif says:
Thanks for really informative info! Check out for more articles like this
Rens Jaspers says:
Actually there is another way to determine how old your Facebook account is. You can search for a message called “Facebook Registration Confirmation” in your email account and then look at the date of the email. My Facebook account turned 4 this month 😉
Ken Starnes says:
Yahoo – Member since: 07/01/1999 (UK Date)
Hotmail -Registered since:January 15, 1998
Twitter  – October 15, 2008 – 975 days
AOL – Registration Date: 12/4/97 (US Date)
GMail – 21/01/2005 (UK Date)

Aaron Fournier says:
I definitely don’t have any accounts that old. The oldest one I can possibly say is a Yahoo email address I made in 2005 for a school project. I didn’t have Internet access at the time, so I barely ever used it. I wasn’t until two years later that I made any accounts that meant anything.

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